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Come Back to Kamuela

Written By: Linda W. Purdy

Verse 1
On the hills above Waimea
A lonesome cowboy rides
Up the trail to Mauna Kea
Through the green, green countryside
He is singing to his sweetheart
Who is oh, so far away
Won't you come back? Won't you come back?
Come back, come back to Kamuela,
Where the paniolos ride
And the whales come from Alaska
To play in Kohala's tide
Where the hot red river tumbles
Down Kilauea's Southern side
Oh please come back, oh please come back,
To Kamuela.
Verse 2
Don't you miss the soft wind blowing,
Through the Jacaranda trees?
Don't you miss the breakers rolling
On the great Pacific sea?
Don't you miss your paniolo
When you're oh, so far away,
Won't you come back,
Come back to me?

The First Paniolo

Written By: Greer Woodward, Linda W. Purdy

Verse 1
He came for the cattle and stayed for the people
For days of Aloha, for nights of guitars!
He blended his tunes with their sweet tender stories, and their music rang out to the stars!
Ai, Ai, Vaquero!
The first Paniolo!
Son of the island, born far away.
Ai, Ai, Vaquero! The first Paniolo!
With his bright Spanish spurs and a lei.
Verse 2:
He came for the wages and stayed for the beauty
The green of Waimea, Kohala's white sand!
Riding high in the hills, in the footsteps of Pele, Wonder deepened to love of the land.
Verse 3:
He lived as a cowboy and died as a legend, his heart's in the uplands where cattle still roam! He's the soul of the stranger who comes seeking refuge, and finds his ohana and home!
Chorus, with last line:
Ai, Ai, Vaquero, Vaquero el primero!
With his bright Spanish spurs and a lei.

Hokuloa Aloha

Written By: Linda W. Purdy

Verse 1:
Come with me to a place beside the sea
Where the saffron finches play and sing!
Come with me, meet the man from Galilee,
We will enter when the church bells ring.
Refrain: Hokuloa, Hokuloa, Hokuloa, Aloha.
Verse 2:
Take my hand, it will help you understand
There's a place for you beside the sea.
Come with me, join your friends and family,
Come and meet the man from Galilee.
You can lay your burdens down!
You can lay your burdens down.
Come and see, there is love for you and me, when you meet the man from Galilee.