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"Real Detroit Weekly - May 23, 2007"

in my ear
Lime Regal

Since we last checked in with local rockin' up-and-comers Lime Regal, they've cleaned up their sound — just a little bit — and embraced their pop leanings (in a good way). Their new disc, set for a May 26 release party at the Magic Bag with Greenstreet and The Edit Concern, finds the boys in top form, ready to be discovered by radio DJs and major label A&R people. Best to catch them now, beacuse Lime Regal's big rock anthems were meant to fill stadiums, just as their softer pop pieces are surely destined for Top 40 radio. - Real Detroit Weekly

"E.P. Review"

****/5 stars


Lime Regal
Lime Regal

Crunching big, loud riff-y blues rock with a sort of trippy, kinda angry hippie vibe à la post-Houses Zeppelin or most of The Black Crowes’ catalog, Lime Regal could be your next favorite band. Forget about Wolfmother, go for Lime Regal’s homegrown rock ‘n’ roll. - DM

- Real Detroit Weekly

"Interview with Lime Regal"

Interview with Lime Regal

By Leyland DeVito

Lime Regal is a four-piece rock band that initially started as an instrumental jazz-rock band in Lansing, comprised of Ross Trinkaus on guitar, Brian Carney on bass, and Steve Stetson on drums. The group moved to Detroit and enlisted Nathan Abramson to fill the role of vocal duties. After garnering some buzz for their new EP, Making Me Wonder, as well as their live shows, the band is embarking on short jaunt to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, including a free show at the People’s Art Festival at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit on Saturday at 10:30pm. Brian Carney took some time to talk to contributing writer Leyland DeVito before the show on September 15th.

I’ve got to ask, where does your name come from?

We really like how the word “LIME” is a multi-sensory word… when you say it, you hear it, but you can also TASTE it… The word “REGAL” gives off an air of distinctive quality and discipline, in the same way that we approach our instruments and songwriting.

We wanted to come up with a name that reflected the style of music we’re pursuing, while giving people a distinct image of what they’re about to hear without ever having heard us play a note. We think ‘Lime Regal’ does a good job of that.

What artists influence you, both individually and collectively?

Collectively, we listen to a wide range of music from classic rock to progressive stuff to jazz… some major influences are Yes, Led Zeppelin, Herbie Hancock, Billie Holiday, and Marvin Gaye.

Individually, our personal tastes range from 70’s Brazilian Pop to 80’s Hall & Oates to 90’s shoegaze rock. We all like a huge assortment of music, new and old, and we’re all very open minded and can dig what the others are listening to.

You started off playing together in college in Lansing. What did you study there? And why did you decide to move to Detroit?

I studied marketing, Ross studied fine art, Steve studied general management, and Nathan never left Detroit.

We had an instrumental group going in East Lansing during our final year of college… The three of us lived together in a house and had our gear set up in the basement all year round.

We moved to Detroit because that’s where we all grew up, and having finished college we needed to get back out into the “real world” and start something fresh and new. It was time for us to find some vocals for the music we were writing, and when we met Nathan things just fell into place.

When did you decide to pursue the music thing?

Right after the doctor spanked each of us on the ass, hanging upside down by our ankles!

We’ve all been highly moved by music for most of our lives… We each grew up with it, playing in middle- and high-school bands, jamming with friends, listening on headphones whenever we could. It’s always been a natural pursuit for us.

What can you say about your new EP, Making Me Wonder? What was it like recording it?

We’re really proud of how the EP turned out and are excited to share it with everyone. It was recorded at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak. Steve’s been working there for over a year now, and we were able to pop in whenever it was empty. Sometimes it meant getting together at noon for a few hours, sometimes we jumped in to track in the middle of the night… The sense of urgency and time limits helped fuel our creativity and resulted in some interesting decisions. If someone had an idea, we’d roll with it, record it, and use it…

It was also pretty exciting to be the ones in control of the recording process. While we didn’t have a producer there throwing ideas out every few minutes, we did have each other. Steve would sit at the controls and we’d all move mics around and make sure things were patched right on the board. It was a great experience, and Rustbelt was a terrific place to work.

What is it like to get iTunes distribution of your record? Are there pros and cons with having a physical copy of your record in stores versus selling it digitally?

Having the record show up on iTunes is definitely a really big step for us. While actually having the music on there isn’t the key to success for us, it is a great tool. We plan on backing up the advantage of having our music on there with a ton of promotion and shows all around the U.S. We will only really see any benefit to having our music on iTunes if people hear us, see us, and think “hmmm, Lime Regal… I’m gonna check them out” and then jump on iTunes to see if they can find us. Now, they can!

The pros of having the songs for sale digitally is that people can pick and choose individual songs to buy, depending on what they like. We of course suggest buying the entire thing, as the album was recorded as a whole statement and not a collection of individual songs.

Also, the argument for a physical copy from a store or from having it shipped to you from online is that the sound quality is way better, and there’s something - Leyland DeVito,

"Detroit Rock on Menu at Rick's Music Cafe"

Another fresh band is popping up out of the fertile rock and roll turf of Detroit and making its way to Toledo.

Lime Regal, a four-man group that is releasing its six-song EP "Making Me Wonder" tomorrow will play Rick's Music Cafe, 4725 Woodville Rd., Saturday night.

The disc featuring straight-ahead, driving rock and roll and jazzier songs, was recorded in Royal Oak, Mich., and is the band's first release. Formed in 2005 when three of the band's members - Steve Stetson, Ross Trinkhaus, and Brian Carney - were college students in East Lansing, Mich., Lime Regal evolved during daily music-writing sessions.

They met vocalist Nathan Abramson in Detroit, where they had relocated, and he rounded out the lineup. The band will unveil their new disc tomorrow night at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Mich., before coming to Toledo Saturday.

The show is at 8 p.m. and tickets are $6 at the door. Information: 419-691-9900. - Toledo Blade

""Making Me Wonder" Review"

"There is nothing more dangerous than an upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics and an unknown artist. "Making Me Wonder" by the up-and-coming Lime Regal has all the elements to make this album a complete knockout. Each track runs smoothly from one to the other which leaves you, as a listener, wondering when one great song ends and the other starts. The upbeat yet gentle sounds of the title track "Making Me Wonder" and "Saturday Night" really get your feet tapping and your body relaxing. Overall, this is an easy album to listen to and although it runs short at only six tracks for a total of 20 minutes, it is definitely worth the time and money." (4 Flames) - Chicago Flame

"Featured Band"

The members: Nathan Abramson: Vocals, Ross Trinkaus: Guitar, Brian Carney: Bass, and Steve Stetson: Drums

We're all from the metro-Detroit area, we practice in Ferndale at a practice space in an industrial park. We're all in our mid-twenties.

The history: Steve, Ross, and Brian met each other in college at Michigan State University. They each had been a part of various projects throughout the years, but decided to live together for their senior year to form a band. What resulted was an instrumental fusion-rock band called The Schematic - influenced by 80's rock, old video games, and MacGyver. Their interesting sound and style captured the attention of students at MSU resulting in a second place victory in the annual MSU Battle of the Bands. They performed at art galleries, house parties, and on cable access television, but when college ended the three moved back to Detroit and decided to start another group with a more serious outlook.

They met Nathan at the practice space they now call home and began writing music with a more refined feel (and vocals), renaming themselves Lime Regal. After a year and a half and over 50 shows in the metro-Detroit area, the band is now spreading its style deeper inside Michigan and into surrounding states. This fall, Lime Regal will be traveling to Columbus, Toledo, Chicago, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and more... all in support of their debut EP, Making Me Wonder.

What's up with the name: Like listening to loud thunder through high quality headphones reading an old book with yellowed pages while sitting in a musty room in a cottage up North...

The style: When people ask us "who do you wish you sounded like" we can't help but wince and say that we don't wish to sound like anyone else at all. The music we're producing is a reflective combination of each of our personalities, what's inside each of us individually... we don't really consider ourselves to be "like" anyone else. That's not to say someone won't hear traces of influential groups in our music, though.

We are heavily influenced by some of the old great rock groups like Led Zeppelin, The Police, Yes... groups where every musician played an equally important part, both in songwriting and execution. We can't ignore the roots we have in traditional Motown music and classic "oldies" though, either. At a show, you'll hear us jam a 12-bar blues while Nathan wails over the chords with improvised vocals, and you'll hear well-crafted songs with layers of vocal harmonies and catchy choruses...

Got anything recorded? We just released our second EP, entitled Making Me Wonder. We recorded it ourselves at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan. Steve has been working there for over a year, which gave us the unique opportunity to have all of the studio's resources available for us to use ourselves. Steve's training on the equipment gave us the chance to work as a group and collaborate on ideas together without the influence of someone who didn't understand what we were striving for.

The record is available at any of our shows, through iTunes, Napster, and a lot of other digital outlets, as well as through various local independent shops around Metro-Detroit (Record Time, Project 3, etc.)

Our first EP was self recorded and self titled, with a more bluesy classic rock feel. There are limited quantities left and we usually sell it at shows only.

Tell us your future? We will be touring a bit this fall around the mid-West; Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan... this winter we'll play closer to home and focus on getting our music onto independent college radio stations around the area. Next summer is when you can expect to see us hit the road extensively.

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Making Me Wonder

- 1 - 100 MPH
- 2 - Saturday Night
- 3 - Making Me Wonder
- 4 - Four Leaf Clover
- 5 - Submarines
- 6 - We're Coming Back

Lime Regal

- 1 - Walkin' Dude
- 2 - Heat of the Moment
- 3 - Lousy Lover
- 4 - Bobcat Country
- 5 - Four Leaf Clover



Lime Regal was born out of an instrumental rock-fusion project in 2005 between drummer Steve Stetson, guitarist Ross Trinkaus, and bassist Brian Carney. The three met at college in East Lansing, Michigan, where their eclectic musical tastes mixed to create intricate, complicated, jazz-inspired rock music. Sweaty energetic performances lasting late into the nights were used as an outlet to get their music into peoples’ ears, but they all consciously agreed something was missing.

When the three moved to Detroit in 2006, Brian took a short leave of absence while Ross and Steve began the search for a talented vocalist who could match their style and. The search ended when they met Nathan Abramson, a creative singer whose melodic style and meaningful lyrical content fit perfectly with the driving riffs Ross and Steve were developing.

The group began writing newer more accessible material at their remote practice space in a Detroit industrial park, resulting in a natural blend of powerful melody-driven vocals, intense guitar solos, and strong bass and drum discourse to create a unique brand of rock n' roll voyage.

"Crunching big, loud riff-y blues rock with a sort of trippy, kinda angry hippie vibe à la post-Houses Zeppelin," is how Real Detroit Weekly described Lime Regal's new sound in November of 2006. Engaging live performances in and around metro-Detroit helped to create a solid following for the group.

In March of 2007, Lime Regal found themselves in an opportune position to record for the first time in a professional setting. Brian had recently re-joined the band and Steve had been working at Rustbelt, one of the better known studios in the area. Like all bands trying to get on their feet, this one was without much money. However, Steve's employment situation gave the guys a unique opportunity to record in fervent bursts whenever the studio happened to be empty. With Steve at the mixing board and the rest of the group engineering, the band wrote and refined their newest musical creations into six carefully arranged songs as an EP entitled Making Me Wonder.

By mixing the sounds of traditional rock, jazz fusion, and 80’s pop together, Lime Regal has released a potent and attention grabbing album in Making Me Wonder. Spanning the musical spectrum from a dreamily melodic ballad to a loud, driving, monsterous rock and roll anthem - and everything in between - Lime Regal has successfully crafted a set of songs that shows the listener their diverse tastes without losing sight of their classic rock and roll heritage.

With their fresh new sound and positive attitudes, Lime Regal is showing people that four great musicians are in fact better than just one, a message that seems to be harder to find nowadays. In a time when young listeners are learning to value looks over substance, and when it seems only the most attractive of pop-star singers can succeed, Lime Regal is resurrecting the days of old when every musician in the band was known to be both a true player of their instrument and a member of a cohesive team.

Fervent word-of-mouth and online promotion, coupled with a well-developed live show, are all helping to spread the word about Lime Regal. The performances this fall will be ones that everyone should make an effort to see, because as Real Detroit Weekly pointed out in May, 2007; "Best to catch them now, because Lime Regal's big rock anthems were meant to fill stadiums, just as their softer pop pieces are surely destined for Top 40 radio."