the Lincoln County Process

the Lincoln County Process


The Lincoln County Process is a original rock band, playing roots music with a contemporary twist. The band has played over 500 shows in over 15 states, has two full length studio albums and is working on a third. If you where looking for the "next big thing," you found it.


From a tradition of loud and sweaty Rock and Roll and and students of the high lonesome comes the Lincoln County Process.

Played over 500 shows, in over 15 states
Two studio albums, and a new one on the way.

Starting in 2005, Dusty Good and Jon "2x4" Rivers began playing music that was focused on losing labels. Everything from Country and Bluegrass, to Heavy Metal and Reggae was experimented on.
The non-traditional and almost hectic direction of the band could be heard clearly on the bands first studio release. The album contained ten all original songs.

After internal problems in the band, Good and Rivers found company with Aaron and Jesse Keene, brothers and the driving force behind 32 Fuse, a popular local blues band. The band called themselves the Lincoln County Fusion and went studio bound. Their first self titled EP showed a more unified focus of the music and was a significant part of the process of artist maturity.

The Fusion then hit the road playing in five different states and playing over 50 shows in their first three months touring. After rotating through members the band decided to disband to seek individual projects.

Good and Rivers played with other musicians before deciding to revive the original group that started it all.

Now, the band has a unified sound and message. Studio bound next month to record another full length album and then ready to hit the road. Jump on the Process Express and take a trip.


Accoustic Sessions, 2005
Bootleg and Boxcars, 2006
Lincoln County Fusion, 2007
Sour Mash Gospel, TBR

Set List

We have three full original set list, two rock cover set list (Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyd, Gov't Mule, Black Crowes), two country cover sets (Jonny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley), and a bluegrass set (Del and the Boys, Monroe, Stanley Broth)