linda coogan

linda coogan


A true talent, that extends far beyond her 24 years of age, her ability to sing & write songs along with her unique ingredients, sultry tones and emotive music is quite possibly the perfect musical package.Nu-Folk at its best. already named as the hardest working irish female, and righfully so.


A qualified luthier in the construction of Harps, guitars and other stringed instruments, Linda Coogan is both an extraordinary singer-songwriter and a consummate musician. Gifted with a voice of rare depth and sensuality this multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bouzouki, and bodhran) has released her long-awaited debut album, “Holding back.”which has gained wide spread acclaim as far as America. And is currently working on the second album titled "this is my manna".

As well as gathering support from the international press Linda also appeared in Ireland's best selling music magazine HOTPRESS as Pick of the Fortnight, chosen by none other than music journalist Jackie Hayden – the critic who famously got U2 signed. Then later appearing in the Hotpress annual magazine as One of the TOP INDEPENDENT women of 2006 and one to Watch for 2007. Mojo hailed her as Irelands hidden gem. Proving that she exerts her own place amongst her peers, Linda has played alongside Kila, The Pale, Mundy, Aslan and many others in the past few months. Including doing a nationwide tour with Jack L for two months in April and March, imagine that two irresistible forces of nature on one stage.

Linda's raw smoky vocals, have been compared to Tori Amos meets Jewel and Tracy Chapman. And who can argue with that kind of comparison? the female Tom Waits even, but enough with the comparisons.....Coogan possesses an undeniable originality that exceeds her peer group. Her unique sounding debut album was recorded, in the true folk fashion, of less than a week.!!!

Recorded independently and self-produced, it contains 13 beautifully crafted songs on which Linda plays her own handmade electric guitar and bouzouki. Stop now and think how many other artists of 23 can say that?? The artwork on the album’s cover is by international artist Bernie Leahy, who was recently featured on Ireland’s Late Late show.

“I try to summon up emotion in the music whist maintaining melody and a touch of sensuality in the vocals. Folk music is sung from the heart, which is how a lot of my music is performed, but I wouldn’t squeeze it into any category. There is a touch of jazz and blues there too, along with rock,” says Linda. The music moves seamlessly from genre to genre as each songs unfolds. It cannot, nor does it need to be pigeon-holed into one category. The album’s passion for diversity is as exciting as it is authentic, and its quality reveals an artistic maturity that belies her 24 years of age.

Of late Linda Coogan has had a busy few weeks guys, apart from signing a production deal for her 2nd album, she is doing gigging nationwide and has signed a publishing deal with MOVIECUES in Nashville. Coogan was one of the faces of the Matchbox records MTV2 advert for the BIC3 compilation CD Coogan's song "Where I belong" is featured in. Coogan can be found of late either... playing live gigs, in the studio, making her new electric guitar or working on her latest caricatures, as she is an artist too and works with Drop D promotions as their cartoonist. Her latest Album titled This is my manna, is set to be released in 2008 and is eagerly anticipated. PLease check out her gigs listings to see if she is playing near you.


Holding Back, radio play regional and national. and international.

Set List

setlist usualu 45mins to 1 hour.
song list,

Rebel fear
Drunken beauty

holiday blues /
Bring it on

fathers are harder to please

Where I belong *

this wicked game

johnny be goode * cover

you said

Hard easy (solo)

time of your life * cover