Lindsay Fields

Lindsay Fields


Lindsay has been influenced by some of music’s past and present legends. Artists such as Whitney Houston, Brandy, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce’, and Janet Jackson have been the catapult and inspiration that she’s needed over the years in becoming the world’s next SHINNING STAR!


Lindsay Fields
Artist Profile

Born on May 30, in Cleveland, Ohio, Lindsay Lee Fields has been singing since the early age of five.
Lindsay’s been recording professionally since she was 8 years old. Having a strong vision of becoming the next big thing in the music industry, Lindsay has been doing everything to prepare herself for the business, while giving her the understanding that the entertainment industry requires hard work, dedication, talent and sacrifice. She‘s evolved from just being the young girl that sings in the church choir, the school talent shows, and performing in the local community plays; to the young woman who tenaciously tackled the adlibs on Missy Elliot’s “This Is Not A Test” album and consistently works with well known writers and producers in the industry.

Hoping to one day venture into television and movies, Lindsay’s love is not just in singing, but she also enjoys dancing, acting, playing the piano, running, watching comedies, impersonating stars, and making people laugh. She takes pride in her nickname “Hazel Star” that she was given because of her stunning hazel color eyes and her star qualities. Her melodic voice, alluring personality, and wide vocal range are enough to draw anyone to her performance, making sure that it’s something that you’ll never forget.

Is she a dream or make-believe? Naw, it’s just LINDSAY being LINDSAY!

Set List

The genre of the show caters to Pop/R&B
Song List:
1. Nature Rise
2. Unfaithful (Cover/Rhianna)
2. Bye-Bye-Bye
3. Girlfriend
4. Chick On The Side
5. You Make Me

Sets: 30 minutes