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"Makin' Noise: Linda Storey Raises Money and Awareness for MS"

Linda Storey was on her way to a promising career in music. An accomplished guitarist and bassist who grew up in Broomfield, Storey was managed by local promoter Chuck Morris and traveled the country playing music in the mid-'70s.

But something didn't feel quite right.

"I was just on the road the whole time, and then all of a sudden I'd get dizzy onstage," Storey says. "Then I'd have to take a cane onstage."

In her early 20s, with a promising music career ahead of her, Storey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

"MS affects people usually in the prime of their life," Storey says.

In the years following her diagnosis, Storey hired backup players to fill in when she got tired onstage but did her best to follow her dreams.

"It just got a little bit harder all the time," she says. "I kept trying -- every last minute -- to keep performing."

Finally, in her 30s she lost the ability to walk.

These days, Storey is in a wheelchair, and isn't able to play the guitar anymore, but she still writes music and performs with her daughter Jessica handling guitar duties. Together they play at the Rockin' Out MS benefit show at the Rock N' Soul Café on Sunday. The concert supports CASE for MS, an organization Storey founded in 2006 that works for a cure and provides advocacy for those with MS. The organization raises money for the National MS Society, does volunteer and nonprofit work within Colorado and supports musicians with MS.

"There are a lot of musicians that have it," says Storey, adding that country music star Clay Walker is among the afflicted. "A lot of people don't know because only 25 to 30 percent end up in wheelchairs."

Sunday's show is the concluding event in a four-night run of spring benefits in Colorado, including gigs in Denver and Fort Collins. Joining Linda and Jessica Storey at the Rock N' Soul is Irish band the John O'Gods, which is led by Mark Gilligan, who is also suffering from MS. While Gilligan is in town, he and Storey will record songs they've written about the disease, blending Gilligan's Irish style with Storey's rock 'n' roll.

Storey will be recording her new song "Make Some Noise," which, like one of her earlier songs, "Don't Let it Stop You," encourages those with MS to stay active.

"I'm trying to help people realize that even though something like this happens to them, it doesn't have to stop you," Storey says.

Copies of the recording should be available at the show.

Also involved with the benefit, though unlikely to perform at Sunday's show, is Denver Irish rock band the Indulgers, whose bass player's wife has MS. Previous benefits have featured a local who's who, including Firefall, Chris Daniels, Wendy Woo, Nina Storey (no relation) and Melissa Ivey.

Linda Storey says fans should expect a great rock 'n' roll show.

"How much funner can it be than blues rock and Irish music?" she says. "It's going to be killer."

Contact Camera Music Writer Vince Darcangelo at - Boulder Daily Camera

"Linda Storey: A CASE for Multiple Sclerosis"

A fifteen year-old girl emerges on stage with guitar in hand. Her husky voice overwhelms
audiences of the1970s with energy, but unbeknownst to her, a twisted, brittle road lies ahead.
By age 23, dizziness sets in. At first, speculators say musicians are known for falls on stage
because of their partying ways; that a musician should know how to handle bright lights and
explosive cheers from the dark. However, doctors silence the wearisome outcriers into a standstill
and project the treacherous future for this young female rocker, Linda Storey, into reality: Multiple
Acceptance is the only real solace when you are left with unknown riddles. Storey does not
debate life and death. Inside her weakening body lies a sound mind speaking encouragement to
other rockers that one can still carry on and seek creative ways to deal with everyday challenges.
Colorado has a slew of musicians who suffer from MS, either painfully or motionlessly, that leaves
them to battling even simple staircases and unleveled floors. Storey struggles with movement in
her hands and arms. She no longer jumps wildly on stage with her guitar in rebellion - instead,
she sits in her wheel chair patiently, and depending on fellow guitarists and bassists to
accompany her. Still, Linda still retains command as sole conductor of her band; writing all of the
songs; mastering all of the harmonics.
Storey wishes to embody all of the spirits of those who suffer from MS, if not invite fellow
musicians with MS to join her in recordings, stage jams and benefits. Not only conveying her
mission through live music, Storey has made public appearances before the United States
Senate to voice her concerns of healthcare concerning MS-related disabilities.
CaseForMs is one awareness organization that is center of her activism. Unpaid, and an active
board member, Storey is the spirit behind CaseForMS: A non-profit with 501(c)3 status. Through
its web site, musicians with MS can share stories, create links and plug recordings to continue the
awareness for MS. Readers can stay current on MS-related events with walks, performances,
and fundraising. Monthly activities continue with the help of sponsorships.
If you’d like to participate with fellow musicians with MS, CaseForMs, Linda Storey and daughter
Jessica Storey will join The John O-Gods from Ireland and The Indulgers for the Spring 2008
Rockin’ Out MS Concert Series. Expect to experience live Irish folk-rock music, a silent auction,
and raffles at LoDo’s own Fados Irish Pub and Restaurant on Friday, May 22nd for the suggested only
donation of only $10. - Colorado Music Buzz

"Rockin' Out MS- Nov. 16th, 2007"

Rockin’ Out MS – Nov. 16, 2007
The CASE For MS benefit concert at the Soiled Dove Underground was a great concert on a musical level, but even more was affecting on a spiritual level. While this reviewer enjoyed the performances, it was the courage of a wheelchair-bound Linda Storey that was at once thrilling and at the same time thought provoking. We expect our entertainers to be nimble and lithe – not rendered immobile by a debilitating physical malady like Multiple Sclerosis. Okay, so you have to figure that a performer in that situation would resort to delicate folkie material, right? Well, not Storey who, with loving help from her daughter Jessica on guitar and duet vocal, tore into some rock and blues looking almost like some 2000’s version of Janis Joplin with a sly grin on her face.
The evening started off in fine fashion with Josie Quick and Tom Carleno of Perpetual Motion dueting on violin and guitar. The highlight was an unexpected cover of Steely Dan’s “Josie” which burned. You may wish to check out their website for more information about their CDs.
Next up was Linda & Jessica Storey who had a fine band behind them including the Zelig-like Philip “Fly” McClard on sax who seemingly has played in every important Colorado aggregation. The man is a treasure and his sax solos wove nicely around Kent Richardson’s lead guitar parts. While Storey’s voice is not as strong as before MS, the fact is she was still able to muster enough strength to roll through a rocker like “Mount St. Helens Was A-Blowin’” and also melt the audience with a sentiment like “Don’t Let It Stop You”. Jessica brought back memories of Candy Givens and Zephyr in her visit to “St. James Infirmary”. When Josie Quick brought her blue violin on for the finale, one hoped that the magical mix of those musicians will get together in a studio sometime.
The stars of the show were Firefall Acoustic who used this show to trot material from their new Beatles tribute CD – Colorado To Liverpool. Appropriately, the MC was Archer or 99.5 the Mountain who hosts the best Beatles show in America on Sunday mornings from 9 till noon. Steven Weinmeister, Jock Bartley and Bil Hopkins rolled through a series of excellent faux fab four including “Norwegian Wood” and “Girl”.
After a short intermission at which a silent auction was held to raise money for the cause, the three Firefallers returned with electrical instruments and augmented by Bartley’s son Jamey on drums. Holy crud, kids – with apologies to regular drummer Sandy Ficca, Jamey went after the skins like Keith Moon or something which drove the guys up a notch in intensity. “Cinderella,” “Mexico” and especially “Strange Way” sounded amazing. Jamey’s metal-band thrash made for one special night for this reviewer, but the lasting feeling afterwards was curiosity about a debilitating illness that arbitrarily robs people differing degrees of physical strength while keeping their minds intact.
Linda Storey quit music for a number of years after her illness was diagnosed, returned to be an inspiration to other MS sufferers. That courage can be inspirational to everyone who faces adversity. Thanks to she and her daughter along with Guy Errickson and Alison Zellner who give of themselves in CASE For MS.
Doc Krieger (the rock and roll Dentist) – freelance writer with Goldmine, Beatlefan, Roundup Of Posse Of Denver Westerners, etc. - Doc Krieger (the rock and roll Dentist)

"Linda & Jessica Storey at Little Bear"

"Storey's band, Alleluia Blues, is loaded with top-notch musical talent, playing some old favorites and plenty of original material. Linda's voice and composition skills are still razor-sharp." Stephen Knapp
- Canyon Courier Evergreen

"Break the Body, But Not the Soul"

"You can break the body, but not the soul. Linda Storey is the embodiment of that adage.her latest offering, the amply titled Don't Let It Stop You, continues to offer musical proof of the resilience of the human spirit. Dave Herrera- - Westword


Linda Storey and Mark Gilligan 2008
Mount St. Helens was a Blowin' 2005
Don't Let It Stop You 2004
Live at the Castle 2001
Willow Tree 1998
Scenes of the Past

Mount St. Helens Was a Blowin music video

Mount St. Helens was a Blowin has been played on KQMT Denver KISM Bellingham Washington, KBAM Longview Washington

Some airplay on KQMT 99.5 FM Denver KGNU Boulder, performed on channel 9 news Denver interviews on KQMT, KEZW, ALICE in Denver, KOSI Denver

songs can be heard on many websites including



Linda & Jessica sing with tight harmonies whether they are performing their soulful blues, rock or ballads. They preform mostly their originals which may remind you of Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlin, Fleetwood Mac or even the Almond Brothers. With Jessica playing acoustic guitar Linda & Jessica can perform by themselves or together with their band which includes Phillip "Fly" McClard on sax, Peter Gregory on drums, Kent Richardson lead guitar and Jim Richardson on bass. Occasionally Jock Bartley from the internationally known band Firefall joins them on tours. They will rock the house!

Performing solos since third grade, internationally known manager, Chuck Morris managed her for two years when she turned 15. She then took off on the road, full-time at the age of 21 singing and playing acoustic and bass guitar . Diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) while performing in the Northwest she continued on with her band despite MS.
Linda's perseverance and drive, take her music and her band to a new level! There is no better example then their song, "Make Some Noise," and "Don't Let It Stop You."

Linda Storey has always followed her passion music, which included, rock, country rock, blues, top 40 and folk music. She has worked in all the genres and brings them together in her writing. Linda and Jessica along with their band the Alleluia Blues have played at the Gothic Theatre, Soiled Dove, Cervantes, Brendan's, The Denver Performing Arts Center, Swallow Hill, Jazz @ Jack's and other venues in Denver. Evergreen's Little Bear, Lyons's Oskar Blues and the South Park Music Festival. Linda and Jessica usually tour the Northwest in the summer and last summer included touring throughout the mountains in Colorado and New Mexico . November 2008 they will join with the band the John O Gods from Amsterdam for a tour throughout Holland, Belgium, Germany and Ireland To promote their new songs including "Make Some Noise".

In 2005 Linda released her fifth CD called "Mount St. Helens was a Blowin". The title cut is based on her personal experience on May 18, 1980 when Mount St. Helens erupted. Several radio stations play it on a regular basis in Oregon and Washington This explosive rocker tells what happened that day. July 2006 Linda and Jessica went back to Mount St. Helens and made a music video. A portion of each CD is donated to CASE for MS. Linda is founder and president of CASE for MS which produces the "Rockin' out MS" concerts. Her nonprofit organization donates to the National MS Society, MS research centers, Musicians that have MS and advocacy projects.

The TV documentary series "Broken Wings" out of LA, featured her in their third episode