Lindsay Rush

Lindsay Rush


Lindsay Rush is a young Pop/Rock singer-songwriter-guitarist who has been praised by record excecutives, fellow musicians, and fans world-wide. She has been called a "great songwriter" by recording artist, Lisa Loeb ("Stay (I Missed You)").


Millions of young, talented people dream of performing in front thousands of people, recording an album, going on tour, performing with their musical heroes, and gaining attention from fans all over the world- singer-songwriter-guitarist, Lindsay Rush has done all of these things. Lindsay has been singing since before she even learned how to form full sentences and writing music since she was seven years old, although she didn’t begin her professional solo career until she was eighteen. In the short time since she decided to immerse herself in her music career, Lindsay has recorded two albums of original music that have each been highly-praised by fans, music executives, and fellow musicians alike.

Lindsay has performed at hundreds of venues, events, and festivals in the last couple of years. She has performed at varied venues ranging from schools and summer camps to college campuses to retreats leading songwriting workshops to amphitheaters in front of 15,000 fans. Lindsay has performed on more than one occasion as opening act for singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb (“Stay (I Missed You)”; E! Network’s #1 Single) - which Lindsay lists among some of her most memorable experiences. While Loeb has publicly announced to crowds that Lindsay is “a great songwriter,” she is not the only accomplished and internationally well-liked and respected artist to share such opinions about Lindsay and her music. Most recently, singer-songwriter, Maia Sharp (writer of many hits for the Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, etc.) has also called Lindsay’s music, “great.” A multitude of successful people in all areas of the music industry are buzzing about her thoughtful songwriting skills, catchy melodies, skillful songwriting, and unique approach to the music business. In fact, the word “great” is present in most of their comments.

It seems that anyone who experiences Lindsay’s music either live or through one of her albums, will have something great to say about this young up and coming recording artist. Her live performances always leave audience members excited and wanting more. Her strong and inspiring live performances mixed with the dry whit of her spur-of-the moment conversation in between songs make each show a unique experience. In the true spirit of songwriters, Lindsay always enlightens her audiences by incorporating explanations and stories about each one of her songs, into her performances. This element makes the performance very personal for each audience member, and allows him or her to be a part of Lindsay’s thought process as she is performing. Lindsay was the # 3 Pennsylvania-based artist in the Pop and Acoustic categories on MySpace. This ranking system is based on the number of plays that an artist gets each day. Lindsay’s MySpace profile has grown to be very popular among fans of all ages. Her number of “friends” increases by the hundreds each week.

Aside from being an accomplished recording artist and performer, there is also another component to Lindsay’s career that is equally present and important to her- being an activist for various issues involving kids, teens, and young adults. Lindsay’s time that is not being spent in the studio or on-stage, is spent working hard for such causes as mental health, homelessness, education, and self-esteem in youth. Lindsay has traveled to cities all over the Unites States, playing shows, leading workshops, and speaking to raise awareness and funds for organizations that support all of these causes. “I am so close in age to a lot of the fans who attend my shows, workshops, and events, and listen to my music. So, I think that it is important that I do my best to raise their awareness and show them that there are healthy, positive ways to get through tough times. Music is such has always been such a big part of that for me.” In June 2007, she will be recognized as a national mental health advocate, with an award being presented to her on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. by Mental Health America (formerly NMHA).

Lindsay is a national spokesperson for the National Mental Health. She endorses Daisy Rock Guitars, HotPicks USA, ME Salon & Spa, and Rotem Gear. Lindsay’s music has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of music fans in North America, Europe, and Asia, and will continue to inspire people with the ongoing support of her fans and many supporters.



Written By: Lindsay Rush

I go back in my mind
To your saccharine lines
Then you’re closing the blinds
It goes black

No sucrose in my words
I’ll lay it all on the table
You took the carbon and water and air
From my body
And it’s not there
I am bare

You took the wind out of me and blew it back in my face
I felt a gust of myself come crashing back into me
I’m stolen ware
With wear and tear
I am bare

You said that love’s not a crime
And that you’d get my heart charging
(I) don’t think you meant what you said what you did
I’m set for brawling

I’ve tried to push you away and day after day you come back to me
Well, I’ve had enough of it all
I miss my smile and all that came naturally
There’s no stopping me
No stopping me

This day is the line where I’ll divide the past from now
I’ve spent all the time that I have to on thoughts of you
I vow with my whole heart to separate your words from truth
This is the beginning, but this is the end of you________


REAL LIFE (2004)
MAKEUP OFF- limited edition acoustic CD- (2006)

Set List

Lindsay's typical sets are 30-60, depending on the venue. The majority of her show is made up of her original music with one cover. Towards the end of her set, Lindsay does a trivia contest with the audience, using facts stated during the show, offering them a chance to win merchandise and prizes.

Original Music Includes:

Every Part of Me
Dreams and Fantasies
Gepetto, Cut the Strings
A Little Bit
I Am the Evil
Your Turn To Cry
Inside of the Outside
Spinning Around
Missin' You
All the Pretty Things


Furious Rose - Lisa Loeb
Wishing Heart - Lisa Loeb
Underdog - Lisa Loeb
Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
Wonderwall - Oasis
I'll Stand By You- The Pretenders