Lindsay Rae Spurlock

Lindsay Rae Spurlock


The alluring nature of Lindsay's style, unique and captivating vocal quality, thought-provoking lyrics, and magnetic stage presence, allows her to identify and connect intimately with her audience.


Lindsay Rae Spurlock comes from a background of talented musicians, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, and has always had a passion for music. Raised by her father, who worked at various radio stations throughout her childhood, Lindsay quickly became familiar with many different styles of music.

Her interest in learning music, rapidly developed. She embraced the opportunity to experiment with discovering notes and melodies when she would sit down at her piano. As she grew and her voice and talent developed, Lindsay's desire to share her abilities increased. Soon she became involved in countless musical endeavors ranging from choral singing, band singing, and various musical productions, to singing/songwriting and composing.
Throughout the years, Lindsay's love for, and dedication to music has flourished, leading her to pursue a career in music. Her solo musical project, Lindsay Rae Spurlock, is often described as piano driven indie pop with hints of guitar and electronic influences. Lindsay combines piano, synth, orchestral ideas, and voice as she performs her original material.
She has embarked on many tours across the U.S. and has been asked to open for Lisa Loeb, Imogen Heap, and Kt Tunstall. Lindsay was recently asked to use her song, "Let It Go," for a chic NY and LA clothing design company called, "Designateria." Lindsay's music has also been used in several films. In her most recent film project, Lindsay is working with the producers at Dora Mae productions, a New York film company, to create music for their upcoming film, "The Last Christmas Party." Lindsay will be making a trip to New York to promote the movie, with a live performance in early November.
What sets Lindsay's music apart is it's seemingly effortless capability to immediately engage the listener. The alluring nature of her style, unique and captivating vocal quality, and thought-provoking lyrics have already earned her a significant following. Lindsay's fans have said that what they love about watching her perform live is her magnetic stage presence and her ability to identify and connect intimately with the audience through her music. Lindsay is constantly developing new material and is dedicated to the pursuit of sharing her music with the world.

"Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock, and she has talent that the world should not miss! Lindsay has a very good voice, and can write some wonderfully plaintive songs. Definitely piano-driven. Definitely nice."- Joe Szczepaniak (Stage Hymns online magazine)

"...with songs like "November" Spurlock's music reaches the audience on a deep level and lulls them into a state of nirvana and true serenity."-Iris Davis (Tiger Weekly Magazine-Baton Rouge,LA)

"the spellbinding track Let It Go - was recently tapped for an ad by chic L.A. clothing company Designateria." -Michael Andrews (Flagpole magazine-Athens,GA)

"Lindsay Rae Spurlock oozes rock and roll. As she poses for her pictures, her experience in the music industry is evident."-Alison Usher (Legacy Magazine)

" I write about things and situations that perplex me. Writing songs is a way to figure out answers....not necessarily to the situation but more for inner realization." Lindsay Rae Spurlock

"I write songs from my experiences in which people can relate. My main goal is to relate to people and allow them to ..."feel" what I am creating. Feel the way I do. I usually do not use names of people I write about in songs. I make my songs universal to speak to everyone."- Lindsay Rae Spurlock

" What inspires you to write songs? -Jeff Roedel (225 Magazine) "Well, life inspires me. Every instance in life. I'm constantly experiencing new situations and everything is constantly changing. There are certain stimuli that affect me more than others, and those are the ones I write about. I write about things I can't understand, things I want to change. It is an inner-self release, an outlet, to achieve some sort of understanding about the world that I'm living in. Life is all about people relating with other people in various exchanges and there are so many ideas that so far surpass we, as humans that we try to relate to each other in some way to better understand our world. I think music is a universal language and an outlet for people. -Lindsay Rae Spurlock



Written By: Lindsay Rae Spurlock

Mother to others,
but to me your were nothing but a stranger.
It has been so many years yet yours is still just another
familiar face to habituate my conscience.
Do you know of my desire for you to want to know me?
Does it show?
Does it radiate in and throughout me?
Why'd you go away?
Why'd you leave so soon?
Was I a bad stain...inside of you?

Life's Puzzle Pieces

Written By: Lindsay Rae Spurlock

Words can't describe how I feel.
I never thought that this could be real.
But everything falls into place.

I never felt like this before.
I was always left wanting something more.
But everything falls into place.

Thank God.

Let it Go

Written By: Lindsay Rae Spurlock

We're on the same path but separate roads,
Its now too late to turn away.
The years seemed wasted but I would have not grown to be where I am today.

I've finally let it go

I used to want everything to change
but would you still be yourself?
Would I even still be the same?
Or would I be somebody else?

I've finally let it go
Whatever happens now is out of my own hands
I've finally let it go
Whatever happens now is in another plan
I've finally let it go.


Cd 1- Lindsay Rae Spurlock
"Bellowing Winds"- radio play
Cd2- Pieces From a Film
Cd3- A Swordfish Song for the kids.
"Xiphias Gladius"-played on educational kids websites.
Cd 4: current cd for sale- "Life's Puzzle Pieces"

Set List

Lindsay's set list can last from 45 min-1:30hr.

Let it Under Your Skin
In Your Absence
Two Months
Emerald Green
Bellowing Winds
As For Now
We Must Break This Circle
Joga- Bjork Cover
Time Keeps Moving
Damaged Goods
Thank You
Not Enough