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"Opal Essence Album Review"

You may not have heard of her and arguably her style of music doesn't fit the American Idol mold, but trust me, that's a good thing. I speak of Lindsey Yung, who was honored with the Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards, and with that came the anticipation of what to come up with next.

Opal Essence (self-released) is an album that shows a true craft for songwriting and music, it's not just a mere decoration or something to sell cars. "Away From It All" opens the album with Yung explaining her mission on the album, and perhaps in life:

We can make our getaway
Ignore the agenda and play
Throw a wrench
It's time to quench
This aching need for slower days

Yung is a storyteller in the style of Sarah McLachlan, where reality is the most colorful pallet to create the most vivid audio pictures. "Authentic Counterfeit" has her touching on elements that one might also hear in songs by Bess Rogers, where both of them go a bit deeper in their conviction towards hitting the part of us that isn't meant to be revealed, but is. She doesn't quite get into Tori Amos mode, but Yung is very much on that same level of reaching the epiphany but resisting the urge to go into it head first. "Touchstone" sounds like a spiritual song, and for all I know it could be just that, but if one is to twist the lyrics around, it could easily be about the joy of a pet dog:

He never asks why it's been so hard
He won't be the one you'll find sulking in blame
You'll discover he brings out the best in you
And when he's away, you'll find that he remains with you

Maybe it's not meant for interpretation, but this is one of the few songs on Opal Essence that one may wonder and say "is it or isn't it?"

The music has a sense of freedom that I think we all search for in our lives, and with her pop flavored songs (think Ben Folds) she could easily become one of the premiere artists of the early 21st century. Want a left field comparison? At times she sounds like a much more polished Jennifer Lopez, although I don't think Lopez will be playing a piano or 'ukulele anytime soon, nor will she be writing arrangements for string sections. Fans of singer/songwriters demand something that will move them beyond initial expectations, and those who approach the music of Lindsey Yung will eventually be drawn to the talents that she has shared to the world. - The Run-Off Groove

"Inside Connection Music Magazine Review"

Lindsey Yung immediately caught my attention with her beautiful voice—easily one of the best I’ve ever heard. She really knows how to sing, and her voice commands the utmost passion. It is quite apparent at the end of the first song, in which Yung sings alone, "I search for only what is true/So there is love in all I do." The way she sings it makes my body quiver a little.
Most of the songs are soft and calm; a unique mix of acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds and effects. Her voice is easily the most prominent instrument on the album, especially on songs like "Mine Alone" and "Drawn Into You." Her voice really pulls the music along well. Having two college degrees also shows in her lyrics, and her naked honesty is a nice contrast from all the bubble-gum pop stars. "Rewind" is the most personal song on the album, with an intro of her mother’s voice in a brief message, then going into an unconventional yet catchy chorus where Yung sings with great sorrow and love.
Every song on this CD is fantastic. The album could have commercial success—Lindsey Yung has the talent, charisma and passion. I hope to hear more from her in the future.
Michael A. Liguori ~The Inside Connection Music Magazine
- The Inside Connection Music Magazine

"Celebrity Cafe Review"

Sensual melodies, and rhythmic beats, define Lindsey Yung’s Fusion. The talented singer/songwriters powerful voice strong enough to stand up to the forcefulness of her music. Each song on the album is so wonderful; it’s hard to distinguish the best tracks. A notable one is “Surrender To You,” a heartfelt statement of devotion, on which Yung pushes her voice to the limit. Another is “Rewind” a testament to Yung’s songwriting ability and a beautiful tribute to her mother who died in February 2003. The song is deeply personal and opens with an answering machine recording of Yung’s late mother. “I want the light shown from your room/To seep into mine/I want what was to now resume/and then I will be fine.”
Reviewer: Gail Hoffer -new pop
Reviewer's Rating: 9
Reader's Rating: 10.00

"SD Music Matters Live Review"

LINDSEY YUNG: LIVE AT TWIGGS by: Kiki Burnett of SD Music Matters Magazine

TWIGGS coffeehouse is one of those places you read about in books, the kind of place where artsy people meet to have long, interesting talks about politics and poetry and listen to melancholy yet thoughtful music. Where on a cool, fall night you can hear a trail of soft musical footsteps tiptoeing down the street alongside hazelnut coffee aromas. This was the atmosphere for a show that many said touched their souls. Nestled away in a cluster of small shops, Twiggs has a quaint and nostalgic appeal that draws locals as well as people searching to fit into a comfortable niche. Attached to the quiet coffee shop sits a small auditorium where a huge crowd of people sat in aisles, atop others’ laps, and even on the stage in an effort to listen to Lindsey Yung’s vocal theatrics.
Lindsey Yung could be considered one of music’s new wave Charlie’s Angels; her music kicks that much ass. As one of San Diego’s must-see acts, Yung really lives up to her title. The crowd grew mute as Yung took the stage. And then it began, a haunting symphonic boom erupted out of Lindsey Yung’s doll-like frame. It was unlike anything I had heard before. CD-quality acoustics and poetic verses of love, philosophy, and pain were blending together and forming an unbreakable barrier of music. Lindsey Yung has the stage presence of Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, and Madonna if they were all on stage together singing as a trio. Yung is the ideal toward which all singer/songwriters should strive. A girl sitting in front of me cried through almost the whole performance because of the connection she felt with the lyrics to many of the songs. I didn’t cry but sat wide-eyed, mouth open through the entire show. I may have eaten a few flies, but I couldn’t tell you for sure because I was so taken aback by the beauty of the whole performance. Many of her songs are based on religion and philosophy since she double majored in both at San Diego State. These influences give her songs soul and fuel her performance. Along with Yung’s strong songwriting skills, synthesizers, guitar, and soft drum beats help to provide the background music to her lingering lyrics…She usually reserves her acoustic sets for coffee shops and more intimate settings where people come for the music and not the alcohol. And though Lindsey has the talent and motivation to become a trendy new pop star, she continues to remain loyal to her San Diego singer/songwriter roots by staying down here with her large following of fans (myself now included) because the San Diego music scene wouldn’t be the same without her.
- SD Music Matters

"Troubadour Review"

“Fusion” – Lindsey Yung
By: Craig Yerkes of the San Diego Troubadour
The way Lindsey Yung puts her heart and soul out there with such passion, intelligence and vulnerability makes her a uniquely powerful artist. In an era where it’s fashionable to be detached and aloof, here is an artist who would rather be authentic than hip or cool. “Fusion”, the latest release from Lindsey Yung is a compelling recording.
The tracks on “Fusion” alternate between offering heartfelt glimpses into the heart and soul of the artist (“Becoming”, “Insecurity”) on some songs and exploring bold takes on romantic love (“Surrender to You”, “Fickle Heart”) on the rest. There is something very conversational and personal in Lindsey Yung’s music and her intense delivery made me feel like I had walked into a live theatre and experienced a performance of her auto-biographical, one woman show.
“Becoming”, “Surrender to You”, “Fickle Heart” and “Insecurity” are the tracks that shine the brightest on “Fusion”. Lindsey Yung’s voice is a beautifully refined and powerful instrument that makes the melodies, lyrics and rhythms crackle with life and emotion. Listen to how, on “Becoming”, she gradually notches up the volume and intensity of her vocals, starting in a wonderfully restrained tone and ending in an earthshaking full voice. “Surrender To You” is instantly catchy with hooks and ear candy galore, but the lyrics offer something much more enlightened than the typical “I dig the way you stir your coffee” relationship banter that fills the airwaves these days. “Fickle Heart” offers up complex and somewhat mysterious rhythmic and compositional turns that perfectly compliment the dark, poetic lyrics. “Insecurity” reminded me of an all grown up version of one of those soul baring, female vocal power ballads that so many pop stars throw down these days, but the difference here is the powerfully honest self-reflection and intelligence in the lyrics…
There are many reasons to fall under the spell of “Fusion”. Lindsey Yung is an amazing talent whose powerful artistic expression rings remarkably true.
- The San Diego Troubadour

"Mish Mash Review"

Lindsey Yung
“Mish Mash Music Reviews September 2005”
True to the album title, Lindsey Yung has taken a multi-faceted approach to her music, blending an eclectic mix of genres and styles into her own sound.
The end result combines pop, jazz, soul and electronica into a strangely mesmerizing musical collage. Her voice is at times soft and at others direct, but always powerful, and always the center of attention. The music is innovative, experimental, polished and highly produced, yet it never forgets who is the star, and it never overpowers Yung, opting instead to provide the perfect background for her to shine.
- Mish Mash Music Reviews


2008: Opal Essence
Tracks receiving the most airplay:
Away From It All
Authentic Counterfeit
It Doesn't Get Better Than This
2005: Fusion
Tracks receiving airplay:
Surrender To You



Lindsey Yung is in a class all her own. A truly remarkable singer/songwriter, she has a voice that will stop you in your tracks and lyrics that have a way of resonating with the very core of her listeners. Her new album, “Opal Essence” showcases her uncanny ability to write songs that are infectious, moving and unique. She wrote all 10 songs on the album independently, plays both piano and ukulele, and has a voice that has been called “a beautifully refined and powerful instrument” (San Diego Troubadour).

Lindsey was born, raised and is currently residing in San Diego, CA, although you’ll often find her over in Maui where the source of inspiration for her latest album originated. She has been singing since she was a child, making her professional debut at age 5 in the musical “South Pacific.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Lindsey’s music has received recognition on many levels. She won the 2006 Los Angeles Music Award for the category: Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year and was nominated by popular vote for a 2007 San Diego H.A.T. award (Honoring Acoustic Talent Award) in the category of "best vocalist.” She received a 2008 “honor award” for her song “With Every Breath” from the 9th annual Great American Song Contest and was nominated for a 2008 Asian Heritage Award in the category of “performing arts.” Most recently, "Opal Essence" was included on the coveted list of "Best Albums of 2008" put out by KGRL fm.

Lindsey’s new album is a product of almost 2 years of work. She’ll be the first to tell you that she put everything she is into it. The end result is a beautiful collection of her finest work and a pure reflection of who she is.