Line 45

Line 45

 Niceville, Florida, USA

We are a band made up for 18 year olds hoping to make a break through in the music business and want to make right changes to the industry with music. We have a sound that is diverse with, rock, pop, punk, etc. still containing strong lyrical and melodic writing.


Formed in winter of 2009, Scott McCauley, Jake Fenton, and Robby Walton created "Line 45'. Line 45 consists of Scott McCauley on lead vocals and bass; Jake Fenton on drums; Robby Walton on lead vocals, lead guitar, and synth/piano.

Line 45 released an 8 track album in May of 2010 called, "Everything Paint Splats & Combats" consisting of their hit songs, "Nightlife" and "Too Much".

In May of 2011, Line 45 released their new album, "Private Road". That album provided more of a stretch and experimental sounds the band together came about a created.

They have played with bands such as Jet Black Stare, Aerias, Needless, and many others! Line 45 has an Alternative/Rock/Pop upbeat and relaxing sound that is sure to make you happy and relate to life!


EP "Everything Paint Splats & Combats"
Release Date: May 19th, 2010
Track Names:
1. Nightlife
2. Tell Me
3. Class of '84
4. Everything
5. No One Else
6. Hard To Say
7. Too Much
8. As Far as the Eyes Can See

EP "Private Road"
Release Date: May 24th, 2011
Track Names:
1. Pickin' It Back Up
2. Lowdown Jerk
3. I'm Fine
4. I'm Over You (Feat. Mac Pressure)
5. Rollercoaster Ride
6. Cool Night Champagne
7. Private Road

No songs are featured on radio airplay but are streaming!

Set List

1. Nightlife
2. Oxford
3. Lowdown Jerk
4. iHonce
5. Cool Night Champagne
6. Private Road
7. I'm Over You
8. No One Else