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Lindsay Caron

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"Tea With Hungry Lucy"

Christa: .... Man that woman can sing! I mean, I was blown away by what she was doing.

War-N: Yeah.

C: She was playing, it was just her and her keyboard, and she had this recorder thing –

W: A looper pedal.

C: Yeah a looper, ‘cuz she said “I’m getting ready to get loopy!” (both laugh)
And it was, just, really really really good, and we’re getting ready to go see her again at Alchemize....when is it?

W: The 25th?

C: The 25th here in Cincinnati.

W: So what she was doing, with this looper pedal, was – I don’t want to get caught up in the gimmickery ‘cuz it wasn’t a gimmick – so it was just her and keyboard, so what she was doing was she would play like a – like an four bar portion of a song, of piano and singing, and she would record that and set it to loop over again, and she would layer other vocal lines and instruments on top of that–

C: - It was really cool –

W: Really cool and it just built up to this huge sound, just her sitting behind her keyboard

W: Smiling. And like Christa said, her voice was just – WOW. Very impressive. (Big sigh)

C: That high note was just – made me – almost wet myself. (both laugh)

W: Oh I did wet myself, I just didn’t tell anybody....

- transcript from weekly podcast #21


Self-titled, self-produced EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in one ugly, strip mall-laden Jersey suburb, Lindsay escaped after high school and has lived in 8 different cities since. Though Arizona (where she first discovered her musical gifts) may still house her soul, the glorious ghetto-hood of Cincinnati Ohio is where she currently resides.
In addition to pursuing her idyllic musical career, Lindsay is a freelance writer (both journalistic and creative non-fiction), voice over artist, actor, event promotions specialist and activist.
Lindsay is usually compared to Tori Amos - until she pulls out the guitar; then is compared to Ani DiFranco. Until she starts recording and looping live in performance at which point people drop their comparisons - and usually their jaws.