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The best kept secret in music


"Feature: Funk Jam Band Lingus"

Hector Duarte Jr. - All Headline News Staff Reporter

Miami, FL (AHN) - In the tradition of jam bands like Galactic and Soulive, Louisiana-based Lingus offers fans funk/groove stylings mixed with a jam band ethos that proves simply awe-inspiring when heard live.

Lingus members include: Doug Gay, drums and vocals, Ross Granger, guitar and vocals, and Brian Moore on bass and vocals.

The trio comes from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, a hot bed of musical activity, combining jazz, funk, cajun and zydeco with power blues and rock; creating a catchy rhythm that lends itself to mellow tunes, as well as loud, powerful, offbeat jams.

Lingus has been a touring act since the mid-nineties, mainly performing at bars and rock clubs; receiving positive responses and establishing an ever-larger grass-roots following at each stop.

Their sets usually consist of three to four hours of original songs and covers. The band's original material seeps with heavy jazz-funk influences, while covers consist of 70's,80's,90's, and present day funk, jazz and blues arrangements.

By stroke of coincidence/good luck, I had the opportunity to catch the group's performance Friday, July 22 at The Titanic Microbrewery in Miami, Fl. My girlfriend and I began the night sitting outside. Twenty minutes into Lingus' set, however, we were pulled inside by the stellar music coming from within.

To say their live performances are good is an understatement. The boys play off each other during jam sessions that range anywhere between 10-20 minutes, per song.

Moore will slap the bass, making it sound like a pair of congas, as Granger plucks out fast, eccentric blues riffs. Then, in a split-second, Gay will slow the drum beat down to a mellow, jazz tempo and the band easily follows suit; going from loud, pulse -pounding funk to mellow, cool jazz at the drop of a hat.

It is their energy, drive and kindness, coupled with their sheer talent for improvisation, that made Lingus' performance a breath of fresh air to the stagnant music scene of the greater Miami area.

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"Lingus Was Among-Us! Beware!"

Lingus Was Among-Us! Beware!

Here's a little forewarning for the next time the explosive jam band from Lake Charles, known as "Lingus" comes to your town, be prepared for an all-nighter! This energetic group of outstanding musicians will fullfill your musical appetite with a sonic seven course meal of infectious riffs and grooves. The name "Lingus" is French for "from the mouth", so speaking freely from my own mouth, I will tell you that this is a band that you must see and hear! I was introduced to the band late one Saturday night (or early one Sunday morning) where they were raising the roof off of The Boulevard Martini Bar in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Playing in their bare essential three peice performance mode these fella's create a helluva' lotta' cool sound. The first thing your ears will discern is the complexity of their tight visceral musical interplay. Brian Moore's massive six string bass guitar tone sets up most of the songs structure, while guitarist Ross Grainger repeats and then rephrases to a volley of bass/snare/cymbal percussions provided by Doug Gay on drums. These guys get real good mileage (even while runnin' on high octane fuel) from their endless permutaions of groove!

My buddies Butch and John and I arrived just before the midnite hour to a full standing room only club of local patrons, fello' musicicians and lady friends, all grooving and moving, to this new welcome soundscape! I really can't say enough more goodness about Lingus, so just be sure to catch them next time they R.P.& P. (rape, pillage, plunder) our happening music scene here on The Great Mississippi Gulf Coast! I'm sure James and Drew will have them back, so go ahead and demand a calender date and prepare yourself for an all-nighter! See the full write up on the homepage on
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Based in southern Louisiana, Lingus comes from a list of influences in many genres, including jazz, funk, rock, blues, and hometown cultures of their native state, such as cajun, and zydeco. Lingus have been a southern touring act since the mid nineties. Very well accepted in any setting , Lingus has a well honed stage show with rave responses anywhere they go. This band is on their way to becoming THE band to book, bringing their Louisiana roots across the U.S. and abroad.
With a sizeable grass roots following, keeping close ties with their fans, and an ever-evolving professional style, Lingus will continue to be a well respected band.