Lindsey Kane

Lindsey Kane


lindsey kane is the real deal in a world of fakes and knock-offs. her sound is refreshing, unique, authentic, and pure. with raw clear vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and seasoned musicianship, LK has found her niche'. Top it all off with humor and you have yourself a new favorite artist.

Other Info

Cover band: 


latest EP is titled "you'll be whole" and was released last year

several singles are in regular rotation on radio stations all across america, as well as internet radio stations.

those tracks are "again" "satisfied" "paradise forever" and "it is well"

Set List

typically, LK sings her original music. depending on the venue, she'll sing some cover tunes, as well.

cover tunes might include but are not limited to songs by the following artists:
alanis morissette
lauryn hill
tracy chapman
"i'll be" edwin mccain
sara bareilles
"bleeding love" - leona lewis

titles of original songs include but are not limited to:
you'll be whole
i'm in love
paradise forever
measure of beauty
it is well

a typical set list depends on the length of the set. i prefer having at least 30 minutes. for a 30 min set i would do 5 songs. most songs are 3-4 minutes each.

for a 45 min to an hour set i would sing about 7 or 8 songs

i can do up to a 3 hour set.