Linda Shumas

Linda Shumas


Linda Shumas's music is characterised by textures,melodic beauty, harmonic invention, evocative atmospheres, but above all expression.


Linda Shumas is a Pianist/Composer and Harpsichordist. She is a native of West Vancouver who now resides in Toronto. She began her training at 7 years old and went on to Vancouver Community College for Composition and then on to the University of Victoria to study with Bruce Vogt, presently the head of University of Victoria's Piano Department. She took further piano coaching from renowned pianists Kevin Fitzgerald and Bernadine Blaha. She began composing at age 8 and went on to win the Jean Coulthard Award for Original Composition at the Kiwanis Festival.

Linda Shumas likes to refer to most of her compositions as structured improvisations', and indeed her works have a strong air of spontaneity and life, each with a very unique and individual character. Her original works are very much in a tonal idiom with wonderful chromatic turns, being also very melodic and deeply expressive. She is a highly stimulating musician with a natural technique who can bring both power and sensitivity to all that she plays.

Linda has been harpsichordist for The Quantz Trio, comprised of baroque flute, baroque recorder and harpsichord. She is part of a duo with Violist/Composer Joe nadurata and currently working towards a recording with programs including such composers as Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Shostakovich, Hindemith, Coultard as well as other modern compositions, including their own original works. Linda has also worked with the brilliant Israeli Violinist Ezra Azmon and released a recording with him entitled Peace for the Middle East, which is a compilation of works composed by both Linda and Ezra.

In 2006, she was invited to have her Song Cycle performed at the Crane Music School in New York where she gave two lectures on her music. Linda is currently working on a musical with her sister Naif Painter Carol Shumas.

Linda and her music have been featured on a number of national television shows, including CBC Tv's Adrienne Clarkson Presents and Bravos Artist of the Day. Linda's music has also accompanied Film, Dance and Television. The film maker Paul Lee created his film Thick Lips, Thin Lips upon hearing her composition Ruins and this film later went on to win a number of awards and was also a featured film in The Berlin Film Festival. Linda's music has been described
"it conjures up images of unparalleled passion, longing and still so many more dimensions of the human spirit, there is an expressiveness to her work that speaks intuitively to the heart and soul"

Linda has released four recordings to date - her debut recording being a solo piano recording entitled Positive Force, which was an album of original music, about which Fanfare Magazine said...."recommended as much for its shimmery post impressionism...this and the Marion McPartland are the best new solo piano albums so far this year....accessible, appealing, substantial." Her third recording was a predominantly solo piano recording of original music entitled Voices from the Cloisters, which was released across Canada on the Camalin Label. Her current CD release Paradise Reborn was released on Phoenix Classical Records Label and displays Shumas' vast understanding of the piano's sound capabilities displayed in pieces from all musical eras, including works by Haydn, Couperin, Rameau, Scarlatti, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin as well as the World Premier recording of five pieces for solo piano by Canadian composer Nick Peros entitled Poemes, and the World premier recording of five of her own original works for solo piano.

In May of 2009 Linda gave a concert at the Glenn Gould Studio celebrating her 25 year career.

Linda Shumas continues to compose, interpret, perform, record and is now exploring electronic music as well as commissions for other pianists.


Positive Force, Peace for the Middle East, Voices from the Cloisters and Paradise Reborn