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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wonka Vision EP review"

WoO! an EP!! review

“Your heart got awfully torn / and you misplaced your favorite porn / but love has that funny way / of finding you when you look away.” How ridiculous is that?

If you’re not chuckling to yourself before the counter hits one minute on ‘WoO An EP,’ you’ve probably got something a touch off. This petite EP from the Lima Research Society is silly, almost stupid silly, but it teeters back toward the sane and talented side just enough to be enjoyable. The music, speckled with piano and vocal harmony, is almost too cheery as the singer exhorts a suicidal man “Don’t Jump!” And it gets better.

For all of their theatrics, The Flaming Lips don’t get away with something as outlandish as calling a song “Pony Ride…Into the Future.” This is a joke, right? It’s quite alright though, because the Lima Research Society pulls off the track with a harp-fueled transition and the mention of ray guns, which, by the way, are super awesome.

The quartet manages to fill the scant four tracks and 11 minutes with unbridled joy, kind of like snack time in kindergarten or a first tab of LSD. It’s really the perfect length, because any more silliness would really get tedious. Through all of the eccentricities in the songs shines a real talent for weaving together layer after layer of instruments, so perhaps a longer release will give more time for experimentation.

It’s unclear as to the research methods and influences of the Lima Research Society, but bet on this: there was (is) an Aquabats or Atom and His Package CD or two somewhere in someone’s collection. [By: Lou Perseghin]

Rating: 4/5
Release Date: October 2007 - Wonka Vision Magazine

"Philadelphia Freedom - WXPN Blog"

Thankfully, without the aid of any drug-induced personality change enhancers, I have fallen giddily in love with the Lima Research Society. LRS are a four piece from New Jersey (Lima, Ellen, Michael and Chris) which is close enough to Philly for Blogadelphonic. They remind me of a cross between Schoolhouse Rock, The Flaming Lips, The Banana Splits, Animal Collective, the lighter side of Paul McCartney and are playful, hyper-melodic and just plain fun.

If you like this song, you'll love their new EP which you should buy here. I promise you'll want to cuddle up with this along with your webkinz at night. -


"Woo! an EP" - 4-song self-produced CD released spring '07

We released 2 digital singles:
"You're a BIG Meanie"
"Santa Had An Accident"

We are currently recording our first full- length record, due out in the spring.



Hi!! Thank you for looking at our EPK.
Okay, so we are Lima Research Society, a quartet from Northern New Jersey. We enjoy giving our fans juiceboxes, good music, hugs, and confetti showers at our shows!

...So listen to our songs and look at our pictures and book us!