Lindsay D'arcy

Lindsay D'arcy

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Acoustic guitar led songs, intimate, provocative, lyrics and voice: Lou reed smashes into damien Rice with James Blunt cleaning up the road kill...


Lindsay D'arcy, the British singer songwriter has climbed up the myspace charts for the last 12 months. This artist has been reclusive, quiet, travelling globally and writing for some 12 years - 9 years in Russia (Siberia), Jugoslavia, then to the USA, Germany and finally central europe. From Prague, Bohemia, he has reemerged with a mature, acoustic, sound that has gained a solid support from all over the world.. influenced by roots Folk songs, and alternative pop, he delivers some haunting songs that sets him apart from the malaise.. searching, dark, 'voted myspace diamond in the rough' by leading A&R... BBC Radio has also played and commented on this artist's depth of vocal range and sensitive lyrics...lindsay, has quite a unique sound and stance on music. We hope to see him playing live alot more in 2008 in support of the 'Life-Sized' Ep, which is mastered by Robin Robbyns (U2, Sinead O Connor, Damien Rice and others).



Written By: David Lindsay D'arcy

I watch her rise
as she holds me inside
how we fly - fall into me
stay, stay, stay, stay
I foam and freeze afloat in seas
Your hands are reading me
I will love you again... I will love you again
I'll love you again.... I'll love you again

I watch her there
Her naked glare... a vacant stare
that strips me
Stay stay stay stay

A moments breeze carressing me
please wake me I can't breathe

I'll love you again... again I will love you again

Foam and freeze she comes... she's like the wind falling on my skin

it's too late

I foam and freeze afloat in sea's... I float I sieze... your hands on me, your hands...

Your hands on me... your hands on me... don't break me..

All of me... so late....

your hands on me.... hands on me




The debut EP is available in 2008 and songs can be downloaded for free from the 'lindsay d'arcy' myspace site. The debut will feature 4 tracks.

Set List

12 - 15 songs mixed tempo - intimate, suitable for any venue where people listen. folk to rock: a step or a stage - a cafe bar or a major venue and average 1 - 2 hrs as required; all original material but may play some requests.