Line for Line

Line for Line

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Not since the Wu Tang Clan or Boot Camp have there been a better collection of hip hop artists that move together as a cohesive yet diverse unit.


Since Nas released his album "Hip hop is dead" the argument has been raging within the Hip Hop community if the statement was actually a fact or just an opinion. Good points have been made for either side and although we may not be sure if Hip Hop is dead or still amongst the living, what we do have a confirmed D.O.A. on is the Hip Hop crew. For years rappers not only had an entourage of weed carriers and gun slingers but also fellow rappers who didn't just hype a front man, they were able to hold their own on the microphone as well. The poster boys for the hip hop crew would have to be the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Consisting of twelve plus members, the Wu showed that a crew can not only be deep on stage and creatively diverse but members can also venture out as successful soloists in the Hip Hop arena. There have not been many hip hop troops like the Wu-Tang Clan that have exhibited similar skill or experienced comparable success. Hip Hop group the LFL is looking to change that and resurrect the Hip Hop Super Crew.

Comprised of eight rappers from different boroughs in New York City, individually the members of the LFL have experienced different levels of success as independent artists. United by one of the most respected underground MC's in the game, Red Rum, each of these extremely talented solo artists have come together to form the LFL. The acronym means Line for Line because as Rum puts it "Line for Line we are some of the best rappers in the game. Period". Each artist in the group brings a different style to the team, much like the Wu did and have the ability to become successful solo artists, but as the old adage goes there is strength in numbers.

Red Rum - Underground Battle MC, Brooklyn NY released "Issues of a Poet" 2008
Nat - Wordsmith, Brooklyn NY, featured on AZ's "Doe or Die" album
Rod - Smooth Lyricism, Bronx/Brooklyn NY released "Get 2 know Me" and "Music and Muscle"
Pachino Papes - Hip Hop Soul, Brooklyn NY featured on "Enter Hefnaz . com" 2005
Triple X- Metaphor Masochist, Brooklyn NY released popular xXx Vol. 1-3 mixtapes 2001-06
Semaj the Analyst - Ghetto Mozart Bronx NY released "Change Gon Come" 2007
Aspect - Lyrical Wit, Brooklyn NY Founding member underground group BKC
Deeno Snuff - Punchline Delivery, featured on Hefnaz Produkshunn "Hood Heffz" 2004

The LFL are currently promoting their self titled debut album which has signaled the rebirth of the Hip Hop crew and that classic "boom bap" style of hip hop that put New York on the map. The project features legendary hip hop pioneer Ralph McDaniels and is produced by Indie beat smith G-Ryder. Line for Line is currently available on itunes at For more information on LfL please visit For booking or to schedule an interview or feature of the LFL please contact JG Holden at


The Showcase - LP Coming Soon

Line for Line - Self Titled Debut LP

The Huddle - Mixtape

The Scrimmage - Mixtape

All Alone - Single currently receiving national & international airplay

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Line For Line Introduction

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All Alone

Respect My G

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