For lack of a better term, Linehaul’s music has been coined “Piano Rock.” Catchy piano based melodies layer over a rhythm that showcases a unique blend of contemporary alternative and classic rock genres. The result is one of sultry ballads woven into a toe-tapping rock and roll sound.


Linehaul is young, comparatively. Labelled as “Piano Rock” their sound is a merger of modern Brit pop and classic rock. Officially forming in the waning days of 2003, the foursome did not actually play together steadily until the beginning of June, 2004. However, in four short months of summer Linehaul frequently travelled from their home town in Muskoka to rock a dozen different venues scattered across southern Ontario. Linehaul is music yet to be discovered.


I'll Believe It When I See It

Written By: Linehaul

She looks at me, so sweet

A hundred million miles running on empty.

And oh, love, knocked me over with a hurricane shove.

I'm talking, but mumbling,

Swear to God one day I'm gonna say something,

And end this, the silence,

But right now I'll just wait 'til morning.

If you want to take all night, spend your minutes on a train.

I'll be waiting here for you, you know I'm just the same.

She looks at me, hungry

I don't believe her when she tries to say sorry.

And oh, love, don't you know when you've had enough.

I can't eat, don't want to sleep,

Too afraid of what I may dream,

And end this, endurance.

But right now I'll just wait 'til morning.

If you want to take all night, spend your minutes on a train.

Well, you know I'm standing here, you know I'm just the same.

And, yeah, you need to tell me something,

Well I'll believe it when I see it in the morning.

Love What You Got

Written By: Linehaul

I passed a beggar man,

Battered guitar in his hand,

Crucifix around his neck,

Each word dying before the next.

He said: “I can’t take anything,

Even if I want

Can’t get it past my coffin

So I love the precious little that I’ve got.”

You gotta love what you got.

I listened to a beggar man,

As he sang a toothless song,

Written down in red pen,

On a section of sidewalk.

Then he refused my nickel,

Said: “Money’s a disease,

That I would rather do without.

You’re smile’s all the payment that I need.”

You gotta love what you got

You gotta love what you got

Whether you like it or not.

You gotta take what you can,

Before you tear it apart.

You gotta love, love, love, love,

What you got.

Smoke Signals

Written By: Linehaul

See skipping stones through periscopes

We’re flying kites from motorbikes.

If you’re alone and coming home

I’ll hold you close tonight.

When I send off smoke signals,

I don’t expect replies.

The ones who talk the loudest

Are the first to tell you lies.

Oh, smoke signals.

I wish I was the King of Spades.

I’d give it all away.

I want to jump from airplanes

And sleep out in the rain.

I’ll hold you tonight,

I’ll hold you again.

If you look me in the eye,

I won’t take no hostages.


Live At The Brown Brick Hotel

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Set List

-Little Wooden Tulips
-Smoke Signals
-February In California
-Falling Down
-I'll Believe It When I See It
-Sparrows In The Green
-The Stars Stopped Shining The Night You Last Looked At Me
-Amber Traffic Light
-Love What You Got