An energetic and intimate creation of contagious and anthemic pop rock song writing.


Lindbergh was formed by Jon Baker (vocals/rhodes), Chris Plank (guitars) and David Baker (bass) with the desire to create music that brought together honesty and meaning with power and intensity--all while maintaining a high level of musical integrity and accessibility among listeners. This goal, though often difficult to achieve, is what fueled Lindbergh's writing and release of their debut EP, "Hope is Not Lost".
Lindbergh crafts their alternative rock sound by setting Jon's smooth, melodic vocals, and the mellow sounds of the Rhodes piano, against the driving clarity of Chris's indie-anthemic inspired guitar hooks, and David's rich, grooving bass lines. Lindbergh's sound is often compared to bands like the Police, Coldplay and the Killers.

"Hope is Not Lost" was recorded primarily in the summer of 2005 with producer Steve Wilson (Juliana Theory, Jonezetta, The Class of 98, Matt Wertz). As a whole, the EP is a collection of songs which take their root in the band's real life-experience. Songs like "Daylight Has Faded", accurately capture lindbergh's desire to marry honest lyrics and an attention to good song writing with fresh and memorable music.

"We hope that our honest approach to song writing will be a welcome change in the current pop-punk/emo driven mainstream music scene" said Chris. "I think we have a fresh approach to writing songs and performing live--we don't want to be fake or over the top like so many bands, we want our songs to speak for themselves" added Jon.

The band is now beginning to carve out their own space in Chicago’s vibrant rock scene and will be touring to promote the debut of “Hope is Not Lost” on through 2006 and into 2007.


Daylight Has Faded

Written By: Jon Baker

My heart has been lost underneath
Layers of silt and soil

Tied up and bruised, injured and failing
Slowly it beats, shallow and low, oh oh

All hope is not lost
All hope is not lost

The daylight has faded, the clouds have rushed in
Oh this darkness is my only friend

In this silence I scream out loud
Waiting for help to come ‘round

All hope is not lost
All hope is not lost

I can feel it, I can feel it—I can feel it rising up
Im being reborn, im being reborn


Hope is Not Lost: 6 tracks

Set List

Sets range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the circumstances of the show. Lindbergh performs all original songs.