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Lindsay Rae Spurlock @ 10 High

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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The best kept secret in music


Article in Athens' Flagpole Magazine

Life's Puzzle Pieces
As Lindsay Rae Spurlock Moves To Georgia, Expect To Hear More From And About This Louisiana Musician

Lindsay Rae Spurlock

Though shes yet to release a full-length album or do much in the way of national touring, young Baton Rouge singer-songwriter Lindsay Rae Spurlock has sure been privy to some positive word of mouth as of late. Formerly of the Baton Rouge guitar rock band Lucid Soule, Spurlock has recently been focusing on intimate solo shows that showcase her warm singing style and tendency to dabble in synths and other electronic gadgetry.

You wouldnt know it going on just age and discography alone, but Spurlock and music go way back. Apparently, both Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley are family, and her father worked for several area radio stations, exposing young Lindsay to a variety of new and different sounds.

"Jerry Lee Lewis is my third cousin, which makes him my grandmother's first cousin. She used to play with Jerry Lee as a kid, says Spurlock. I began singing at an early age, humming various melodies. Throughout my schooling, I was in choirs and musicals, then started playing guitar and writing songs in high school. Whenever I was near a piano growing up, I would just sit and make up songs. It wasnt until about four years ago, though, when I actually began playing the piano live.

Indeed, Spurlock ably taught herself how to play both guitar and piano in a relatively short period of time. That same independent streak still shows through, as shes often likely to man two or three different instruments during a performance. Often accompanied by swirling electric piano chords and programmed drums, Spurlocks meditative songs easily double as essential exercises in personal reflection.

There is nothing better than sitting at the piano and translating my emotions into music, says Spurlock. Its just amazing to create something both intimate and universal that possibly can speak to other people as well. I began playing solo shows before Lucid Soule began, actually. Their music was more progressive and more guitar-driven, whereas my solo stuff is focused more on lyrical content and melody, while having somewhat of an electronic edge.

Spurlocks debut album, which she's planning with Louisiana producer Michael Gallagher, is currently in the works. For right now, she has several songs featured at and one of those - the spellbinding track Let It Go - was recently tapped for an ad by chic L.A. clothing company Designateria.

A longtime resident of Baton Rouge, Spurlocks life is currently in transit to Atlanta. After arriving there in mid-April, shes already got a few out of town shows booked in advance. Her Athens stop at the Flicker should be a great chance to catch a performer that well, most likely, be seeing on a regular basis in the not-too-distant future.

I will be completely relocated to Atlanta by the end of April, says a hopeful Spurlock. Shortly after that, Ill be embarking on many tours, though. In fact, Im doing another small tour in Texas the following week which includes playing with Lisa Loeb in Houston on May 4th. In Athens, Ill be doing a very intimate solo show and an interview on WUGA the same day. Otherwise, itll be just me on the bill that night at the Flicker.

Michael Andrews - Michael Andrews

Lindsay Rae Spurlock: BR Native, Georgia Bound

The next artist of the evening proved to be a drastic change from the high energy and visual displays of the Pretentious and caused this writer to just chill.

Many know Lindsay Rae Spurlock from her season as the lead vocalist for Baton Rouge band Lucid Soule. The band parted ways in 2005 and since then Spurlock has been rocking out across the southern United States as a solo act. Lindsay's influences include Bjork, Queen, Fiona Apple, and Tori Amos. With songs like "November" Spurlock's music reaches the audience on a deep level and lulls them into a state of nirvana and true serenity.

The Saturday night show was Spurlock's last show in Baton Rouge as the female singer/songwriter is in the process of relocating to Atlanta, Georgia.

"Life's too short not to pursue your dreams," Spurlock said.

For more information about Lindsay Rae Spurlock and her music check out or - Tiger Weekly Magazine

Lindsay Rae Spurlock oozes rock and roll. As she poses for her pictures, her experience in the music industry is evident. Spurlock has been performing for seven years. She taught herself guitar and piano and began playing at open mic nights around town.

Seven years later, she's still at it. "It's a slow moving business," she said. Her determination, however, has paid off in part with a May 4 opening gig for Lisa Loeb in Houston.

While she may embody the look and sound of rock and roll, she doesn't come equipped with the enormous ego of many musicians. She doesn't travel with an entourage or have agents working to promote her. "I do all my own booking and my best friend Amanda Beard helps with promotions," she said.

Her April tour will kick off in Texas, wind through the southeast coast and end in Atlanta, where she will set up residence and embark on her next project. Follow her musical footpath at - The Legacy Magazine

Today on C&T we explore the genre presented with which I' m least familiar -- pop and singer-songwriter material. Still, Atlanta does have an active scene in this area that regularly produce significant artists (e.g., Angie Aparo, Shawn Mullins, John Mayer, Indigo Girls, etc.) so it merits attention. I've tried to feature both some prominent local singer-songwriters and pop acts here, although odds are I have missed some of note. If I did, feel free to let me know.

Both bands and singer-songwriters are obviously included here. MYSSOURI has an accessible sound rooted in roots rock and blues, Moresight and Unicorns! the Musical could easily be deemed indie pop, and Zero Chance has an FM-ready sound. Other acts here are headed by singer-songwriters but boast a full band sound (Adam McIntyre, Harrison Hudson, Butch Walker). The remaining acts are primarily of the crooner(s)-with-guitar mold. The lone female entry is recent Atlanta transplant Lindsay Rae Spurlock, who has recently come to ATL from her former home in Louisiana. - Cable and Tweed online magazine

Special to
Published: Jul 17, 2007

A little over one year ago, Baton-Rouge-native Lindsay Rae Spurlock decided that if she was ever going to make it as a musician, it was time to move. In May 2006, Spurlock packed her things and headed for Atlanta, where she lived for roughly eight months before moving on to New York City in February 2007.

"I had been talking to a [friend of mine who was a] record label exec at Epic, and he'd been helping me," Spurlock said when I asked why she chose Atlanta first. "I played in Atlanta a few times on tour, and I really liked the city. Also, I thought home was just a car ride away."

Although her family moved a great deal while she was growing up, Spurlock said she spent the majority of her years in Baton Rouge and has always considered the city her hometown.

"I remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old and I was living in Baton Rouge with my dad," she said when recalling her early memories with music. "I just remember having Belinda Carlile on a record and playing it and screaming it at the top of my lungs when I was little. It was really a way to release."

Music serves the same purpose today as it did when she was younger.

"The only way I have to release is with music," she said. "People say 'Do yoga,' and to this and that, and I say 'No, I can't.' The only way I feel good is if I can start playing."

Spurlock is an independent singer/songwriter, so when on stage, the emotion resonating from her voice, accompanied by the pounding of her fingers on her keyboard, are all her own.

"What I'm ultimately trying to do first is the release. I write music and get things off my chest," she explained. "I usually write songs about things I'm confused about at the time, or things I don't have closure about.

"The second step is to re-write the song so it fits other people too, because I know if I feel these emotions then other people do, too."

By placing so much emotion in her music, Spurlock said her messages are often labeled by some as "depressing."

"Some people will say 'Why do you write such sad songs? Are you just a sad or angry person?' I tell them that it's not hard to write a happy song. It's the core emotional stuff that hits people and stirs their emotions.

"When people ask me that, I just know right away in my head that they don't know where I'm coming from artistically.

"Many, however, do 'get it.'

"I do always try to have a positive undertone," she added. "A vocal coach I was taking lessons from at one time said she listened to my song ['Mother'] and said it made her want to start writing about her past. She shared with me and said her dad abused her when she was young. She said that my song made her want to write about it for the first time."

That connection Spurlock makes with her audience is what caught the attention of Samantha Jones. No, not the "Sex and the City" character. This Samantha Jones is an independent film director Spurlock met while living in Atlanta.

"She [Jones] found me on MySpace and wanted to use my song 'November' in her independent film," Spurlock said.

The film is "The Last Christmas Party," and its premier will be within the next few months at The Sundance Film Festival.

"The film is about a family that has a Christmas party every year in the Upper West Side of New York," she explained. "It's about moving on and letting go, which is why I think she wanted to use my song."

Being selected for the film is what prompted Spurlock to move to New York. First, she took a few trips to the city to help promote the film. Then, the constant motion of the Big Apple captivated her.

"When playing there it just felt really good," she said. "I thought 'If I'm going to do this music thing, I need to be in the best place possible.'

"I don't really know why, but I started telling promoters there that I was moving to New York, just to see what their reaction would be, and the reaction was good. Then after that, I decided to do it."

Since moving to New York, Spurlock said she has felt a new level of inspiration.

"I put the acoustic guitar down for two years. I started on it, and then did piano, but when I got to New York, I got back to the guitar. So, now I'm using both."

Spurlock is currently working on a new album, which will include both guitar and piano parts. She hopes to complete the album within the year.

You can check out Lindsay Rae Spurlock at North Gate Tavern on Wednesday, July 18. She will perform that night with Lanky, a singer/songwriter from Houston.

Until then, you can find out more about her music on her MySpace page,

- Samantha Morgan


Cd 1- Lindsay Rae Spurlock
"Bellowing Winds"- radio play
Cd2- Pieces From a Film
Cd3- A Swordfish Song for the kids.
"Xiphias Gladius"-played on educational kids websites.
Cd 4: current cd for sale- "Life's Puzzle Pieces"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lindsay Rae Spurlock comes from a background of talented musicians, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, and has always had a passion for music. Raised by her father, who worked at various radio stations throughout her childhood, Lindsay quickly became familiar with many different styles of music.

Her interest in learning music, rapidly developed. She embraced the opportunity to experiment with discovering notes and melodies when she would sit down at her piano. As she grew and her voice and talent developed, Lindsay's desire to share her abilities increased. Soon she became involved in countless musical endeavors ranging from choral singing, band singing, and various musical productions, to singing/songwriting and composing.
Throughout the years, Lindsay's love for, and dedication to music has flourished, leading her to pursue a career in music. Her solo musical project, Lindsay Rae Spurlock, is often described as piano driven indie pop with hints of guitar and electronic influences. Lindsay combines piano, synth, orchestral ideas, and voice as she performs her original material.
She has embarked on many tours across the U.S. and has been asked to open for Lisa Loeb, Imogen Heap, and Kt Tunstall. Lindsay was recently asked to use her song, "Let It Go," for a chic NY and LA clothing design company called, "Designateria." Lindsay's music has also been used in several films. In her most recent film project, Lindsay is working with the producers at Dora Mae productions, a New York film company, to create music for their upcoming film, "The Last Christmas Party." Lindsay will be making a trip to New York to promote the movie, with a live performance in early November.
What sets Lindsay's music apart is it's seemingly effortless capability to immediately engage the listener. The alluring nature of her style, unique and captivating vocal quality, and thought-provoking lyrics have already earned her a significant following. Lindsay's fans have said that what they love about watching her perform live is her magnetic stage presence and her ability to identify and connect intimately with the audience through her music. Lindsay is constantly developing new material and is dedicated to the pursuit of sharing her music with the world.

"Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock, and she has talent that the world should not miss! Lindsay has a very good voice, and can write some wonderfully plaintive songs. Definitely piano-driven. Definitely nice."- Joe Szczepaniak (Stage Hymns online magazine)

"...with songs like "November" Spurlock's music reaches the audience on a deep level and lulls them into a state of nirvana and true serenity."-Iris Davis (Tiger Weekly Magazine-Baton Rouge,LA)

"the spellbinding track Let It Go - was recently tapped for an ad by chic L.A. clothing company Designateria." -Michael Andrews (Flagpole magazine-Athens,GA)

"Lindsay Rae Spurlock oozes rock and roll. As she poses for her pictures, her experience in the music industry is evident."-Alison Usher (Legacy Magazine)

" I write about things and situations that perplex me. Writing songs is a way to figure out answers....not necessarily to the situation but more for inner realization." Lindsay Rae Spurlock

"I write songs from my experiences in which people can relate. My main goal is to relate to people and allow them to ..."feel" what I am creating. Feel the way I do. I usually do not use names of people I write about in songs. I make my songs universal to speak to everyone."- Lindsay Rae Spurlock

" What inspires you to write songs? -Jeff Roedel (225 Magazine) "Well, life inspires me. Every instance in life. I'm constantly experiencing new situations and everything is constantly changing. There are certain stimuli that affect me more than others, and those are the ones I write about. I write about things I can't understand, things I want to change. It is an inner-self release, an outlet, to achieve some sort of understanding about the world that I'm living in. Life is all about people relating with other people in various exchanges and there are so many ideas that so far surpass we, as humans that we try to relate to each other in some way to better understand our world. I think music is a universal language and an outlet for people. -Lindsay Rae Spurlock