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The best kept secret in music



Rochelle , Illinois
By: Kristen P.
Most of us are familiar with the classic Thrashers such as: Overkill, Exodus, Sodom , Slayer and others. But, we are in a new age and new genres of music, and not many listen to the Old School thrash and death metal that used to thrive in the hearts of many head bangers. I am here to inform you of a new sensation that mixes Old School death metal and thrash, while still maintaining a little originality they call their own; I am talking about Linchpin, a small, yet big-hearted band hailing from Rochelle , Illinois .

Jason Echelbarger-vocals, Mike Rhoads-guitar, Eric Poe-bass, and Kevin Hudson on drums; these four individuals produce this hard-rocking sound, and write their own lyrics based on personal experiences and events that affect their everyday lives. On top of this these rockers back up their emotionally driven lyrics with Old School thrash riffs, and heavy death metal vocals, done by Jason Echelbarger… “Thrash is in our blood, and thrash is what be do”, ‘Thrash’ is most certainly what Linchpin does, and with great pride. Linchpin recently released their first EP,”Circle the Pit”, which contains six bone-grinding tracks. Interested listeners and fans can contact Linchpin at their myspace (, or

Linchpin formed in 2003, but did not begin producing their EP until the joining of their bass player Eric Poe. Linchpin gives much credit to their influences like: Death, Slayer, Six feet under, Lamb of God, Exodus, Baphomet, and much more. Linchpin has preformed in venues like: The Note, in Chicago , Hard Times, in Rockford , and various venues in Wisconsin . These guys have been all over, and prefer playing for live audiences, than recording in the studio. I personally enjoy the riffs in Linchpins music; it seems like most of their songs such as Liar, Restless Nights, and Walls of Death, concentrate more heavily on riffs and solos. Linchpin is currently unsigned, but I am sure they are on the speedy road to success. I wish Linchpin the best of luck, and I strongly encourage those of you who have not checked out Linchpin, to do so!

- By: Kristen P.


LINCHPIN-3 song demo, LINCHPIN - live yor evil E.P.


Feeling a bit camera shy


LINCHPIN as a band bring a new sound that has not been overkilled. we right our songs about personal experiences or subjects we feel strongly about. we play out as much as we can in venues like THE NOTE in CHICAGO, HARDTIMES in ROCKFORD, THE FREEPORT CONVENTION CENTER in FREEPORT and also in various places in WISCONSIN. we love to play in front of crowds because that is the ultimate feeling to play live and feed off of the crowd and let the crowd feed off of us. it is one of the greatest feelings you can ever endure.