A five piece with two singers playing heavy and sweet stuff who likes to continually change his perspectives, approaching rock metal with a punk attitude.


Our influences are many and various, we started being inspired by Rage Against The Machine debut album and some italian punk acts of the 80s.
We are the same line up since the first album, we're long time friends and we love to play live sets. We grew up in Turin, in the north west of Italy, we all come from a small city nearby Turin named Venaria, some of us we're in school together we have played whenever there was the chance for five years doing few shows per year, then things changed with the release of the first album in 1998 for the italian indie label Collapse Records, 70 shows in a row and right after a year a mutliple records deal with UK label Earache Records, a must in the extreme music.
Since then things growed exponentially album after album taking us to play shows in many european countries and making four albums.


- Too Much Happines makes kids paranoid (1999)
- Ketchup Suicide (2000)
- Numb (2003)
- Available For Propaganda (2005)

SINGLES w/radio airplay
- fantasma
- third moon
- 66
- evoluzione
- moka
- ketchup suicide

Set List

the headlining set has 16 songs and it's long 80 minutes approx.

the support set varies from 25 to 40 minutes with 6/9 songs.

sometimes we do a cover version of "Walk like an egyptian" of the Bangles.