Lindsay Phillips

Lindsay Phillips

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

...haunted offerings to the lost souls of love...


After fronting bands for well over a decade, Lindsay Phillips changed direction. Armed only with guitar and a handful of arresting songs he stepped back onto the stage as a solo artist. If you are fortunate enough to see him perform, it is his voice, all gravel and melodic charm, that will pin you. His songs are laments - haunted offerings to the lost souls of love.

Whilst committing himself with integrity to this theatre of the romantic-macabre, Phillips still manages worthwhile achievements. He has played countles shows throughout Australia, toured North America and Europe twice, self recorded/released two EP’s, and has been included in showcase performances at Popkomm 2006 in Berlin and NXNE 2007 in Toronto.

His debut album VARNING is scheduled for release mid-year 2009.



Written By: Lindsay Phillips

No more more talking
The years are wasted and days are dawning
We paid the ransom
And we paid the price of denial
As doors are closing we kick them down

With no borders and no walls to hold us
The roads are open...vistas are golden
And romance comes easy when you hold the spark to the flame
One billion lovers will seed new game

And former wardens
And former lawmen
And all their children at peace as each man dies alone
We razed the highlands
We razed the lowlands
As one we're legion
As one we stake claim to the fire that burns (with)in your eyes

No more more waiting
Our words were wasted
Our tears have frozen
With no warning we took the fields and cobbled roads
The doors are open...we broke them down


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

'O brace yourself for the long and lonely ride
You're aways' out there, no shute and no lifeline
You've cut yourself off from the pack
With no way forward and no way back
You hurt yourself to spite the bells that chime

Great shame for those that love
and once were loved
Deserted in their need, so frail and lost
They run to keep the chill at bay
In gale force winds will bend and sway
Remorseful as the dust that sets and moans

Take heed you young at heart and young of mind
Don't waste your days on truths that can't be found
The movement you've been waiting for
It's calling out, it's at your door
Decieve yourself and you won't hear a sound


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

Tidal waves and torrent rains
Have split us in two ways
Passing ships and golden lips
Speak ill of history

Eyes that strain into the night
No light to shine - no day
We are human
We're done dreaming
We are yesterday

Handshakes, fists and switchblade kisses
Tears and weeping sores
I am armed and you're resistant
But I won't be ignored

We're just one word away
And no more words to say


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

The lights go out, you're loathe to close your eyes
Insurgent waves of dark engulf your heart
The walls are closing in maligned and brooding grim
You hold your breath and hold your faith divine

In your arms
I can't sleep but I'll embrace the dawn
I am prey to your charms
Hold me close to your heart
And I'll follow you down

The endless rest will find you by and by
It covets you and yours and I and mine
The fog is closing in - a blanket for our sins
Exhale your last for now and for all time

With your cold deathly touch
Comfort me - cover me
With your shroud weathered, old and ghostly pale


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

When the spirit dies young
You become an opportunist
When the spirit dies young
You find driftwood to cling to

Though you try and you try to find a meaning
In the soil, in the air that you've been breathing
In the eyes of those you know
There was love and now they're cast in stone
There's no meaning
When the spirit dies young

When the cavalry comes
There is no place to run to
When the cavalry comes
There is no one to turn to

Though you try and you try to find a meaning
In the dark gritty soil that you've been digging
In the eyes of those you know
There was love and now they're cast in stone
There's no meaning
When the spirit dies young

No you can't ignore
What you felt before
Who you are
Or where you have been


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

Aileen - everyone talks over the top of you
There's a black revolver
A finger on the pulse and dark rings circling your eyes
Circling your eyes

Aileen - all your friends believe you're innocent
There's not a shred of content
To justify a noose, incarceration, empty eyes
Justify your empty eyes

I heard the law came down on top of you
And if they heard you squeal
You'd better run for cover there's a penny on your hide

I know you had the rug swept out from under you

Aileen - now you'll never have no peace
You'll have to sleep with open eyes


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

Mind over matter
Over conscience
Over words which rhyme with words which go
Bathe the minions
Who can only know just what they know

Stoke the fire
That you've been feeding your desires
Know when the wind blows
That you got over all those barbed wire fences

Lost are the moments
Are the hours
That you've surrendered to an endless cause
Light and splendour
Bask forever
Upon your worthless self which now is corpse


Written By: Lindsay Phillips

You walked among us and the many lapped at your feet
No words of comfort issued, nor ever did you speak
The laws of silence govern the ways in which we hear
And so all hope, then, is nailed to so few

It’s not yours to decide
If we were born here to live or to die

Deep doubt drove herds and hands forlorn on their way
Disturbing echoes of the past, unchecked and unnamed
“We’re all deserving of our bread” calls the refrain
“O to taste such pleasures once again”

It’s not yours to decide
If we were born here to live or to die

We cross your chapels and your temples on our path
We hear your sermons and your message built to last
We see your windows and your walls built to confine
As we fade out of knowledge and of time

It’s not yours to decide
It’s not ours to decide
If we were born here to live or to die

It’s not yours to decide
It’s not ours to decide
But it’s for God to decide
If we were born here to live or to die


Released March 2006

Released June 2007

Released November 2008
Available at iTUNES + Polyester Records (Fitzroy)

Set List

1. Taedium Vitae
2. We're A Mystery
3. Exile
4. All You Left
5. O Deceit
6. Hellhound On Your Trail
7. Legion
8. You Got Over All Those Barbed Wire Fences
9. Infinality