Lindsay Barr

Lindsay Barr

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN


"Simply put, Lindsay Barr tore the place apart.  She evoked the rock gods and left a ton of sweat on that stage. I am still in awe. She kicked ass and took absolutely no prisoners. She is a treasure in this city.  We still have a few hundred bodies at Millennium Park that she slew at Ribfest. Crows are loving her!!!"

 Quote from-

 Terry Guiel, Executive Director, Peterborough D.B.I.A

Lindsay Barr based in Ontario, Canada unleashed her gritty, raspy, charismatic stage presence and smokin' vocals on the Canadian Idol stage, as an accredited top 20 finalist.

Barr has garnered opening slots at premiere events for Sam Roberts, Colin James and Our Lady Peace, as well as, showcasing at Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Nashville Songwriters Festival and performed at the Smiths Falls Canal Railway Festival.

The East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) nominee Barr, was named song writer and vocalist
of the year at the "Dobro Awards", 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year and 2013 Rock Band of the Year at the Wire Awards

Lindsay Barr released her Rock/Blues/Alt Country infused album produced by Adam Newcomb (Gentlemen Husbands, Western Avenue, Sacha, Cheryl Dunn) "Time to let go" in June 2013. Her upcoming album will deliver her authentic vocal stylings that were described by entertainment journalist Paul Rellinger of Peterborough "This Week"
as follows,

"If dynamite could sing as opposed to simply going "BOOM", it would sound like Lindsay Barr".

Her relentless touring schedule has seen her perform 250 shows in the past two years that have taken her band from Ontario to Newfoundland. Lindsay Barr song releases have received radio air play on multiple college and commercial radio stations in Canada.

Barr has liaised with an established team of industry professionals to promote and publicize her third coming album to College & University, Commercial Radio, print and web media and industry insiders to further her level of recognition and success nationally.


Anywhere With You (2015)
Time to Let Go - (2013)
Dove and Dagger (2011)
Devils of Pride (2007)


Anywhere With You

Written By: Lindsay Barr

I'll jump into a volcano
If that's where you want to go

I'll run into a tornado or if you want to take it slow

I'll scale the wall of Gibraltar, and I won't look down

You make me feel I can fly, without leaving the ground

And then in time you'll see, I'll wait for you
But wait a minute, I'm right here for you

I'll go anywhere x3
With You

I'll jump off a sky scraper, if you told me to

I'de sail a boat made of paper, I'de sink down with you

And then in time you'll see, I'll wait for you
But wait a minute, I'm right here for you

I'll go anywhere x3
With You

Never thought I'de see a day I'de write a love song, never knew I was waiting for you so long, everything and everyday I soon found I loved you, I need you as much as I breath too,
I dream about wish about everything I read about, running out of breath a fairy tale wishing well, now I'm on an airplane jumping out the fast train and in time you will see

I'll go anywhere with and I'll spend all my time you, I'll go anywhere with you the rest of time

And I'll go anywhere x3
With You

I'll go anywhere x3
With You