Linda Grenier

Linda Grenier


Linda has provided many enjoyable afternoons and intimate evenings in large and small venues in her unique Energetic Acoustic Folk Rock style.


Based in Lanark County, in the middle of Kingston/Ottawa, Linda is a powerful singer who has become an accomplished songwriter, and has released two CD's of original material to prove it. Her songs range from light-hearted road music ("Driving" and "50 Bucks") through acerbic commentary ("Find the Kitchen") all the way to the torchy, evocative "Moonlight" and "Let It Go".

Alone, Linda can provide a workshop on Songwriting and works well in a singer/songwriter workshop "round" by accompanying with harmonica and harmony vocals.

for the past 3 years, Linda has teamed up with Sharon Hinbest to provide an hour-long workshop to Grade 5/6 classes on Songwriting and Improvisation in an outreach program at the OCFF Conference-ArtBeat program. Both the duo and students alike have enjoyed and benefited with this unique and rewarding opportunity to bring music in the schools. Linda can give a songwriting workshop to adults or kids.

Linda is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the art of Jiu-Jitsu and can provide a 45 minute workshop on "Safety Awareness on the Street" which includes basic tips on how to "slip a hold". No special equipment or clothing is needed.


Hot Spell

Written By: Linda Grenier

HOT SPELL © 2004 Linda Grenier

You walk into the room
It takes my breath away
Same old story, same old song
You say, "I wish I could stay"

We fall together, oh so tight
In a warm embrace
Our lips touch like fingertips
Hot breath on my face

I know I'm not your type
But there is something inside, you can't deny

Well, I'm
Too old for you, Too bold for you
There ain't nothing gonna change my way
You know I'm
Too mistreat'n for ya, Too much like cheat'n for ya
I'll see you in my dreams until the light of day

The sparkle in your eye
The blush in your cheek
The sweet smile of your mouth
Makes my defences weak
Only a moment, just a nick of time
Yeah, just a quick hot spell
How my body, aches for you
Only time will tell

I know I'm not your type
But there is something inside you can't deny


"Go'in Pick'in" released in 2000
"Asphalt Ramblings" released in 2003, with "Carry On", "Find the Kitchen" and "Train Wreck" receiving radio play on University Radio stations, reaching 10-19 Spins for 2004.

Set List

45 Minute Set
All Originals

Where Did our Love go Wrong (Am)
TCM12 (G) (Harp)
Moonlight (Bmin)
Plain old Me (B)
50 Bucks (E) (Harp)
Drivin (A) (Harp)
Let it Go (G)
Hot Spell (C)
Train Wreck (A) (Harp)
No Hope of a Kiss (E)