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Linguistic Eclipse

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I write for the masses of today's educated music listeners--sophisticated and common, intimate and universal. All my lyrics are spiced with rich images, deep insight, and simple but powerful hooks. My composer comes to the industry with a new sound, a haunting voice with classical elements.


Songwriting team name: Sophisticated Measures

Linguistic Eclipse
Melynn Sheet (lyricist)

I write for the masses of educated people across the world, who love good popular music (after all, most of us remember and still listen to the greats from the '60s, '70s and '80s). The demographic of popular music listeners has shifted to include every generation, not just teens. And the larger, better educated portion of those listeners despair over the fluff and immature-love songs that dominate the market right now, as they despair over lyrics that could have been penned by a third-grader. I find it ironic that even the teens are responding with enthusiasm to more mature, educated, age-universal lyrics. The teens on American Idol have taken on the classics from last century with depth and taste, only to be criticized for singing a "grown-up" song. My personal belief is that we have become a music-expert culture, from tweens to boomers, and many of us are dissatisfied with conveyor-belt songs and teen-only singers who aim to please the uninformed and musically inexperienced (usually at the behest of their label execs, rather than their own artistic sense). I write to raise the level of artistry in my craft, and sing the songs of modern America and the world, an increasingly global culture of college-educated, concerned, deep thinkers.

As a lyricist, I would say that my entire life--every song I've ever heard, every book I've ever read, every thought I've ever recorded--has influenced my lyrics. "Music Machine" explains the way I experience life, which is full of music, emotion, and drum rhythms that bring lyrics to my mind constantly. I feel that all life is a palette for new songs. While lyrics that are more from my personal experience in life can be a good deal more image-oriented, I also write for the commercial pop market, observing those around me and assuming the voice of people I see or imagine. This leads to lyrics of both a sophisticated and artistic nature, as well as lyrics that capture all the voices of today. Although my favorite songs are ones that I have to listen to, over and over, peeling them like an onion for nuance and deeper meaning, I also love the songs that speak to the people, using their own language and the beauty of modern dialogue. I believe great songs are a duet between sound and language, and both of these components work best together when they are telling the same story, skillfully pushing and challenging their medium to create new meanings--to better describe what we already know.

My composer has not yet fully implemented his musical voice in the demos we currently list here. But the music behind "Scars," "Music Machine," and "Look" is still hauntingly refreshing in its melody and scope. The complexity of the song tracks, musically, matches the complexity of the language used. Please note that we love to explore different genres, from classical choral Christian to soft rock, and we are hiring music studios and local singers to create our demos. The pop industry is our basic focus, but we also write contemporary Christian music, as you will see that we wrote "Look" for the 3rd Narnia movie, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Our song was not accepted, but we have been airing it on Internet radio stations to coincide with the release of the Narnia movie, and our feedback has been very positive. It has, in fact, over this year (2011) won a place as a favorite on Sundays for Women of Substance radio.

Our goals are to write advanced music--words and melodies and rhythms that challenge the greatest in the industry, and help them to push themselves to new heights, artistically. We still embrace, as listeners, the singers and musicians who give it their all on-stage and in the studio. However, we are aware that the commercial pop industry has gone more for cookie-cutter simplicity, focusing on "what sells already" in order to maximize their financial returns. We can certainly write for them, too. But as artists, we aim to bring a more sophisticated voice to the pop industry and speak directly to all ages of a "wise and wondering youth".

Coral Music Corp.
James J. Peterson, “JJ” (composer)

My composing history started just after I turned 16. I had been entertaining various ideas of what I wanted to do for a career when a huge need came over me to express myself. I started playing the piano, and after a few months of tinkering with it, I composed my first piece. I knew then, that I had found the medium of expression I had been longing for.

I spent the next 7 years participating in over 40 productions and competitions (18 of which were major venues) both in piano and voice, and I won a lot of awards. I traveled to New York for some dance instruction, and then to LA twice to perform at Disneyland. During all of this, I continued to compose many songs. One of them was featured on a major LDS composer’s album, and I received my first royalty check at age 19.

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Written By: Melynn Sheet

The earth is old today,
ragged and torn.
She hides her scars away
with blankets of thorns.
My soul is with her there.
I know her sighs, her moans.
Sorrow is ancient where
my memories roam.

I see tattered, shredded shadows,
snake their way into my thoughts.
My old self hangs from handmade gallows
tortured there by you.

And it’s time to do some grieving.
It’s time to cry it out.
When old wounds start bleeding,
what else can I do?

Only ghosts torment me now,
ghosts, but also consequences.
Present tokens speak of how
you once defeated my defenses.
Oh, I know the past is done.
Today is mine despite reminders.
Tomorrow, I’ll be strong.
Tonight, forgiveness for my tears.

See, I never cried for me alone;
never let the shock vibrate;
never drained your poison from my soul.
My sobs were too few.

And it’s time to do some grieving.
It’s time to cry the ache away.
When old wounds start bleeding,
what else can I do?

What can anyone do,
when old wounds start bleeding . . . ?

Music Machine

Written By: Melynn Sheet

At times the deep and dreary
move on me like molten night.
With doom and gloom, my eyes bleary,
my weary soul just can’t fight.

I send myself into the past,
suck the marrow from the sun.
Like good wine before the cask,
I drink my hist’ry into song.

I am no music machine.
But the song is there.
And when I sing each piercing phrase,
the dripping notes dissolve my cares,
ebbing the ache away.

In the daylight honey weaves
golden fingers down my stems.
Thick lavendar perfumes my leaves;
an herbal dream of music blends.

It comes, the winter bleakness—
blasts of cold, decaying air.
In nature’s womb, without weakness,
a hint of mint sings through despair.

I smell a wisp of summer's heat
and taste the clove’s exotic beat.

I am no music machine.
But the song is there.
And when I sing each piercing phrase,
the dripping notes dissolve my cares,
ebbing the ache away.

Even when times aren’t on my side,
I feel the music start to seep.
In the drought this heart of mine
still lives on roots grown deep.

I am no music machine.
But the song is there.
And when I sing each piercing phrase,
the dripping notes dissolve my cares,
ebbing the ache away,
ebbing the ache away.

I'm no music machine.
No music machine.
But the song is always there . . .

Look (Lucy's Song)

Written By: Melynn Sheet

**Originally written for Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the movie

When you’re tossed into an ocean,
you must know where to go and why.
Every quest is to get to You,
and he’s telling us how to get there all the time,
showing us what to do.

He says “look to the lion in your own heart”
‘cause he’s fighting there for you.

On this voyage into the darkness
of a moonless and starless night,
you shoot your arrow to the heart of the matter
and see your battle is all inside.

Be careful the words you read on the page.
Be careful the stranger you listen to.

Better look for the lion; he’s in your heart.
See him fighting there for you.

Doesn’t matter the things you are facing.
Doesn’t matter that you’re alone,
you’re a warrior sailing on a Silver Sea,
and the outcome you cannot know—
only believe. Keep your honor intact.
And though you can’t go back,

you can seek out the lion in your own world.
He is there; see him fighting
for you.

Better look for the lion;
he's in your heart.
See him fighting there for you.
Only believe, and see
him fighting there for you.

Snow Angels

Written By: Melynn Sheet

Christmas Song

The old and brittle earth
is laid to rest
beneath a baptism
of newly fallen snow.
The breath
of fragile frozen flakes
against the glass
whispers wisdom through the night
into my soul.

The first snow fall is always thus,
a sacred call from Canaan’s bane.
Secrets of the hope of Christ
brush holy water down my pane.

And this is the voice of my snow angels,
calling me home to Christmas past.
This is the choir of heavenly hosts,
singing my heart alive at last.

Listen to the snow
singing to you about Christ’s birth.
Hear it.
Snow angels
bringing the season of renewal—
purification of the earth.

Here in the darkness of the world,
I keep my face turned towards the light.
Waiting for feathered white to clothe me
in the loving cloak of Christ.

Jesus came to die to heal us,
bring us from death into new life.
Rejoice in the advent of the season,
the reason for hope ‘mid human strife.
Rejoice with the angels come to show
how Christ brings brightness to the night.

In the snow, rejoice!

And listen to the voice
of soft snow angels,
calling us home to Christmas past.
This is the choir of heavenly hosts,
calling to us
to live at last.

Listen to the snow
bringing to earth a gentle glow.
Hear it.
Snow angels
singing that Jesus came for you,
seeking to purify your soul.

And this is the voice of all snow angels,
falling to earth, in glory cast,
bringing the choir of heavenly hosts,
soothing our hearts with love that lasts.
Listen to the snow.

Empty Roads

Written By: Melynn Sheet

See the flood of flowers,
butter-yellow by the road . . .
stars among the hedgerow . . .

See where they are taking me . . .
out into the world . . .
farther and farther from home.

Empty roads . . .
are calling me now.
Blank pages . . .
unknown faces . . .
are showing me how
to move forward,
away from the backward
of my old track record . . .

I am no wanderer
at heart.
No spirit for adventure,
no desire to leave
what’s tearing me apart.
Although the willows know
and the birds are whispering
that this
is really what I need.

Empty roads . . .
are calling me now.
Blank pages . . .
unknown faces . . .
are showing me how
to move forward,
away from the backward
to the lonely and awkward . . .

And maybe it’s lonely
with noone to hold me.
And maybe it’s hard to be whole . . .
with nobody else on the road . . .

see the flood of flowers,
butter-yellow at my feet . . .
stars among the hedgerow . . .

See where they are taking me . . .
into a better world . . .
and I believe they mean for me . . .
that though my way’s not easy . . .
the flowers will be company . . .
on empty roads.


Written By: Melynn Sheet

So little . . . our fingers at birth.
So little . . . what we know.
So little . . . the time we spend on this earth.
So little goes with us when we go.

In a world of so little
I feel like a lot.
I feel like a deluge of life’s at the door.
But with you,
it never feels like enough.
I want more . . .

I want more.

So few of our hours are spent together.
So few of our dreams are coming true.
So few are the moments of calm in the weather.
So few are the minutes of just me and you.

In a world of so little
I feel like a lot.
I feel like a deluge of life’s at the door.
But with you,
it never feels like enough.
I want more . . .

I want more.

So little . . . the moments passing on.
So wistful . . . like morning dew.
They lift away . . . to vapor gone.

So wishful . . . my heart wanting you.

I feel like a deluge of life’s at the door.

So little to ask . . . wanting more.

Compensation for Love

Written By: Melynn Sheet

Couldn’t really stand
your juvenile demand
for something more from me
the other night.

You say you gave your all
but the order’s just too tall,
and now I should agree
you have the right

to compensation for your love,
a payment for your time.
The gifts you worked so hard for—
yourself out on the line.
What you really need
is your lover’s salary.
After all,
you paid me mine.

So here’s where matters stand—
your pink slip’s in my hand.
I don’t really see
the need to fight.

True love is not an order
a la carte from one another—
a customer to please
with every bite

as compensation for their love,
a payment for their lines,
the goods they want laid out
in a perfect buffet line.
Demands for me to read
your sub-romantic plea,
"After all,
the tip was high."

I’m not in this for the money,
I’m not after a reward.
This is love, not some cheap eatery
or a job that’s got me bored.

And since you just can’t see,
love’s no financial tally,
this table "ain't available"--

I don’t love just to receive . . .

a compensation for that love,
a payment for my time.
The gifts I worked so hard for
were to be both yours and mine.
Not a job for me
to give love endlessly.
After all,
love should be . . .

its own compensation for the giver,
its own value as it binds,
something great for us to share,
a give-and-take divine.
Loving you freely
paid my salary.
After all,
what would I be

if you compensated me . . . for love.

The Great Deliverer

Written By: Melynn Sheet

I place myself in the hands of the Great Deliverer,
Hands marked by His promise—already kept—
To prepare Himself
For my prisons,
All I would face.
He forged the keys
Through His perfect love,
Bought my freedom with His pain
And with the tears He wept,
The tears He weeps,
The tears He weeps with me.

Always here, my Great Deliverer.
Always reaching out.
I’ll reach for Thee
The best that I know how.
I’ll always need
To be rescued again by Thy sublime, Divine Charity.

I place myself in the arms of the Great Deliverer,
Arms that kindly shelter His needy lambs,
That though gentle
Are stronger than the Earth—
My face to hide.
He forms the Shield,
Shepherd from my birth,
To protect and to provide
A cradle made of peace.
I’m held in peace.
He holds His peace ‘round me.

I keep myself in the sight of the Great Deliverer,
Whose all-seeing eye can anticipate
Ev’ry need—His care
Cannot be equaled here.
No hireling He,
But heav’nly Guide,
Beacon for my soul,
Who reveals so I can see
Through mist a clearer way,
The clearest way.
He clears the way for me.

I listen for the sweet voice of the Great Deliverer,
More peaceful and mild than the ev’ning breeze—
Calling me, “Come Home
To feed and to revive;
I’ll walk with thee.”
To be His child,
By His love refined,
I will come when He calls me—
Where I can hear Him speak,
I’ll hear Him speak.
His voice speaks now to me.


* Song of the Year Songwriting Contest 2011, song lyrics for "The Great Deliverer" won Runner Up for the Lyric Only contest. See the award information at the link at the bottom of this section.

* UK Songwriting Contest 2011
"Scars" Semifinalist (adult contemporary)
"Look" Semifinalist (faith/Christian)
"Music Machine" Commended Entry (pop)

* July through September, 2011, Women of Substance Internet Radio is airing "Look" to play on Sundays as a "bring-back favorite" from the first part of the year.

* 2011, selected for Extreme Tour as non-performers being promoted during Dove Week and in Nashville.

* 2011, chosen by Live Another Day/No Saints for Sinners Direct Film Placement, ("Look" instrumental)

* January, 2011, added "Music Machine MIX" to Jango Airplay, doubled our fan base.

* Since November 1, 2010, "Look" has been airing on Jango Airplay, Internet radio station. Our fan-base for this song is pretty evenly distributed throughout the world, with a greater base in the Philippines and the United States, but we also have fans in Africa, the Middle East, India, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.

* Since December 2010, Women of Substance Internet Radio selected (from a Sonicbids opportunity) both "Look" and "Scars" to air, and they are playing the songs through the spring of 2011, with an artist highlight for us later in the year.

* We have been hired by the Arden Dean Foundation for Entrepreneurial Economics to write music for some educational products being developed for grades K-12. We begin work on those tracks January of 2011.

* Audio Fount has requested to promote our music for licensing opportunities.

* 2010 Show Me the Music Songwriting Contest finalist ("Scars")

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