Lindsay Jane

Lindsay Jane


If Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones and Willie Nelson had a threesome, you'd have love child Lindsay Jane. Lindsay Jane's wry, self mocking humor coupled with her ability to tell a great story, audiences are left feeling like they just spent the evening with a close friend.


At the tender age of 10, Lindsay stumbled upon her first beer stained radio, smuggled it into her Christian home, (where listening to popular music was forbidden) and with the smell of beer under her pillow, Berlins' "Take my Breath Away" literally did that to Lindsay and her life has never the same since.

Lindsay Jane grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and as well as a number of Broadway Musical soundtracks including "les miserables", "Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat!" and numerous Rogers and Hammerstein songs.

Lindsay Jane has a developed a large and fantastic following in Canada and is just starting to break into the US.
Lindsay Jane now performs at major folk festivals, concert halls, folk clubs and churches all over the place.


"Lovers Find Reasons" relesed November 12th 2007
"Big Rock Untapped" Juno-Compilation CD 2008
"Canadian Blast SXSW 2006" Compilation CD 2006
"Starting Today" Released June 2002

Set List

In No Particular Order:
Gasoline Stain
First Day After Summer
Last Walk
Be There
Sault City
It's Not Up To Me
I am No Dancer
...To Let Lovers Go
I Can't Rescue you
Basement Window