Lincoln Jesser

Lincoln Jesser


If Frank Sinatra fronted the brainchild of Passion Pit and MGMT.


A new voice is emanating outward from the heart of Los Angeles. Lincoln Jesser is a producer bringing an entirely new, positively fresh face to the world of sound as the pioneer of “electromantic” music. Lincoln’s high-energy fusion of Frank Sinatra, MGMT, and Passion Pit manages to grab the attention of listeners across the entire musical spectrum with its full atmosphere and futuristic synth hooks accompanied by lyrics that go far deeper than those of your average crooner. By incorporating the best parts of rock, hip-hop, and techno into one signature sound, Lincoln is quickly redefining what it means to be an artist in this post-genre musical landscape in which we all live.


"The Nightlife EP": Free download at

Set List

I'm Saturated
Everybody Knows
I Changed for You
In Your Bones
The Trust Behind Your Eyes

Set can range from 30-45 minutes

Combination live vocals/drums/synth with DJ set-style transitions