Lindsay Jo Sample

Lindsay Jo Sample


I write and sing indie-rock and indie-jazz music that can be performed in either an electric or an acoustic setting.


Lindsay is a singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA, and studied composition and performance at Kent State University, the Boston Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music. Coming into Berklee with a heavy background in jazz and classical influence, Lindsay focused on songwriting and performance, and began combining acoustic folk with indie lyrics and beat.

She has worked with Carole King, Sheryl Crow, the Black Eyed Peas, James Taylor, Greg Banaszak, Phil Wilson, Pat Pattison, and Bon Jovi.

Recently, her song "Such a Lady" was reviewed by a censorship panel at Berklee for its on-the-edge sexually-explicit lyrics, and helped to push boundaries for the recording department.


Everybody Loves an Audience

Written By: Lindsay Sample

There was suicide on Broadway today
A whole line of chorus girls self-slaughtered in a matinee
And the stage crew had to clear away the dead
All of whom had shot themselves point blank in the head

And the audience loved it
And the audience cheered
And the audience left for intermission
And they drank champagne and beer
And the director hung himself from the chandelier
Anything to please you
We wouldn't want to tease you
Everybody loves an audience.

There were fireworks on death row today
They put a serial rapist to sleep the old-fashioned way
And behind a wall of plexiglass a score of mourners watched him pass with sparks
A thousand-watt carcass illuminates the dark

And the audience loved it
And the audience cheered
And the audience toasted to the dead
And they drank champagne and beer
And his daughter cried empty tears
No one thought to ask her
Good riddance to the bastard
Everybody loves an audience.

And there's smoke in the mirrors
And it spins off our skin and gets us high
I woke up this morning a nobody
And I went to bed the Queen of Versailles

There was obscenity in the bedroom last night
We left the curtains open, took our clothes off, and had a fight
And you called me a cunt from hell
And threw me to the ground
Cause I said, "Put it in your mouth and bite down."

And the audience loved it
And the audience cheered
And the audience thought it was perverted
And they liked that it was queer
Oh what luck,
A fuck that's not on HBO
Nobody can shame us
And nobody can blame us
Cause everybody loves an audience.

In My Dreams

Written By: Lindsay Sample

They met on a balcony watching the view over Central Square
She smiled politely as he touched a piece of her dark brown hair
It didn't stop there
Tells her he loves her
There's no one above her

But Kathryn knows what and what not to believe
Says, "Love is a medicine used to deceive
And up here I have the view that I need,
So tonight I'll see you in my dreams."

She tells him she loves him
But she's not afraid to go far away
She surveys his questions
With answers that seems to go either way
He'll ask her to stay
Begs with her pleads with her,
Begs with her pleads with her

Kathryn, come quickly, I know where you've been
What happened once cannot happen again
Cause you seem to come and go as you please
So tonight I'll see you in my dreams.

"Wash your hands of what you're not meant to be,"
He says, then sighs,
"This isn't what you promised me."

She kept him waiting for three lonely years that went on and on
She told him that time would find both of them happy,
Their love so strong
He never caught on
Begging and pleading
His heart still repeating it,

"Kathryn," he said as they stood in the rain,
"What have you left with so little to gain?"
And she made no sound as he took his leave
"Oh tonight I'll see you in my dreams."


Sex and Broken Dreams (2007)

Set List

With My Eyes Closed
Sex in the 21st Century
Everybody Loves an Audience
Such a Lady
European Song
Undercover in the Valley of the Dolls
Okay I Love You Goodbye
You Don't Know What You're Missing
In My Dreams
The Lady is a Tramp (cover)
Luck be a Lady (cover)
Bitches Ain't Shit (cover)
Modern Love