Lyrical Disciples

Lyrical Disciples

BandHip Hop

We rap to be different, we rap to help change minds....We want to change the world with our lyrics. All real hip hop, spiritually elevated music.


All of our music is influenced by God, but we aren't out there telling people how to live their lives, we are telling people how we live ours and that you can still be positive, and have a good message.
All of our lyrical content deals with plitical, social, and religious issues. But we aren't preachy, all our rhymes aren't gospel, but we don't leave God out of our lives. Each of us brings a different aspect of the game to the table, our own unique views.

Set List

"Can't Get No Sleep", "Slave", "Broke", " Natalie", "Caution", "Everybody Wana Be a Thug", "Goin 4 Broke"