Lindsay Holler

Lindsay Holler

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Americana with gritty textures and dark sentiments ... a little twang and a little late-night clarity.


lindsay holler sings and plays guitar. her voice moves onto the sidewalk through a cracked upstairs window on dusky afternoons. it smells you with its tongue, pensively considers, and strikes. In clubs and theatres ... its the same. On some occasions it caresses; other times accuses. When amplified it can be seen on the air ... then we all drown.

Holler lives in Charleston, South Carolina. She hails the South as home and has lived in New Orleans and New York; she studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The music's current state of evolution is supported by a little twang and a little late-night clarity. The new EP, malleable, contains five originals, each displaying Hollers succinct penwomanship, which treads the trammels of broken relations and lost love. With the addition of Nick Jenkins on drums, Michael Hanf on vibes and percussion, Dave Linaburg on guitar, and Ben Wells on bass, they have created a sound fusing americana with gritty textures and dark lyrics. "Its not me, its my sweet disposition ... , " to quote her lyrics is to take them out of context.

Holler cites influences from the likes of Tom Waits, Gram Parsons, Nina Simone and Neil Young.


malleable (2006)
love gone awry (2007)

Set List

set list:
love gone awry
grove street
honey please
what jeff says
the rope
dirty kids
nothing tonight
back door
keep bleeding
on to me
poor kathleen
gun street girl (tom waits cover)
dandelion (imperial drag cover)

our sets usually run about an hour. we play original material with a cover to two thrown in, some times.