Linda Kidder

Linda Kidder


jazzy, bluesy, folky, torch, funny, beautiful voice, great songs, great time.


Having traveled the world with kd lang’s Ingenue tour, appearing on Letterman, Leno, The Grammies, been nominated for two Junos and won countless awards for Best Duo with Gary Fjellgaard, for BCCMA and CMA, Linda follows her family tradition in show business. She’s sung on hundreds of radio and television ads ranging from Barbie to BCTV and on many albums, including Bon Jovi, Rita MacNeil, Gary Fjellgaard and Connie Kaldor
At home on the stage, Linda wears many hats, as bass-playing, singing sideman to Norman Foote, musical theatre actor, rocking mamma with Jim Foster and the Rockin’ Hoodoos’,star of her own concerts of original material and one of the four great women of AUGUST. Linda has two solo cd’s Mom and Me and Close to Bliss, as well as The Sweetest Day with AUGUST. Linda’s extremely pleased to have her first music video of her song, Oddly Calm. Writing, recording, performing are Linda’s passions and it’s no secret when you watch her on stage, that she loves being there!


Apples, leaves and shoes

Written By: Linda Kidder

Apples, Leaves and Shoes,

There’s apples in the back yard, apples in the other yard, apples in the yard over there
There’s apples in the garden, apples in the driveway, apples falling free form in the air.

Some of them are perfect, others are half eaten, others have some crawly things and the occasional baby slug
But it doesn’t matter cuz I’m putting ‘em in a box and I’m gonna haul ‘em over to the house

Sometimes they’re hiding under a bush and others I have driven right over and some of them just blend in with the leaves

Let’s talk about leaves

There’s a hundred million leaves in my backyard, a hundred million leaves in the front
Everywhere I look, they’re falling off the trees and I get rake and rake ‘em right up

There’s orange and brown and yellow and red and green and purple and blue
I love the leaves, especially the crunchy ones, I even love the soggy ones too

And I haven’t slipped and fallen, which is quite amazing, cuz they’re always stuck to the bottom of my shoes

Let’s talk about shoes

There’s thirty pairs of shoes in my closet and thirty more pairs by the door
There’s boots for going outside and there’s big fluffy slippers for indoors

There’s high heel shoes for going out dancing, flip flops for the beach
Shoes in boxes hidden in the attic, piled so high I can’t reach

Shoe shoes shoes! I’ll never have too many, I’ll even wear them if they hurt because they are so pretty

And when I’m in the backyard picking up those apples, I wear my gumboots right up to my knees, up to my knees,
They’re yellow with a green stripe and they’re perfect for the outside and they’re oh so right for a country girl like me!

Lies I tell myself

Written By: Linda Kidder

Lies I tell myself

Maybe I was weak at the time
Maybe you just didn't know
Angel eyes beckoning into mine
And I fell like a child into your world

And all those times, I saw you lookin' my way
Then I dropped my glove
I hardly knew that it was happening to me
Honey, how could I tell you, I was in love?

And tonight, I save myself, for you no one else
You dream of me, now we're apart,
You hold me gently in your heart
That's a little lie, I tell myself

All I wanted was to get close to you
All you wanted was to play
I'd take everything that you would give
And before you could hurt me,
I'd run away

And tonight I save myself, for you no one else
Why can't real life be like the stories I was read at night
Like the little lies, I tell myself

Sometimes I just stand there and gaze at the picture on my mantle

You whisper words in my ear, words I've hungered long to hear,
That's a little lie, I tell myself, all those lies, I tell myself

Mr. Moon

Written By: Linda Kidder

Mr. Moon

Oh Mr. Moon, oh Mr. Moon, you light up my lagoon
But alas, I’m alone, you see the boy I wanna croon, he’s as far away as you

Oh Mr. Moon, how do you really do, so quiet yet you say so much
And I’m always alone, me and the phone and the boy I wanna touch,
he might as well be you

I wanna rest my head against his shoulder, I wanna hold his body close to mine
If he could only see you the way I see you, he’d know that everything’s alright

Oh Mr. Moon, tell all the stars up there (that) I wish upon them too
And do your best, your very best, bring that boy to me soon


Mom and Me 1998 air play CBC CISL
A String of Girls 2002 air play CISL
Close to Bliss 2006 CBC across Canada
The Sweetest Day 2007 CBC across Canada

Set List

All original, except for Twisted. Usually 11 set 1 and 10 set 2

Apples leaves and shoes, Mr. Moon, Down by the sea, I'm sorry, Makin' Hay, You, I can dream, I thought you made it, Lies I tell myself, Here in heaven, Love you, Fiza, Isle of view, Moon Glow, Don't cha know, Low down blues, In this world of mine, Come Monday, Another Waltz, Take some care of me, Bliss