Lina Horner

Lina Horner


Swedish indie pop with New wave influences


Swedish pop singer and composer Lina Horner released the album Again and again in 2012. With a vibe from 80´s new wave and the mixed sound with lyrics of lost loves she got a lot of attention for this album from both Swedish magazines and blogs all over the world. The band are musicians well known in the Swedish music industry and have played with Lina since 2009 when she started out as Japonica.


Japonica: Almost Perfect EP, 2006
Japonica: I´m so much better, Single 2008
Japonica: Japonica, Album 2009
Lina Horner: Back on your feet, Single 2012
Lina Horner: Again and again, Album 2012

Set List

6-12 songs, depending if its a festival or a solo gig.