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Like This - single 2012 (rotation national Danish radio, airplay on BBC Radio 1, airplay on Swedish national radio, etc)

Like This - Single January 2011, Superbillion Records

Super Into On It - EP June 2012, Superbillion Records

Popgun Track - Single March 2013, Superbillion Records

Ox - Album May 2013, Superbillion Records



If you aren't aware of this (Danish) female rapper, get familiar... and quick.

Linkoban is the new talent that comes from Lucy Love’s label Superbillion Records. With her debut EP ”Super Into On It”, which includes the intelligent single with the same name, and the hard hitting dancefloor banger “Like This”,
Linkoban is shaking up the music scene with her shocking lyrically hard-hitting sound. She rallies on the electronic beats, taking organic twists and turn in her delivery and it’s no surprise when you see her live that you’re assaulted with her style, wild limbs and signature waist length black
hair - this is an undeniable powerhouse.

The debut single Like This has been praised by the pop-legend Boy George himself, and has been used on the runway in Paris by famous fashion designer Stella McCartney.
It has also received massive airplay on Danish national radio P3, as well as British national radio BBC Radio1 and Swedish national radio P3.

Hailing from Copenhagen’s suburbs, its no surprise this young rapper combines both raw energy and psychological warfare both in lyrical content and performance. What was once a private affair with making music, it was while
living in London that inspired her to experiment on a full-scale level. After returning to Copenhagen and fueled with a uniquely bizarre creative vision and a fist full of outrageous self-produced tracks, she approached Lucy Love and producer Yo Akim who was instantly convinced. The label, Superbillion, was equally won over and saw major potential in Linkoban turning the music game on its head.