Linda Lubell

Linda Lubell


Eclectic folk with a mixture of rock, celtic, country styles. Breathtaking vocals, lyrics that touch the heart. Linda Lubell plays solo, or with a 3-4 piece acoustic band.


Linda Lubell has just released her new CD, “Perfect Heart”, recorded in Chicago with Victor Sanders at Lakeside Media. “Perfect Heart” is a collection of original songs that encompass the musical styles of Folk/Rock, Irish, and Country, featuring some of the best musicians in the Chicago area. This collection of songs contains great sensitivity and lyrical beauty echoing the timber and temperament of Shakespeare, added to Linda’s richly sweet voice reminiscent of Joan Baez. Her influences include Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Nanci Griffith, allowing for a unique variety of styles throughout the album. “Perfect Heart” is already receiving airplay both nationally and internationally.

Now based in Chicago, Linda fled Santa Barbara in the 80’s to find a place in the world, and ended up at the Theatre School at DePaul University. The acting thing allowed her to delve deeply into the lines of Shakespeare, her favorite author of poetry. She hooked up with a friend of a friend after school and began a folk duo, playing the circuit, having fun, but not making any money. So she went back to school and became a teacher. Then, after adopting her 2 absolutely disarmingly vibrant children from Guatemala, she stayed home to allow them to fill her life with beautiful, joy-filled chaos. Now she’s back on stage with her own words and music that reflect everything she’s gone through in her life, and she gives it all to you. She has played at venues all over Chicago, including Uncommon Ground, No Exit, Clearwater Saloon and at many summer festivals and peace meetings.

For Linda, songwriting became a way to escape the difficulties and stress of life, to feel the soul and heart inside of her unlock and pour out the reality within. If only everyone could do such a thing. Singing is a way to fly. Putting the two together, Linda makes her way through her songs with a beautifully rich voice and gentle style. She shares her emotions with us in an honest and open-hearted style, and from listening to her songs we begin to feel that the ordinary in our lives is much more than that. Her CD “Perfect Heart” contains songs to help us overcome our daily hardships, to help us survive, and to help us dream.

CDs are available through, or in Chicago at Women and Children First, Old Town School of Folk Music and Music Emporium.


The Dragon King's Daughter

Written By: Linda Lubell

Perfect heart help me see the light
Give me hope on this darkened road
And like a baby hold me in your arms
Show me how I can keep myself from harm

Speak to me of the strength I hold inside
Transform the poison flowing through my soul
And like the sunshine pouring through my window
Give me comfort and help me let it go

And we will fly over the mountains
We will fly across the sea
We will ease into the water
And learn to live our lives like the dragon king's daughter

Take my hand and be my company
Be the flame that warms my troubled heart
Deep compassion for my self-made misery
I'll go with you and you'll teach me to be free


Reach inside me to mend my broken dreams
Open the treasure that's safely locked away
Renew my faith to understand the earth and sky
So that I can remember how to fly
Remember how to fly
Remember how to...

Fly over the mountains
Fly across the sea
We will ease into the water
And learn to live our lives like the dragon king's daughter

Stand Up For Peace

Written By: Linda Lubell

If she could speak in death
What would have Sister Catherine said
Make peace and ask forgiveness
Stop your angry threats and promises

The IRA in Ireland
Battered by the British rule
Jailed for bombing Belfast
Leaving holes in lives once strong and full
A society deeply injured
Longing to survive
Waiting for repentance
Of those who took so many lives

It was a war and I a soldier
Said the bomber of the Catholic nun
I acted for my country
Nothing else I would have done

Those who lost their loved ones
Say that fighting back won't save their kin
It's time to seek forgiveness
For these monumental sins

So stand up for peace
War won't bring my brother home
Stand up for our country
Make it safe to freely roam

Now that they're gone and buried
Let this be their legacy
We shall live with dignity
And grace will set us free

So stand up for peace
War won't bring your sister home
Stand up for our country
Make it safe to freely roam

After the Good Friday rule
The bombers were let out of jail
To live near victims' families
All hope that peace prevails

So stand up for peace
War won't bring my mother home
Stand up for our country
Make it safe to freely roam

I want to walk in the fields of Northern Ireland
I want to dance in the streets of Belfast
Side by side in forgiveness
Side by side in peace
Stand up for peace
Stand up for peace
Stand up.

Coming Home

Written By: Linda Lubell

Your face inside a photograph
So serious a countenance
Solid, somber, strength and purpose
I can't wait to see you smile
Can't wait to see your joyful infant smile

A week in front of Christmas day
House not empty
Little boy here shining brightly
Laughing in his frenzied joy
Laughing is my frenzied dancing boy

And the candles burn down low on these cold winter mornings
And I keep calling you
I keep calling you, I keep calling you

Voice of mother singing, strength of man she loves
We will carry you
As far as your dreams' beginning
The rest is up to you
The rest is all for you


And when the New Year comes around
New beginnings for us all
Your quiet chaos swirling softly
Beauty's coming home
Marina's coming home

I keep calling you.....

Marina's coming home
Marina's coming home


Perfect Heart; 1. The Dragon King's Daughter, 2. Poor Becky, 3. Stand Up For Peace, 4. Song For Julian, 5. Let Me Cry, 6. Say A Prayer 7. New Year's Eve, 8. As Time Walks By, 9. Fresh Air, 10. The Bright Side, 11. Coming Home

Set List

Sets Run 45 minutes to 1 hour, but are easily extended to fill an evening. Typically, we do the original songs from the CD, and covers from Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, Nanci Griffith, John Gorka, and others.