Linda Wright

Linda Wright


Singer songwriter, Country- Pop. Unique style and voice, multi instrumentalist not to be missed.


Born in Toronto stemming from an east coast musical family background, Linda took an interest in music , singing at family functions at the age of 7 yrs.. Started playing guitar and mandolin at age 14 yrs. At 15 yrs. I started writing songs. Joined my 1st band at 19yrs. Playing bass for an old time country band. My first real influences were Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Don Williams , Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, Cherl Crow, Trisha Yearwood. I've been told i have a unique style and voice along with my own music it suits me well. I played many small venues through out Durham Region and GTA. Took a break from songwriting for a while and fell into the celtic fiddling. My love for music seems to drive me and I love every minute of it.


On My Knees

Written By: Linda Wright

Through your eyes, am I standing there. The only truth is what I see. In the darkness I am blinded. Why can't you feel how much I need to feel you. CHORUS- In my heart , in my soul, your my destiny. But when I cry I'm alone even when your near me. Am I right, am I wrong , baby please just tell me. Cause I'm on my knees. 2- Past mistakes ther've been many. All's forgotten all but the truth, unconditional love binds me. I'm still here but where are you. I can't feel you. Chorus 1 time. BRIDGE In my heart I don't know if I can take it baby, If my life were without you. Ineed to feel you. Chorus 1 time


Written By: Linda Wright

Born in an alley, Benita was her name. Her mama had no shame. Left in a shoe box, at the door of Notre Dame , in a blanket torn and stained. And when she cried, the nurses would begin to rock her till withdrawls would subside. VERSE 2: From stranger to stranger, and without a second glance, the state placed her in the hands. Of an abuser, she was a child with no face, just another numbered case, but she would hide and secretly she'd dance, escaping her life of circumstance. And she sang CHORUS Benita dance, Benita you'll go far, If you keep dancin someday you might be a star, Don't let em hold you back when life gets bad and don't change who you are. VERSE 3 On her 12th birthday, love took her away, another twist her life would take. But he only used her , and months turned into years, she lived in constant fear, Yeah he lied, he put her out there turnin tricks, his hands were like steel but before she died. VERSE 4 The red rouge and lipstick, hid scars upon her face, drugs were her only grace. It made her feel good, and the addiction would replace, deep feelings of disgrace and that night she cried, till the numbness settled in and she finally let the memories subside. And she sang: Repeat Chorus 2x

A Cowboy Never Dies

Written By: Linda Wright

His chaps are worn and weathered , as he rides with all his soul. A glimmer shines on his silver spurs as the dust flies down the road. A race with time through rough terrain, toward a desert where he hides. While progress chases him his heart won't let the memories die. CHORUS At night he rides , like he's tryin to catch the wind. Deep roots like scars that he can't hide. He don't cry, In his dreams he always wins. A cowboy never dies. VERSE 2 His leathered face shows deep lines like a map into his soul, new age has fell upon him but the past he can't let go. The future is his demon a fight he'll never win.but the heart of a cowboy is planted deep within. REPEAT CHORUS His hair was grey he was 90 then his hands shook when he'd speak, when Grandad told me of the days at Copper Kettle Creek. His voice was hoarse and raspy and all I could do was stare, into his eyes and I swear that i was there...REPEAT CHORUS


On My Knees, is my first cut released by a new independant artist in Nashville. Received my first single song publishing deal with " Next Number 1" in Nashville and am now a staff writer for "Next Number 1". Receiving airplay in Europe with a number of songs.

Set List

Mix of original and cover,