Linda Sharar

Linda Sharar


(6/2008) Linda Sharar's new CD "Everyday" is here! With strong melodies, enticing arrangments and mouth-watering harmonies, this CD embodies a playlist mixed with pop hits, country-rock anthems, and soft folk-style ballads. The theme? Optimism & thankfulness. Who doesn't need that on their iPod?


I have been a performing songwriter for over 25 years, with three independently released CDs. I have toured mostly the East coast, performing at some of the best US venues for songwriters, including Club Passim, the Iron Horse, the Bottom Line, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta.

Being a performing songwriter has taught me all the skills of owning a business. I've learned the hard way how to budget, plan, produce, manufacture, and bring a product to market. I've used partnerships with large websites like and, as well as independent websites like to promote/sell my songs for profit with some success. I tend to use my music to fund-raise for charities that are important to me, and was instrumental in the success of the first RESPOND compilation, which raised over $150,000 for the RESPOND shelter in Somerville MA and was hailed as the "Top album of 1999" by Billboard Magazine.

2008 Kerrville Folk Festival - Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Finalist!
Great American Music Awards - honorable mention for "Any Kind of Love"
We Are Listening Singer Songwriter Awards - honorable mention for "A Little Will Do"

"'Everyday' shows a vulnerability in Linda’s voice reminiscent of the shy and hungry New York folksinger she was fifteen years ago, but now with the confidence that comes from all the positives she’s layered on her life—sister, spouse, mother. Linda Sharar is an amazing songwriter, and this album shines.” —Christian Bauman, author of "In Hoboken", "Voodoo Lounge" and "The Ice Beneath You".

"Linda Sharar has made a name for herself in the music scenes of New York and Boston as a founding member of Camp Hoboken musical co-operative, and as an artist/producer of the Boston-based Respond Compilations. Linda's percussive folk-rock sensibility on the guitar, combined with thoughtful, poetic lyrics and strong melodies, appeals to mainstream pop, rock and folk audiences alike. In her performances, she weaves a rich tapestry of stories and emotion you will enjoy getting lost in."

Daniel Gewertz of the Boston Herald wrote: "One hint of a singer-songwriter's maturation is the company she keeps. Linda Sharar's sophomore effort, 'Any Second Street' boasts a whole crew of Boston's finest musicians: guitarist Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter), drummer Dave Mattacks (Richard Thompson), bassists Mike Rivard and Richard Gates, and singers Catie Curtis and Christopher Williams, among others. The album, graced by an acute awareness of the fragility of life, is dedicated to two songwriters who died far too early: Alexis Shepard and Don Brody." Friday, July 6, 2001

Some of Linda's performance highlights:

Kerrville Folk Festival 2008, Grassy Hill New Folk Songwriting Contest
Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ 2008, Reunion gig with Camp Hoboken for Christian Bauman's "In Hoboken" book release party.
Music Under the Stars Series 2006 Reunion gig with Camp Hoboken friend and musical co-conspirator Gregg Cagno.
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2005 - with Annie Wenz, Tom Prasada-Rao, Susan Werner, et. al. in the Rachel Bissex Tribute.
Black Potatoe Festival 2003 - solo set and backing Gregg Cagno on Main Stage leading up to Jorma Kaukonen
Baltimore Pride Festival 2002 solo on Main Stage, in lineup with SONIA and many others.
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 1999 - showcase with several artists from the first Respond Compilation.
Dogwood Festival, Atlanta GA 1999 - in the round with Chris Bauman and Gregg Cagno of Camp Hoboken.
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 1998 - showcase with Camp Hoboken and on the main stage backing Dar Williams.
Bottom Line Cabaret, NYC 1998 - Don Brody Tribute with Camp Hoboken, Dar Williams, Marshall Crenshaw and many others.
Club Passim, Cambridge MA 1996-present - 2 full-house CD release concerts and various solo/ITR shows.



Written By: Linda Sharar

Well, hello
It’s been too long
I’m calling out of the blue
I guess with all
That’s going on
I got to thinking of you
And I want you to know
What a gift you gave
How you spent the time
Taught me to love
To be brave
And to play everyday

And I mean
What I say
And I’ll say it again
It feels good
To repay
And to call you my friend
I’d cast my heart
Like a sword at your doubts
I beg you to keep on dreaming
And let your feelings out
And play everyday

When you take a lot of chances
You will pay and pay and pay
But won’t you look at all the
sweet dances you have danced
With a new one
calling out to you each day

People light a bright flame
When they want to pay tribute
But for you, I light up my smile
And I sing and make music
So let me remind you
of every grand memory
The adventures we shared
that left no room for misery
Cause we played everyday

Linda - Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Dave Mattacks - Drums
Kimon Kirk - Bass
Peter Adams - Organ and Piano
Tom Dube - Acoustic Guitar
Tom Prasada-Rao - Harmony Vocals

Harmony With You

Written By: Linda Sharar (excerpt from "That Lonesome Road" by James Taylor and Don Grolnick)

When you’re troubled
got something on your mind
plain exhausted
and needing to unwind
there is something
you can do
let me sing a harmony with you

Just pick a song
and hum the melody
I will listen
following your lead
we’re bound to feel better
when we’re through
let me sing a harmony with you

Twinkle Twinkle,
Silent Night
And I Love Her,
Baby Don’t Think Twice
(It’s Alright)

You don’t need money
don’t need an audience
don’t need a venue
or any instruments
just a song, that rings true
let me sing a harmony with you

Happy Birthday, Heart of Gold,
And I Love Her,
Walk Down That Lonesome Road

(Walk down that lonesome road,
all by yourself
don’t turn your head
back over your shoulder
and only stop to rest yourself
when the silver moon
is shining high, above the trees)

It’s like dancing
sometimes like making love
one voice below
the other up above
barely touching as we move
let me sing a harmony with you (I’m still hummin’)
Let me sing a harmony with you

Linda - Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Billy Beard - Drums
Mike Rivard - Bass
Peter Adams - Piano, Accordion
Beau Stapleton - Mandolin
Carol Sharar - Violin
Kris Delmhorst - Harmony Vocals

Round The Corner

Written By: Linda Sharar

This old city
has its faults
one is noise
and one is cost
but when you cannot find
a parking spot
it is waiting ‘round the corner

Along the coast
in wintry Maine
I walked alone
searching for my place
and in the icy waves,
I saw my fate, it was
waiting ‘round the corner

Just like the boy
who ran away from home
took off so fast
he didn’t look where
he was going
as the sun slowly set
he cried out for his mother
…she was waiting round the bend

I used to dream
I’d find true love
if I held out
long enough
And for a while my fears
they swallowed me up
but you were
waiting ‘round the corner

So many paths
for us to choose
that start at our feet
winding out of view

If you ever get lost
or somehow get blue
I’ll be waiting ‘round the corner
waiting ‘round your corner
waiting ‘round the corner

Linda - Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Peter Adams - Keyboard
Shane Fontayne - Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar
Pete Zorn - Flute
Kris Delmhorst - Harmony Vocals

A Little Will Do

Written By: Linda Sharar

Now some people say,
that it’s all or nothing
But all or nothing,
can leave you with nothing

And so I say,
for every dream that I work
to make come true
I have to admit
I want it all but a little will do

When I don’t have a dollar,
I can still spare a dime
Though I can’t hold a bottle,
still like a glass of red wine
And though the Grammy award I want
may be far from my living room
I have to admit
I want it all but a little will do

When those dark days come,
don’t they leave you feeling numb?
And you want to stay inside and nurse your wounded pride
Don’t give up on the things you do
cause it all come down to you

And you have to admit
you want it all but a little will do


When I’m missing my mother,
I can still call my Dad
And I can visit my sisters,
best friends I ever had
And though the moments that we share
often seem too short, too few

I have to admit
I want it all but a little will do

….so if the waiter wants to know
how much pie I’ll take to go
I have to admit I want it all
but a little,
just a nice little slice there from the middle
I have to admit I want it all, but a little will do


Everyday (2008)
Any Second Street (2001)
Participate (1998)
Linda Sharar 4 Song Demo (1997)

Listen to Linda on iTunes at

Oasis Acoustic Sampler (2001): 'I Know Your Worth'
Respond Compilation (1998) 'Any Kind of Love'
Best of Boston Compilation (1998) 'Pay the Rent'
Camp Hoboken Vol II (1997) "Nathan (the City)";"Come And Be Known To Me"
Fast Folk - New Voices NYC (1995) "Nathan (the City)"
Camp Hoboken Vol I (1995) "The Mystery", "Carriage Horse"

Set List

2 x 45 min sets of original material (flexible).