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"Limeliter Member Mack Bailey Returns Home with His Band"

Troy native Mack Bailey, joined by Andy Corwin and newcomer Gaylan Taylor, as the second generation of the Limeliters, provided an outstanding concert to a nice crowd in the new James H. Garner Center in Troy, NC on November 7th. The crowd was well-representative of us "children of the fifties and sixties" who grew up on that era's fabulous sounds of big time folk music. Those in attendance were treated to a first class musical event in a very acoustical environment, comprised mostly of classic folk music from the fifties and sixties, mixed in with some great humor songs. Mack Bailey asserted himself as one of America's proclaimed great Irish tenor voices when he thrilled the crowd with his medley of Irish numbers, vocalizing his melodious rendition of "O Danny Boy". Other tunes included: "This Land Is Your Land" and "John Henry", two classic folk songs sung by many of the groups of that era. The song "Rock Me Grandpa" is generic to North Carolina, especially with its unique catchy tune, and was well received by the enthusiastic crowd. Mack Bailey, a very "down to earth guy", had sent me the unpublished music two years ago so my music group could play this unique song for local assisted living homes. Andy Corwin's comedic version of "Madera Ma Deah" was exceptionally funny. The Limeliters' level of professionalism, entertainment, musicianship, and vocal harmony ranks among the best I have heard since retiring to North Carolina in 2001. The three songsters with their unique blend of thrilling harmony, wacked-out humor, and contemporary satire consistently drew standing ovations. Thanks to the Trinity Music Academy for their sponsorship, as well as for their complete annualized music concert series which my wife and I plan to attend starting with their Christmas concert December 9th. Troy, North Carolina must be the best represented small town in North Carolina for its excellence in the arts and music performances. My wife and I look forward to seeing Mack Bailey's next offering, as Mack Bailey's two performances over the past three years have been very entertaining and enjoyable. - Courier Tribune; Asheboro, NC; November 2006

"Limeliters Blend Harmonies, Folklore and Humor"

Sweet youthful memories cascade in song at Spencer Theater at 8 p.m. Saturday when folk revival trio The Limeliters take center stage, blending their superb harmonies with instrumentals, humor and folklore galore.

Now featuring tenor Mack Bailey on banjo and guitar, bassist Andy Corwin on stand up bass and baritone Gaylan Taylor on guitar, the trio sounds like a chorus of 20 as they perform folk favorites like "City of New Orleans," "John Henry," "Whiskey In The Jar" and patriotic tunes like "This Land is Your Land" and "America The Beautiful" with power and glory.
- Ruidoso News; June 2, 2006

"The Limeliters at Acoustic Music San Diego"

The newest member of The Limeliters, Gaylan Taylor, joining 3-4 year members Mack Bailey and Andy Corwin, should make Alex Hassilev proud and very comfortable with the fact that the group he formed 47 years ago is in great hands, and voices for the future. The respect these guys have for the past, for the tradition, and the ears and voices they have for the present and future, make for a group that is both timeless and timely. - Carey Driscoll; April, 2006


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The Limeliters launched their career in 1959 at San Francisco's famous Hungry i and before long, founding members Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb and Glenn Yarbrough emerged as one of the dominant voices of the early 1960's folk music scene. A string of best selling albums for RCA Records and frequent appearances on every major TV show quickly made them a household name. For three years they were the musical representatives for Coca-Cola, and their rendition of the jingle "Things Go Better with Coke" became a national hit. In addition there were endless tours with standing room only crowds.

Time Magazine summed up their appeal with the following memorable quote: "If the button down scrubbed looking Kingston Trio are the undergraduates of big-time folk singing, The Limeliters are the faculty."

After Glenn left to pursue a highly successful career as a soloist, Alex and Lou pursued other projects (including roles in several major Hollywood films), but during the seventies, in response to demand from their many fans, The Limeliters embarked on a series of yearly reunion tours.

In the ensuing years, the lineup has featured several spectacularly talented new members, but The Limeliters have never deviated from the integrity of the fabulous sound that they pioneered. Now, as The Limeliters sail into the new millennium, with members Mack Bailey and Andy Corwin, and newest member Gaylan Taylor taking the place of original member Alex Hassilev, their unique blend of thrilling harmony, whacked out humor and contemporary satire consistently draws standing ovations from audiences that today span three generations. With their energy and enthusiasm undiminished, The Limeliters remain as exciting an act as ever as the genre has produced. Now more than ever, the surging vocals and wonderful sense of humor of this unique trio continue to earn them their title as The Fabulous Limeliters!