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The Legend of Linc: Street Volume One - La-DA-Da Music 2005

KillyaStamina Mixtape 2Q 2005 - La-DA-Da Music 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Quickly becoming a solidified voice for Chicago’s overlooked hip-hop talent, Linc is equally one part entrepreneur one part lyrical gem. A diamond among dust Linc receives much outspoken criticism for his unique roll in Chicago’s organized hip-hop chaos. Twenty three year old Sean Mirzabegian acquired the name Linc for his ability to socially network himself throughout the area via his talent.
Many rappers have different assumed names that help them describe their personality or behavior. With aliases like Bruce Wilderness, Kurt Muscle, Mel Dickson and Phil Condoms, Linc might have something to say about other rappers who use cliché names that stroke their egos or make them sound more “hip-hop” than they actually are. You might also find that Linc does not give a fuck what other rappers think of him. Linc portrays an image that is strictly business, but he realizes that it is not always what rappers say that makes a difference in hip–hop music, but more so, the opinions of the fans that guide musical evolution.
Linc says, “The best quality an entertainer can have is his integrity to the music. The best quality an entrepreneur can have is to know what you don’t know, let opportunities come, and chose the best based on gut instincts and the valued opinions of your closest advisors.”
In Linc’s opinion, hip-hop is changing into a category of music that is as wildly diverse as rock music. There are certain genres of rap music that Linc tries to avoid. The underground scene in Chicago, Linc feels, is a black hole that will never lead to a mainstream musical career. Fresh with his business degree in hand Linc chooses to avoid the typical Chicago scene by making more than just a hobby out of hip-hop.
Linc’s fans will not be disappointed this year with his rigorous devotion to creating the finest quality hip-hop ever released by a native Chicago artist. His lyrical upbringing is unmatched by any other emcee in Chicago, which may be the reason for his success in both securing fans and differentiating himself from any other Chicago niche rapper. Linc’s most recognizably defining characteristic is obvious: he is the only unsigned rapper in his city that enjoys success as both a recording artist and a live attraction.
Already this year Linc has released a critically acclaimed EP, been voted as one of the top four live acts in Chicago according to the Chicago Tribune and their Redeye editorial staff, and been in discussions with several executives from various companies in the recording industry.
Furthering his entrepreneurial status Linc has formed La-DA-Da Music Group in accordance with several investors, businessmen and stakeholders. This goal-oriented group is determined to establish Linc as one of the entertainment industries top hip-hop craftsmen. Linc, his background in finance and entrepreneurship, his crew and his seemingly endless persistence will mix to concoct the next great entertainment based venture the industry has ever seen. People at La-DA-Da Music are working around the clock to strategize anything and everything the people of Chicago desire from hip-hop music.
Linc has been showcased on both college radio and major market stations. The exposure has included live interviews, freestyles and record spins. Linc has tapped the college scene through stations like WHPK (University of Chicago) and WNUR (Northwestern University). This year Linc has set his sights far beyond the scope of college radio. Linc is featured regularly on stations like Kiss-FM Chicago and Power 92. Producers at Kiss-Fm have requested marketing strategies that parallel themselves along side Linc in an effort to trap his control over local music fans.
Linc’s latest musical endeavor The Legend of Linc: Street Vol. One is held as an instant classic among local DJs and other fine aficionados of Chicago hip-hop. Track 2, “21 Blackjack”, and track 4, “Pockets Full of Regret”, are two notable tracks that display unique differences in sound yet hold consistent with Linc’s talent and delivery.
Rappers criticize Linc based on the color of his skin, the direction of his music or just out of shear jealously. Fans enjoy Linc’s take-a-risk attitude, unique image and rap style. One thing rappers and fans will always have in common is the acceptance of Linc’s incomparable talent.
Linc, his crew and his fans have built something very special in and around the city of Chicago. Linc has become and will continue to be one of Chicago’s strongest hip-hop players and is the leader in a new hip-hop movement around the city. As for the future, Linc will continue to put out tracks, book shows and make sure that his music is priority number one. Negative or positive, Linc’s music will be around long after the voices of criticism.