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Lincoln Blache

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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Lincoln High ( coming March 2011)



An eclectic, forward thinking creative spirit is the essence the fresh young star known as Lincoln. An introspective soul with tender good looks and passionate internal energy, this youthful artist embodies the next generation of feel good, positive music. Lincoln goes where no one has gone before. He breeds innovation, nurtures culture and delves into each avenue musical greatness. His talent varies as wide as his artistic sincerity runs deep. An avid songwriter, educated producer, and balanced rapper and singer, Lincoln makes his mark on all facets of the musical product with the same intention: to make a hit record. He is not bound by genre limitations because his artistic sensibilities and goals are holistically musical. Picture a Pop/Rock singer with an R&B soul brewing inside a rapper’s body. He does not see color, he does not see boundary, he sees music.

Growing up in a home full of women, Lincoln became innately in tune with women’s desires. As the only man in a house with his mother, grandmother and three female cousins, this fly young gentleman learned what it was to be an expressive, ambitious man.

“A man is a man because they have a strong woman,” says Lincoln through a mile long grin. “Growing up with women gave me a better sense of how to treat’em and how to get’em.”

Obviously a ladies man by nature, his reach does not exclude but instead invites and welcomes new ears. Maybe it’s the starry eyes, the smooth voice or the prince like posture, but women can’t help but gravitate towards this young star. Attention from the ladies is part of his lifestyle. Instead of taking it for granted, Lincoln uses it towards understanding life through a romantically charged lens in which we are all meant to succeed in our own way.

Lincoln exemplifies a well rounded man striving for greatness. He learned to cope with change and heartbreak at a young age when his father left the family. A five years old Lincoln began to realize he’d need to find his own way in life. In school, he moved around the rules at every turn and got away with it. Hall passes, late slips and detention weren’t part of his schedule as he charmed his way to years full of amusing plans. The Ferris Bueller of his school, he had anything and everything at his fingertips, yet he wasn’t particularly interested in letting everyone know it.

During these years he became an internet junkie which is how he aligned himself with the creative group known as Foundation.

Upon finishing high school, he turned down several U.S. basketball scholarships to pursue music. He knew it was his calling.

These fun loving high school years are captured on his next release called “Lincoln High.” The project includes a collection of songs Lincoln created throughout high school, seamlessly weaving the intelligent, mischievous energy of the classic teen movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with his own brand of vivid, sensual music.

With his graduation, Lincoln’s fashion sense blossomed while he perfected his song writing skills, smooth delivery and vocal abilities. Taking morsels from ahead of the curve fashion icons and infusing his own self confident executive prowess, Lincoln began to naturally, authentically and organically grow into his vision of a star. If you want to anchor Lincoln via cultural comparisons, he’s the creative confidence of a Kanye West pushed by insightful lyricism like a Lupe Fiasco over the pop sensibilities of a Chris Brown merged with the good ol’ Canadian rock ballad tones of a Bryan Adams.

Lincoln looks to the greats to measure his ability and is intent on establishing himself as a commercially viable artist. He took his first step towards this goal in 2007 when he appeared on the Foundation single “Turn It Up.” On board the single Canada had been waiting for, Lincoln rapped “The future right in front of me, Lincoln be the name ain’t nobody ever touchin’ me, Foundation is the set and we’ll see you at the top.”

Produced by Grammy Nominated Tone Mason, “Turn It Up” got music fans across the country bouncing to a fresh line up of Canadian talent. Both MuchMusic and Flow 93.5 immediately sent the song into high rotation ahead of fourth quarter heavyweights like Jim Jones, Lupe Fiasco, Jill Scott and Jermaine Dupri. His first major league at bat and he hit it out of the park.

In 2009 Lincoln had his first shot at international success with the hit single "Runnin", teaming up with successful Dj's (Doman & Gooding). The song went number one in the UK and also gained heavy rotation on MTV Europe beating out moguls Beyonce, Lady Gaga and new comer Kid Cudi for the top spot on the dance charts, earning Lincoln his first nominations:

JUNO (2010)-Best Dance recording
Canadian Radio music awards (2010) - Best Rhythmic/ Hot AC recording

In his very own recording studio, the 20 year old also writes Pop, R&B and Rock music to go along with his own urban pop spin. His song writing has immerged as a major piece of the equatio