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Arlington, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Lindby in Fort Worth"

Lindby, a band whose entire membership is composed of UTA students, has two concerts in March to mark on the calendar.

Lindby, a band whose entire membership is composed of UTA students, has two concerts in March to mark on the calendar.

Guitarist and co-lead vocalist Nick Goodrich, music media senior, said the band formed early on when Goodrich and co-lead vocalist, keyboardist and music composition senior Nick Spurrier started writing music together. The group really took off when the two met the future members in the UTA A Cappella Choir.

The members all major in music fields, but vary among vocal performance, music media, music composition, music education and music theory, Goodrich said.

Lindby’s music draws from the members’ education.

“It’s just kind of combining all the musical stuff we do at UTA into kind of rock ‘n’ roll,” he said.

Goodrich said he would describe the sound as being indie rock and rock ‘n’ roll with a strong piano and keyboard base. But because of the choir roots, singing also plays a large part in the band.

“We have three practices a week, and we try and dedicate at least one of them to vocals,” Goodrich said. “We have pretty much four-part vocals on everything we do.”

Lindby released Radioworld, which was self-recorded with the help of some university recording rooms, last year. Goodrich said it was really the first time the band’s current sound was recorded.

“We think it’s our strongest album right now,” he said.

Songs from the CD showcase the band’s strong vocal arrangements, like on the title track “Radioworld.” It sounds like every member is singing at once, with a well-tuned and large choir sound but a very solid structure of music underneath. The bass skates up and down with a jaunt and the keyboard pushes the song forward with happy enthusiasm.

The band can also exhibit a very The-Beatles-meet-The-Kinks vibe, like on “White Dr. Wolf”, a song that would have sat comfortably on The Beatles’ The White Album.

Clubs and venues have been receptive to it, Goodrich said, earning the band more gigs. Now the group is working on recording new songs at UTA to introduce the new drummer, music freshman Jared Arnold, who has been with the band for about four months.

Goodrich said the group would love to make it big, but right now it’s about the joy of it.

“I’m sure all of us would love to just kind of be in a place where the focal point of our lives is making music like we make right now,” he said.

The band will play at 9 p.m. March 5 at AJ’s Honky Tonk in Fort Worth.

“It’s a really homey sort of place,” Goodrich said. “It’s really cool because it’s a really intimate atmosphere.”

The songs will consist of familiar tunes and music people can dance to.

“Nothing too crazy hard-core. Nothing too acoustic or light,” he said. “Just middle-of-the-road, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll.”

Lindby will play at 9 p.m. March 19 at The Grotto in Fort Worth, which is more of an artistic bar setting, Goodrich said.

Radioworld is available on iTunes, but if listeners want a physical copy they can e-mail Goodrich at to make arrangements. - The Shorthorn


Lindby (self-titled) LP 2006
The Summer EP 2006
These Things Are Simple And True LP 2006
Lindby 8.0 EP 2007
Radioworld LP 2009
For the Love of Sven and Porgy EP 2010
Erikson LP Spring 2012



Lindby is an eclectic band out of Fort Worth, Texas. From jazz, classical, and rock and roll styles; to four part harmonies; to versatile instrumentation, Lindby is a band that prefers to keep the crowd guessing rather than playing the same style of song over and over.

From 2003 to 2010 Nick Goodrich and Nick Spurrier, have been working together to create and find Lindby's current line-up and sound. With the discovery of fellow music majors at the University of Texas at Arlington, Lindby's sound has finally stared to congeal into the musical reality originally envisioned all those years ago.

After playing hundreds of shows/festivals in a variety of settings, releasing seven albums, touring across the United States, and continuing to classically hone their musicality, Lindby has finally found an avenue to journey down as they continue to make music and share it with the world.