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Detroit, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Detroit, MI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Meet Lin-Say: The Queen of NuMotown"

Detroit is known for Motown Records, but if Lin-Say has anything to do with it, someday soon it will be known for NuMotown. That's what she is calling her brand of pop with a touch of soul. She makes upbeat soulful pop songs that get stuck in your head. You can hear two of her tracks here to get a feel for her style. You can also check out her first music video for the song "U Gonna Learn", which was shot right here in Detroit. If you like what you see and hear, read on to learn more about Lin-Say and then head out to Good Night Gracies tonight to see her sing live and in person!

HID- Why Lin-Say? Any meaning behind the spelling or the name?
L- "My Mom wanted it spelled with no D to be unique, so after everyone pointing out there was was no "D" in my name, I decided to accentuate my artist name to: Lin-Say"

HID- Where the hell is Olivet, MI?
L- "30 miles southwest of Lansing. LOL! It's just a little town in the country."

HID- What does the term NuMotown mean?
L- "It means, I'm bringing it back!"

HID- When did you start singing? Who inspired you to become a vocalist?
L- "I started singing in church when I was little. I think the "Oldies Radio" stations songs inspired me to start singing."

HID- Where did you record your new album "Shut Up and Pick Me Up"?
L- "I recorded the new album at The Elevator Building downtown Detroit, the water side of the building, with Dilan Wade and Tapwater Productions."

HID- What's the scariest part about singing in front of people?
L- "My nerves right before I start singing."

HID- What was it like to work with Yorg on the song "Almost Famous"?
L- "That song is very theatrical, so creating it had a Broadway vibe to it."

HID- Where did you film the music video for "U Gonna Learn"?
L- "At The Russell Industrial Center in Detroit!

HID- Do you actually own that piano that is featured in the video?
L- "No, we bought it off of Craigslist for $200 and painted it green! It played pretty well too, it was a shame we had to do what we did with it, lol, but well worth it."

HID- Do you have any upcoming shows?
L- "Yes, at Good Night Gracies in Royal Oak, MI on June, 24th, 2016 - 10 p.m.-1 a.m."

HID- Who have you been listening to lately?
L- "I've been listening to a new genre called Electro Pose and Kendrick Lamar."

HID- Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
L- "My next album "Old School Child" featuring T-Money Green, has all the eclectic sounds I love from growing up, mixed with my new G funk style, which makes it into what I call a masterpiece! AKA NuMotown!"

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"InMyInbox #1 – LIN-SAY, The Devil Wears Prada, The Dustbowl Revival, HEIRSOUND"

Lin-Say – Shut Up and Pick Me Up – Make Science Sexy
Let’s make the bold statement that this is one of the most incredible and slept on albums to come out of Detroit in the past few years. The main thing Shut Up and Pick Me Up excels at is that, at times, Detroit artists can get way too hung up on all the vast influences of its past and present, but this album is focused with Lin-say totally embracing the soulful pop vocalist role that you might have seen in the past with Carole King or more recently with Sara Bareilles. It isn’t just pop songs, there is attitude and character strung all around this album with strong instrumentation.

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"Detroit was rockin’ in Austin for this year’s South By Southwest"

Detroiter Lin-say sings at a performance in My Hotel Room.

“There was an overwhelming feel of, ‘This sounds amazing. It looks so beautiful.’ The feeling was so chill. It felt like this is why we do music in the first place, and we haven’t felt like this in a long time.” - Oakland Press

"Detroit Artists Meet The South: SXSW Showcase Recap"

Detroit is known for many things: cars, food, music, and most importantly, our attitudes. But what about our collaborative spirit? Or our yearning to raise each other up and spread our Detroit pride? These things may not be what most people think of when they hear about our city, but Detroit is a breeding ground for these ideals. Small businesses, art installations, nonprofits, artists, doers, makers and believers. They flock here. They know that Detroit is the hub for all things hustle. And this year, South by Southwest (SXSW) got a taste of what that hustle is all about with the first ever “Born and Raised In South Detroit Showcase,” featuring 20 Detroit artists at Indra’s Awarehouse near downtown Austin, TX. The showcase was curated by Blake Edwards of Parkhouse, Myron Watkins of The Yellow Wall, and Angela Gallegos, manager of the band ONEFREQ. Plus, the showcase was sponsored by Tequila Cabresto, a Michigan owned and operated tequila company.

For those unfamiliar with the annual Texas music festival, SXSW is a six-day event with thousands of musicians, hundreds of venues, and people flocking from all over the globe to catch the best all genres of music. Gallegos explained that the idea for the Detroit showcase was sparked by a previous visit to SXSW.

“We went to South by Southwest last year and we all had a great experience. We all work with music in some way shape or form, so we thought, why not put together a Detroit experience for all the artists who go down there?”

Utilizing social media (Instagram, most specifically) and Assemble Sound, a collaborative space for Detroit musicians, Gallegos, Edwards and Watkins were able to share their idea for the showcase, recruit artists and curate events to raise money to make their vision a reality. The artists they rallied for the festival include: Kash Tha Kushman, Bless Mcfly, Lokye, Prada Leary, LIN-SAY, Martez, Tyler Taz, Britney Stoney, Bevlove, Asante, Steph, ONEFREQ, Stevie Soul, King Visionary, DJ FLOW, DJ LANKA, DJ DASH and DJ MELE. Genres ranged from hip-hop to funk, R&B, dance, jazz fusion and even beatboxing. Along with all of the great performers they were able to provide free entry, free tequila, free parking and other special prizes for those who attended.

Stevie Ansara, also known as Stevie Soul, a well-known Detroit beatboxer, traveled to Austin for the first time to attend the showcase and was able to experience the vibe of the festival firsthand.

“Imagine,” he said. “All these different people are in town for South By and a lot of [them] just go to party and network even outside of the actual festival. It’s the perfect place for aspiring or even established artists to go and perform, and network with their peers, show off some new material, and hang out.”

The Detroit lifestyle may not have been as foreign as you may think in Austin, TX, thanks in part to Michigan House, a roving pop-up space that takes the best aspects of Michigan art, music, food, and creativity and shares it with different cities. Temporarily housed in downtown Austin, Michigan House provided entertainment, drinks and Michigan pride during SXSW.

“There’s this sort of sub-scene happening. And connected to that, Michigan has had, for the past several years, this really big presence [at SXSW], and that’s in big part due to the Michigan House,” Ansara explained.

With networking and collaborating being at the top of most artists’ lists, there’s a lot more bringing musicians together. There’s a particular homogeneity that manifests when artists, no matter their hometown, come together and share their talent and inspiration. It creates a space for expression and encouragement that translates across geographies.Born and Raised In South Detroit Showcase

“The most flattering thing for me [during the showcase] was when I was up there beatboxing. There were different groups of people rapping and ciphering to my beat, while I was performing. That was a testament to how awesome and free-spirited the whole vibe is there,”

There were many like-minded people collaborating to make this showcase happen, anywhere from 50-60 people traveling down to Texas to spread the sound of Detroit and working behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth experience.

“This was the first year people were coming together in the spirit of being together and supporting each other. So I think that excites me the most,” Gallegos said, “because this culture of collaboration is building in this town [Detroit]. And supporting one another with the grind and the hustle of sharing music and art in general is a great thing, so I can’t wait to see what happens beyond this.”

After the successful turnout from this year’s showcase at SXSW, Gallegos, Edwards and Watkins hope to increase the participation, spread the word and acquire more sponsors to keep the showcase free for artists…and create an even bigger and better experience for next year’s Born and Raised In South Detroit Showcase.

For more information about the amazing artists, curators and organizations that took part in making this showcase happen click the corresponding links in the article above. - The CW 50


U GONNA LEARN (single) - 2015

SHUT UP & PICK ME UP (LP) - 2016

2THOU (single) - 2016



An old school child for a forward-thinking world.  Deeply rooted in Detroit’s history of soul, the locally-dubbed “Duchess of Detroit” has produced a pleasure-celebrating brand of pop music combining the best of Motown’s unforgettable past with progressive lyrical concepts. Carole King, Amy Winehouse, and Etta James are all influences.

Lin-Say’s debut LP “Shut Up and Pick Me Up” is the story of every woman’s struggle through a bad break up. High quality production sets Lin-Say’s deep vocal style against an 80s pop backdrop infused with piano, squarely placing Lin-Say among a peer group that includes Sara Bareilles and Adele.

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