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Limited Sight


Our sound is edgy, aggressive, huge, hot, and solid.


In April 2009 Limited Sight released their self titled debut album. Combining their diversified influences of rock music from the past four decades, Limited Sight has created a melodic and catchy sound for the new millennium.

Bursting onto the local rock scene in 2007 the band began the process of setting the stage for what was to come. The band hammered out a seven song demo entitled “Nearly Blind” recording it through December 2007 and January 2008 at Pine Trax Studios in Holyoke MA. Rapidly gaining recognition as a band that could deliver a rock riveting stage performance these demos quickly sold and the band found it self placing third out of eighty bands in a regional battle of the bands held at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA. The reputation of the band continued to grow and as a reward for their hard work they were voted Best Rock Band for the 2008 Valley Advocate Newspaper Grand Band Slam. It was at this time the band headed back into Pine Trax Studios to record new music and touch up the songs from their demo. The outcome of December 2008, January and February 2009 would result in the bands best work to date. The end result being a twelve song CD many fans have called a sound reminiscent of acclaimed rock acts such as Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down and Staind.

With the release of their CD Limited Sight has had an opportunity to open for platinum selling and national touring artists LA Guns,Dokken and Halestorm. In addition to this, the band’s CD has been picked up by local FYE music stores for distribution as is also now available for download on iTunes. Local rock radio Lazer 99.3 has also been supportive spinning the songs “My Way”,"Burned" and "Addiction" as well as inviting the band to play their promotional events.

As of late the band is currently working on new material and unveiling these songs at several of their up coming live performances.

Here are the FYE music stores where you can pick up our CD !
Auburn Mall Auburn,Ma
Holyoke Mall Holyoke, Ma
Eastfield Mall Springfield, Ma
446 N Main St East Longmeadow, Ma
70 Worcester Providence TPKE Millbury, Ma
68 Stafford St Worcester, Ma

Joe Kardos - Bass
Joe Kardos’ role in one of the Northeast’s best unsigned bands has its roots in his childhood. At 10 years of age Joe received a book for Christmas that was full of ‘crazy projects’ for young kids.
“I loved that book and made everything in it,” Joe says.
One of the projects was to build a rubber band guitar out of various household supplies.
“I remember making that thing, and then playing it all day,” Joe says. “Now look at me—still plucking strings for crowds.”
Joe’s early love of The Beatles and The Beach Boys spurred him on to learn piano, guitar and bass. After buying his first music editing software, Joe says he was constantly at the computer mixing and creating his own music. In his junior year of high school, Joe bought his first electric guitar and taught himself how to play. By the time he got to college, Joe joined Josh Violette and Joe Zwirko in in what would become Limited Sight. As one-half of the Limited Sight rhythm section, Joe says their sound is “edgy, aggressive, huge, hot, and solid.”
Joe says all of the band’s hard work and dedication pays off at their live shows, which he says is “a rush like no other.”
“When the fists are pumping and voices are screaming… every time we start a show and the lights are down and the fans are screaming for you to play, we take our picks and play one huge chord to start our first song. The lights flash on and we’re introduced. I just get an overwhelming feeling of excitement that takes over my body, and I just carry that feeling throughout the entire show. It’s amazing to see their reaction to something you and your band have created.”

Josh Violette – Lead Vocals
The rewards of singing and being a musician have certainly matured for Josh Violette, lead singer and lyricist for Limited Sight. Much like Joe Kardos’ childhood musical experimenting, Josh started out with rock star dreams as a young boy.
“I was in kindergarten and there was a microphone on the stage,” Josh says. “Not knowing any better, I just went right up to the stage and just started belting out the theme to “Ghostbusters” right in the middle of lunch. I would also sing random 50s songs for snacks.”
Josh’s first instrument has always been his voice. He says he’s never been afraid to have people hear him sing, whether they liked his voice or not. As a dedicated athlete, Josh says it was music that inspired him, motivated him and comforted him. He’s not singing 50s tunes for snacks anymore. Now, it’s all about “the chance to show the people in the crowd just what our music is all about.”
“I love seeing the faces look back up to the stage with the heads nodding in true enjoyment of our stuff. Also when you get a crowd of people in front of you belting out the chorus of your songs, it’s quite an amazing sight to see,” Josh says.
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Self Titled CD - 12 songs - released April 2009
Regionally Distributed in FYE music stores
Auburn Mall Auburn,Ma
Holyoke Mall Holyoke, Ma
Eastfield Mall Springfield, Ma
446 N Main St East Longmeadow, Ma
70 Worcester Providence TPKE Millbury, Ma
68 Stafford St Worcester, Ma

Plays on 106.9 WCCC Hartford, CT Homegrown program. (2009 release)

Plays on 99.3 WLZX Springfield, Ma Locals Only program (2009 release)

Streaming Online Radio with Jango (2009 release):

"Nearly Blind" demo - 7 songs-released March 2008 (OOP; good luck finding one of these)

Set List

Typical set includes our 12 original songs off the current release (including 2-3 new unreleased originals) with 4-5 cover songs. (60-70min)

The band can also play 3 hour shows mainly covers. Hard Rock/Alternative - 80's 90's rock radio.
*Please email for this lengthly list of songs the band can perform.