Limousine Syndrome

Limousine Syndrome

 New York City, New York, USA

Hot wet liquid trouble in an easy to swallow musical form. Limousine Syndrome is a distinct blend of new age ambiance, sparse guitar, and electronic beats which meld together creating a sleek, post-punk soundscape centering on themes of alienation, sexuality, and despair.


In 2009 Constantine Oktopus, PXJ800, and DJ Amazin' A emerged as post punk trio Limousine Syndrome, presenting music that strongly communicates their passion for fine art, abnormal psychology, and film noir aesthetic. Limousine Syndrome draws inspiration from artists such as David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Devo, and 80's pop. The trio spent the majority of 2009 writing and recording. In early 2010 the first single off Limousine Syndrome’s demo was premiered in San Paulo, Brazil at the traveling art exhibition titled A BOOK ABOUT DEATH. After positive praise and a hunger for more, the trio continued gigging in the New York area and is currently working on a self produced album untitled as of yet.
Limousine Syndrome have translated the intense drive of hard rock to the quiet tension of a more minimal, ambient, and melodic musical structure that is sure to break your hearts and leave you begging for more.


demo 2010

Set List

Black Sunglasses
Covered in Leaves
Tragickal Historie
Little Mermaids
Cover (anything from Mister Mister to Judas Priest)