Lindsey and Kristy

Lindsey and Kristy


If you want "WOW" Lindsey and Kristy will rock the house!


Who doesn't remember the gorgeous landers sisters from the 80's?! Well - their back - singing with their own country/pop band and recording original music- but there are a couple of differences-They stand 6 ft tall and they're teenagers! Now I've heard about turning back the hands of time - but this is insane! Just Kidding- these gorgeous young teens are the Landers Sisters - the 2nd generation of Landers sisters... Lindsey and Kristy are the daughters of Judy Landers .. They are singer /songwriters with their own band-and they're about to step into the limelight!
They have just completed a made for TV movie called "Circus Island " which will be out this Summer- and Lindsey & Kristy are currently recording their first album with original music written especially for them and produced by Joel Diamond and L.Russell Brown ( of Tony Orlando fame) along with their own original music . They have their own band and are performing across the country. If you want " wow ! " -- Lindsey and Kristy will rock the house!
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I miss you already

Written By: Charlie Craig

The sun is barely risin on this little town
what am I gonna do when it starts to go down
if I miss you already, and I miss you already.
If I havent even made it through one day alone , when days turn into weeks how will I ever move on - if I miss you already - and I miss you already.
I know I said Iwouldnt I know I said I couldnt go on the way it was, but with last night and hind sight I think that I might have tried to make it work because I miss you already
I was sure thyat I could say goodbye with no regrets. but Im statin now to wonder how much stronger it will get cause I miss yoy already and I miss you already
Thought I'd made my mind up to put your love behind but my heart won't let go- thought I had my reasons why you should be leavin but now I dont know,
repeat chorus


I Miss You Already
Walmart Parkin Lot
This Boy

Set List

covers and originals -any where from 20 - 90 minutes