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Line & Sinker Trust

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The best kept secret in music


"The Line & Sinker Trust"

Like the bastard stepbrothers of Piebald, (and I use bastard as a term of affection), The Line and Sinker Trust bring the rock hard and good and angular.
The trio carefully dodges the boundaries and labels of emo and garage by pounding and twisting its sound like pizza dough to the point that it is unrecognizable, but accessible all the same.
They've got the charisma and the chutzpah to blow the doors off the better venues in this town if given the chance. The true test of a rock band is how well they come off in a well-stocked, well-equipped room, which in this town - unless you picked up a gimmick from 80's 'R Us - are as easy to get into as Fort Knox these days, but that's another diatribe for another time.

- Jasper Coolidge,


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Feeling a bit camera shy



The Line & Sinker Trust believes in unifying themes in their rock-form. Political engagement is an important theme for The Line & Sinker Trust because it injects passion and relevance into their music. As a reproof to American militarism, the song “F-15” sneeringly jests: “you stink like a champion, of bible, scotch, and fear – never run out of ammunition, so when you run out of ideas – you can send in the jets.”

The Line & Sinker Trust avoids simplistic anthems in favor of irony and observation as its tools of musical resistance. For instance, The Line & Sinker Trust locates the best critique of consumer culture in the very language and idiom of consumerism and advertising. The song “#1 Model” informs shoppers that “an educated consumer is our favorite customer, because she knows what she’s buying – she knows just what this baby can do, how much time she can save – this is our number one model, this one has all of the features found in the cleanest of American homes.”

Though the explanation may sound tendentious, these ideas are delivered with all the passion and authenticity of rock ‘n’ roll. The Line & Sinker Trust is dedicated to performance at the highest possible energy level. The Line & Sinker Trust is dedicated to a better and more beautiful you.


The Line & Sinker Trust’s standard composition (drums, bass, and guitar) stands in direct contrast with its nonstandard composition of rock. The Line & Sinker Trust resists rock music’s genre system. Listeners may hear influences but no stylistic identifiers, no easy retro sounds, no radio-ready pap, no self-indulgence, no imitations of idols. The Line & Sinker Trust writes songs with daring and painstaking precision through a lengthy process of revision and experimentation. The result: sparse, economic, and powerful songs that twist, change, challenge, and deceive.


The Line & Sinker Trust is the brainchild of Stephen Shapinsky (guitar, vocals). After moving to New York City from Chicago, where he played in various bands with Nate Garbacz (drums), Stephen recruited Nate again for his newest project: The Line & Sinker Trust. With Nate’s co-worker and friend Chris playing bass, they formed a trio in 2002. After a year of playing shows in New York, Steve and Nate decided to part ways with Chris and find a new bass player who better fit their unique sound. Thanks to Craig’s List, in October 2003 Steve and Nate successfully lured Scott DiPerna (bass, vocals) from his own band (Argyle Nines) to join The Line & Sinker Trust. With the right personnel in place, the band was ready to implement its unique vision for rock. The rock was subsequently delivered in loud, vitriolic doses all over the island of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, in places such as Sin-e, Luna Lounge, Siberia, Trash, Galapagos, and the Continental.

The Line & Sinker Trust continues its aural assault on the morally lethargic in New York City and abroad. Look for them on the web at, or in a city near you when they will be on tour to support their new EP.