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Lindsey Harper

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter





"In a genre over-populated with female pop singers, Lindsey Harper stands out amongst the crowd. Harper seems to have found a perfect songwriting niche by blending her love for Jazz into the pop music world, resulting in a very unique sound. In addition to her songwriting, Harper is also a very talented pianist, making her live shows that much more exciting"
-Shaun Hague of ‘The Beach Reporter’
& Booking Agent for Saint Rocke

“The classy audience at redwhite+bluezz has come to expect quality
performers every night - Lindsey Harper has captivated them repeatedly
on an unmatched level.”
- Russ Meek of Red White and Bluezz Jazz Club

This month we feature acoustic, soul and jazz solo musicians and Lindsey Harper was our number one pick for artists deserving recognition.

"Lindsey Harper is like a female version of Coldplay."
-Off The Record Magazine

As a seasoned singer with an album beneath her wings, Harper's 2009 album, "Living," is an iridescent masterpiece for which music lovers will suffer an injustice if they allow themselves to miss its almost intimate sincerity.
-Excerpt form a story By WALTER M WILLIAMS III
- NA

"Lindsey Harper Plays for ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' After Party"

Lindsey Harper is a singer and songwriter who writes music that is both inspirational and uplifting. Her style can be summed up as an infusion of piano, jazz melodies and soulful lyrics with a splash of pop. Per Harper, “My hope is that through my music people can see a glimpse of their own personal power.” Not always aware of her own strength, she suffered as a child with dyslexia. Through a wonderful twist of fate, this one-time obstacle actually led to her making the beautiful music that she does today.

“Every night my parents would sit down and work with me, especially my Dad. He had once suffered from the same learning disabilities that I was struggling with. So, to learn how to spell words, we would make up songs. My parents were my advocates and were amazingly supportive.” Within months, Harper went from a second grader who was below the expected reading and spelling levels, to being well above average in both!

Confident and happy now, at that time in her life she was in Special Education classes, and the kids in her school were very mean to her, calling her names as anyone who is different in any way has most likely experienced growing up. Though she suffered with dyslexia, Harper was above average in both math and science and was at a sixth grade level when she was only in the second grade. Her intelligence was never a question, but she had to face her challenges. She had to learn at a very young age to be strong, and with the help of her family, by middle school she was in the appropriate classes for her age.

She had overcome her first major obstacle in life and as a result of these challenges, she realized what can be accomplished when one is truly passionate and inspired to make their dreams a reality. Per Harper, the key is to, “Put all fears and doubts aside.”

Born in Maryland, Harper grew up on the east coast until the age of fifteen when she and her family moved to California. She is a mere twenty-four years-old, but within minutes of speaking with her, you know that she is wise well beyond her years. As we sat at Akasha in Culver City, we talked about many common themes for most of us in life.

Dana Feldman – Your lyrics are so honest, strong, raw and soulful. When writing a song, what is usually motivating you?

Lindsey Harper – I write songs about my experiences and what I can relate to. It can be that I am reliving a memory of the past or it can be about something that I am feeling at the time.

DF – In your song ‘I Am Beautiful’ there is a lyric, “The world can make you feel so small.” Can you tell me about that particular lyric?

LH – If you look deeper into the lyric, it’s not about the world making you feel small, rather it’s about you making yourself feel small within the world. We forget how powerful we really are. We get caught up in the nuances of our lives and it is comforting to remember our strength. It’s about learning to be grateful for what you have. The song is also about that voice in your head that is telling you that you can’t do this or that, that you’re not good enough, or whatever that voice is saying to you. It’s about not listening to that voice and about developing an attitude, especially when you’re struggling, that you just have to work harder at whatever it is that you are trying to do.

DF – When singing about heartache, is it ever too painful to perform a song?

LH – Sometimes when up on stage I feel like I am naked and reading my diary, but it is a release to write and sing about heartache. It feels good to get it out.

DF – You have been doing a lot of touring and performing gigs for college students. How has that been?

LH – It’s been great. I have been working with NACA, the National Association of Campus Activities. This organization has really opened up the door for me to do a lot of college tours. It’s not always glamorous. I have performed at cafeterias, coffee shops and even in gymnasiums. But, I love it!

DF – How do you handle the rejection that comes with any pursuit of the arts?

LH – I have been involved in music since I was six years-old. I started in musical theater and there were auditions that I got and some I didn’t. But, rejection fuels me to work even harder. It bums me out, but in L.A., you have to grow a thicker skin. Music is so subjective, some people like you and some don’t and that’s ok.

DF – Do you believe in having a back up plan?

LH – No. If you’re going to pursue the arts in L.A., a back up plan shouldn’t even be an option because then you’ve already given up. I cannot imagine doing anything other than music for the rest of my life even if I don’t become a superstar. My ultimate goal is to just share my music with audiences and have them touched in some way. I hope to travel the world and share my music with people globally.

DF – What advice would you give a young singer, songwriter?

LH – If you don’t know how to play an instrument, learn. Study your craft and study the greats. Just - LA Entertainment Examiner'

"Lindsey Harper: Livng Her Life"

Infusion - The act of introducing a certain modifying element or quality.

Who knew physics and chemistry could be such an important part of music. With the proper proportions of jazz & soul, topped off with a bit of pop and mixed together with a touch of real world life, it makes for one intense listening experience. Add that to her sultry good looks and smoky eyes, and you will swear that Lindsey Harper has split the room in order to sing just for you. Hearing her is both a physical and emotional encounter.

Already singing and writing at an age well beyond her years, it’s as if she was born to be the embodiment of music. She has focused her passions, in order to polish and mature her abilities. And like the hardest working of artists, she has learned to overcome the roadblocks standing her way by using sheer force of will to overcome obstacles such as dyslexia. With milestones such as landing the theme-song in the independent film, “Loving Annabelle”, there seems to be nothing in her way that can slow her down. With talent, drive and heart, she remains committed and focused with the intent that she wants to change the world.

Whether it’s a stripped down, lyric based ballad or a full production, jazz filled free for all, she has beautiful timing and a unique use of vocal abilities, which make you remember who she is far after the curtain has gone down for the night.

Check Lindsey’s music out at check for her soon to be released debut album which will be offered on itunes and if you get the chance, attend a live show where you can also pick up her upcoming album.


HM – Your music is described as soulful with an honest heart and a depth of lyrics. How did you develop such a keen sense of songwriting to match the style of music you sing?

LH – I don’t know that I really tried to develop any kind of style so much as I went inside and just let whatever was in there pour out into my songs and I let my voice express those songs.

HM – How do you create that, one on one atmosphere, with each and every person in the audience?

LH – The more I perform and grow as a person I realize it’s much more fulfilling to put your focus on others instead of yourself. I think coming from that angle the audience can see who you are being and makes them feel as if I could be singing to just them.

HM – You started music as a child. When was the moment you realized that you wanted to do this for a living?

LH – I joke sometimes that I think I was born a performer. I feel it’s just in my blood. As soon as I could talk I was singing and as soon as I could bang on things I was sitting at the piano trying to figure it out. I think I really realized I wanted to do this for a living when I was two I was sitting in the car with my Mom and I just announced it to her one day.

HM - Who were your main influences that help develop the artist you are today?

LH – Growing up I was that kid that would buy the Korn and Limp Bizkit CD’s to be cool but would secretly be listening to Jazz and Blues in my bedroom. Some of the artists that really had an impact on me where The Manhattan Transfer, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, Rosemary Clooney, Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Eva Cassidy.

HM - What is your main goal in the music industry?

LH – My main goal with every performance and every person who hears my music, is for them to leave touched, moved and inspired about there own lives.

HM – How has dyslexia made you stronger songwriter?

LH – Having dyslexia has made me into the person I am today, having to work that much harder to read and spell I think made me a little tougher and more sensitive at the same time. It’s in that balance, I think I find a really beautiful place to write from.

HM - What sets you apart from other artist in the industry today?

LH – I think every artist is unique and brings something different to the table. I think what sets me apart it that, the fame an fortune that comes is just icing on the cake. My main focus is to use my music to make a difference in people’s lives. I am also pretty goofy J

HM - Of all the things you’ve done and seen, what is the most important lesson you take out of your experiences?

LH – I think it so important to be grateful for what you have in your life and stay in the moment and not worry about the future so much.

HM - In your own words, define the perfect music/song to you.

LH – The perfect song is one that captures you in the moment and leads you through a journey having you relive one of your best memories and then gently places you back in reality feeling like you can take on the day a little easier.

HM - Who have you worked with, or are looking forward to working with the most over the course of your career?

LH – My dream is to be able to co-write and perform a song with James Taylor.
- HornetManMusic & Ambient Level Music

"Myspace Artist sings from the heart"

Lindsey Harper's music glows with a serenity that invites any and all listeners in from the cold world to warm their souls at the hearth of her songs. While there are perhaps thousands of singers able to sing with harmony, Harper's music possesses a sort of wonderful honesty that demonstrates an increasingly rare ability to sing with the heart not just the vocal cords.

As a seasoned singer with an album beneath her wings, Harper's 2007 album, "Green Eyed Soul," is an iridescent masterpiece for which music lovers will suffer an injustice if they allow themselves to miss its almost intimate sincerity.

A great portion of her irrepressible musical talents can be experienced for free on the always popular Myspace site. On her personal page are a few of her songs, and my personal favorite, "I am Beautiful. "

Harper recently was kind enough to sit down with the Experience for a short interview about her musical roots, hopes and projects.


"Editors picks: Artists deserving recongnition"

This month we feature acoustic, soul and jazz solo musicians and Lindsey Harper was our number one pick for artists deserving recognition.

"Lindsey Harper is like a female version of Coldplay." - Off The Record Magazine.

"Lindsey Harper in demand."

See what people are saying across the country.....

Lindsey Harper has an amazing voice and through her singing her expressions of intimate love with other immense personal feelings really spill out into her listener's ears.
- Honolulu, Hawaii

Lindsey has an awesome voice that just hits you in your soul. You should at least give her a listen. I'm sure you would agree she awakens something deep inside yourself.
- Syracuse, NY

She just fed my soul what it's been missing.
- Rocklin, CA

Her songs have a soul, and meaning, in a world today was everything is a little to produced. Simplicity is a great escape.
- Palatka, FL

Her voice brings a new light to our world. Jazz and Blues awaken once again.
- Myrtle Beach, SC

Up and coming artist with an amazing voice and artful song writing ability!
- La Crosse, WI

- Eventful Demand


"Electricity" (Single) 2014
"Living"- Album 2009
"Green Eyed Soul"- EP 2007
"All Over me" (Single)- Release in 2007 in the hit indie film "Loving Annabelle"



It takes a lot of confidence to sing onstage alongside Selena Gomez at Madison Square Garden. But it takes more confidence to walk away from that glitzy showbiz world to dedicate your life to your own artistry. Thats just what singer-songwriter Lindsey Harper has boldly done, and now shes readying her stunning album, All Of Me.

I wanted to call it All Of Me because I want to share every aspect of myself, my challenges and the beautiful parts of me, the Redondo Beach, California-based singer-songwriter explains. Ive grown a lot in the last few years, and this is coming from an authentic place further in my journey.

Lindsey Harper has one of the most gorgeous voices in popular music. Shes toured internationally with Selena Gomez, and she sang on Gomezs acclaimed album When The Sun Goes Down. Lindsey also sang the theme song for the ABC Family hit series HUGE, and she sings with the band PowPow on a song placed on an upcoming Garnier Fructis commercial. When she attended Los Angeless prestigious Musician Institute, the head vocal instructor, Mike Campbell, said she was one of the most talented students to ever graduate from MI.

As a performing musician, shes made television appearances on The Peoples Choice Awards, Ellen DeGeneres, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Fallon. With Selena Gomez, she has shared the stage with Michele Bubl, Katie Perry, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Adam Lambert, among many others. As a solo artist, she has shared the stage with the likes of Rachelle Ferrell, Everlast, Take 6, Booker T, and Stanley Clark, and shes had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of 90,000 people at the Houston Rodeo. She also accomplished every musicians dream to sing at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Parallel to her innate vocal talents and performance gifts, shes also a masterful songwriter. Her songs have been featured on MTV, VH1 and TV Land. She co-wrote and sang on title track of the indie film Loving Annabelle. Lindsey won the coveted Do It Yourself music award sponsored by Bug Publishing.. Dana Feldman of The Examiner and L.A. Arts & Entertainment enthuses: Lindsey Harper stands out as someone to watch out for on the music scene today. Her lyrics are raw, heartfelt and honest. Her voice can best be described as captivating and classic.

All Of Me is a spiritually uplifting album that melds classic pop songcraft and soulfully emotive vocals with a contemporary production sheen drawn from R&B, hip-hop, and EDM. Many of the tracks were produced by Steve Aguilar (Arthur Adams, Rockstar INXSs Brandon Calhoon), and some aesthetic references are Adele, St. Vincent, Sara Bareilles, and the urban flair of Timbaland.

The album is richly dimensional, and one of the strongpoints is how empowering Lindsey is as a songwriter. On the infectious Electricity she uses the paralyzing jitters we all get in approaching new relationships as metaphor for big life decisions. I fell for someone awhile back, and I just felt this electricity between us. I wasnt sure if it was really going to go anywhereI felt helpless like a silly schoolgirlbut I pursued that electric feeling, she explains. When people hear this song, I hope listening to it makes them feel inspired to be vulnerable and take risks. The anthemic Spotlight is about the bumpy journey we all undertake when pursuing our dreams. Its about being brave with who you are and owning your scars, thats beautiful, she says.

Lindsey has finally owned a destiny shadowing her since the tender of age of 2 when she discovered Mary Poppins. Back then I told my mom Im gonna help people remember who they are through my music. And shes doing just that with All Of Me.

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