Limited Express (Has Gone?)
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Limited Express (Has Gone?)


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"crossbeat review"

Another band is Limited Express {has gone?} which was formed in 1998. Having performed with several artists, they finally released their first album 'feeds you!' from TZADIK by Mr. John Zorn March this year. They have two vocalists in their band, however the girl sings most of the songs they have so far. The rhythm and the beat in their music dizzily change a lot and the high-torn voice even reminds of Melt Banana. Their weird music doesn't really sound like punk or hard-core music. Sometimes they sound like romantic and easy-listening which are not really phrases for their kind of music, basically. They might be having a big break to the public scene later on. - crossbeat

"Cookie seane review"

The album starts Yukari's voice "aloha". It is cheerful and catch your ear.
This is debut album male-female-male trio from Kansai release from US label owned by John Zorn.
It sounds like street battle of Melt Banana and Boredams but at last they are dancing and laughing.
They have innocent pop feeling and the music so fresh and vital. I love their positive feeling. - Cookie seane

"crap interview"

-First of all, tell me about the album?
"it's too good!"
-Too good?
"Yes, it is really. It is really dancable,realy good sound and anyone can enjoy listening this CD."
-How do you want listener to feel about this album?
"Actually we don't want to make listeners to feel that selected way, like "you listen this CD, you have to feel about it this way!"
-You mean, you don't have certain massage?
"No,baseically we don't have any rilycal massages in our songs, what do listeners think about any massages from our music, is up to each one of listers."
-So, do you think "let it sounds" is the most important massage of this CD?
" Exactly , yes. You can feel whatever you want, by listening own CD."
- O.K., what do you want to do next ?
"We want to do something interesting things with people in different fields like dancers, performers etc.... We are interested in films also."
-At the end, let me hear about your near future?
"We really would love to go on the US tour. Maybe we will. We want more, more, people know about us, and enjoy our music!!" - crap

"player review"

Limited Express (has gone?) was formed in Rock Commune in Ritsumaeikan University. They have influences from underground music, modern music and performing arts. They are based in Kansai scene and having lots of gigs with bands like foul, 54-71, Boat, Seiichi Yamamoto & Phew, Blonde Redhead, Guitar Wolf, Clammbon, Kirihito, Asa-Chang, Tokyo Zawinul Bach and others.
Their first album was released from Tzadik label owned by John Zorn. So, now they goes to New York from Kansai scene. In their music I feel avant-garde feeling from sixties. They little bit sound like Melt Banana but more pop and have some humor. They have Do It Yourself attitude and it is the tradition of Kansai scene. You must check. - player

"Erik Carter / Kork Agency"

The experience of seeing Limited Express (has gone?) can not be compared to anythingthat the United States has to offer.
The Japanese have a unique flavor to their rock that I always find inspiring.
Bursting with a feel good energy in even the most discordant of arrangements,
on stage and in studio, the band is a true treat for the music lovers of any planet.
Who needs prozac??@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@?@ - Erik Carter


1st ALBUM wFeeds You!x
‚RDdrowtoborn@ @@@
‚SDOld Hong-Kong Restaurant@@
‚TDsounds CLICK!@
‚VDFebruary Library@@

1st Single wKanfu-Girlx
from Memory Lab
1.Kanfu-Girl(‚j‚`‚m‚e‚t GIRL)
2.There She Goes
(written by L.A. Mavers)

split mini ALBUM
from Memory Lab
1.MOPHIN' FELLET(Limited E‚˜.)
2.Poison Reverb
(Experimental Dental S.)
3.Skinny Rabbit
(Experimental Dental S.)
4.Stop¨GO(Limited E‚˜.)

2nd full album [Makes You Dance!]
from Memory Lab
1. Free style Riding
3. Talk to me,all right
5. Tiger Rock
6. Sweet music on the beach
7. Go! Girl! Goal!
8. Venezuela Fever
9. Hoby Hoby
10. RoliliRolil
11.jet stream attack
13. ABCDEFence


Feeling a bit camera shy


Limited Express (has gone?) is most exciting new rock ,Avant-garde and break core trio from Japan in new century.It is just NO WAVE!!!.They are younger generation of Kansai scene that produced Boredams, Shonen Knife, Omoide Hatoba, Hanatarashi and more. They are
based in Kyoto city,old capital of Japan.
These days, Kyoto is famous as the city of new electronic music like Nobukazu Takemura, Rei Harakami and Masakatsu Takagi are, but the band
picked up traditional tools of Rock'n Roll.
They just have electric guitar, electric bass, drums and voices but their chemistry insound is so unique and fresh. It is new century rock sound with heavygrooves and strange harmonies.
After playing in Kansai scene and sometimes touring over the country for few years, in 2003, the band released their first album "FEEDS YOU" from
Tzadik, US label based in New York. Visceral power pieces offset with
charming female vocals, pointillism and dub effects. Striking originality
and a childlike curiosity point this band towards a most exciting Japanese
rock sound. It is so abstract but it is so pop in same time.