Lindsay Jordan

Lindsay Jordan


Lindsay Jordan writes the songs you’ve been yearning to listen to, that make you believe you’ve known them all along. The sound is an ethereal melodic rock with a blend of soaring textural guitars, driving rhythms, full vocal harmonies, and direct songwriting.


Lindsay Jordan is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter/producer who hails from New York City. She and collaborator Ryan Fagman have been playing music together since 2000, at which time they lived in Madison, WI. Lindsay returned to New York after living in Madison for several years. She became involved with various recording studios in order to learn more about the technological aspects of her craft, and quickly developed a passion for producing. Lindsay was fortunate to gain an apprenticeship with famed producer/engineer Bob Power, from whom she continues to learn. As her newfound skills for production became honed, the energy and lifeblood of New York City seeped into her veins, resulting in the development of a more mature musical style. In early 2004, she and Ryan completed their debut EP, which some people refer to as ‘ethereal melodic rock’.

We are proud to announce the completion of our self-recorded and produced Debut EP! You can check out a few of the tracks here (in the audio section).


Lindsay Jordan : Debut EP

Set List

Typical set is about 7 to 10 songs, about 45 minutes.
No covers.