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"LINKS - Doubt on"

4.5/5 audience rating

"I really like the way this song works. It makes me forget about the whole verse/chorus structure for a minute and actually listen to the song as a whole. Plus the guitars have butter-sweet tone. Makes me want to hear the rest of the catalog and see what these guys can do."

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"Future Sounds"

Listen to 'Testify' and you'll want to go on record for support. Word is that their live show is better than their recordings. - Larry Little

"Ears Wide Open: Links"

Links are an L.A. quartet with a Robbie and Robby (an Arnett and Barnett, go figure), and a passion for simmering, ’70s-styled blues rock, which they bring to a boil on their debut EP, “Tip Your Jester” (released in March). Singer-guitarist Arnett yowls like a higher-register (and mercifully less forced) Caleb Followill behind bassist Barnett and drummer Curtis Marrero’s sharp beats and lead guitarist Eric Frank’s tasteful licks. Good stuff from guys who, having just signed on with management, are currently writing new material. - Kevin Bronson,

" Review"

Here's what the blog has to say about LINKS:

This band is going to be huge! Mark my word. Did you mark it?

There are a few main things I listen for when deciding whether or not I'm going to absolutely love a band, kinda like a band, or hate them. First, I listen to the singer (if there are vocals), and the Links' have an amazing lead singer! Then, I listen to the melody, and the Links' have sweet catchy melodies that make me smile. Within the same millisecond I'll listen to the guitar bass and drums. Listen to the bassist in song's like "Jack Kerouac" his bass adds a very cool groove to the song. The guitarist is all over that neck and I love the overall tone and style. The drummer, well, what would a band be without the drummer? His drumming style fits the band and overall sound perfectly… he has finesse.

So, again, you put all this greatness together, and I'm again going to jump out on a limb here and say, this band is going places! They are from California, they've got an infectious sound, and they look the part. Check out Links' music, it's gooooooooood."

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"LINKS Prove To Hollywood Why It’s Better To Be A Knight Than An Idol"

Just nine short subway stops from the venue where the shocking conclusion of American Idol was held, two unknown bands were being judged by a much smaller, but just as important audience. As I walked into A&R Knight inside the Alterknit Lounge @ Knitting Factory Hollywood, I was greeted to the sounds of five young men who call themselves Misdelphia. Hailing from San Diego, I caught the last two songs of these guys. I have to be honest, at first, I was more into getting a drink and watching the Magic upset King Lebron and the Cavs. It was a long day, somehow the side of the freeway caught fire messing up already rotten traffic and for the love of getting new bills to enter for I needed a drink.

I decided to tune in as the band announced they would close the set with a cover we all knew. I get the feeling it was an ironic pop song (Taylor Swift perhaps) that I kinda sorta maybe recognized but couldn’t name to save my life. The band seemed to be having fun and played as if there were in front of a national TV audience and not the petite lounge. While a bit too (dare I say) Emo for me, these kids can play. Id actually be interested in seeing them in a few weeks when they conclude their west coast tour. This band while still very young and raw have a lot of potential, and I hope it does not go to waste.

The reason I strolled down Hollywood Blvd tonight was to check out Silver Lake indie rockers LINKS. Somehow we became friends on myspace, my guess is they added me because I don’t really add anybody. The guys have kindly invited me each Wednesday night during the month of May to experience the majesty of their residency at the intimate venue. Today as I sat in my cubical, I decided that I’d give them a shot, and I am most certainly glad I did. As Misdelphia tore down the stage and LINKS set up, the pint-sized club began to fill with young hipster women. Before these guys even hit the stage, I knew they were doing something right if all these birds had cruised out from the Silver Lake/Echo Park area to check em out.

Taking the stage at 8:25 – LINKS packed a lot of action into 25 short minutes. The four musicians who make up the band truly compliment each other very well. The first thing I noticed was the interplay between Vocalist/Guitarist Robbie Arnett and Lead Guitarist Eric Frank. The way these two connect is very impressive and will only get better with time. Guided by an impressive rhythm section of Robby “B” Barnett on Bass and Curtis Marrero on Drums, the entire band sounded tight and well rehearsed all night.

LINKS Live Video

The band mentioned to the enthralled crowd it’s plans to debut a new song each week. Frank mentioned the song had not yet been named, but secretly the band had been calling it “Dark Chocolate”. The song started a bit slow and funky but seemed to develop into a rather solid rocker. For me, the song that stood out the most was a song called “710?. I personally could relate to it’s opening lines of stalking attractive members of the opposite sex while cruising the wonderful freeways of Southern California.

The best way to describe this band is a mix of Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon, with a dash of Ray LaMontagne. Truthfully, 25 minutes was not enough. Each song had me taping my feet, or shaking my head back and forth without me even realizing. The band sounded tight and are truly ready to bring it to the next level. In between nailing down tight grooves the band managed to find the time to show us they have a sense of humor. Robby was knighted by Robbie, as apparently it has become tradition for a different member to be knighted each week.

Closing with a song called “Coldwater” the four piece was all smiles, truly enjoying what they were creating together. With it’s infectious hook, and Frusciante-esque solo I couldn’t help but smile along with the guys. I wanted more, I really wanted more. So while the world now knows that tonight was not the night for Adam Lambert, perhaps just feet away from the venue Idol finales once called home it was the night LINKS was discovered by someone a bit bigger than yours truly. -

"Links on Luxury Wafers"

Los Angeles-based Links purveys super 70's-soaked, old-school rock, flavored like today's Kings of Leon minus the vocal squealing tendencies and familial ties.

Serious about their craft, the group is four well-rehearsed guys strong:
Robbie Arnett on vocals and guitar; Eric Frank on lead guitar; Curtis Marrero on drums; and Robby Barnett on Rickenbacker bass.

Listen to Cold Water and then Sex on Fire to get an idea of their similar classic rock progressions. Different songs, certainly, and Cold Water is decades more laid back in tempo, but the style and the drive are kindred. The intro to Doubt blends luscious 70's rock guitar sounds of Zeppelin, The Who and even ELO, with hoarse, southern fried vocals ala Lynard Skynard's Ronnie Van Zant under strain. Come to think of it, Robbie sounds a lot like an extreme and slightly theatrical version of Lynard Skynard fan, Black Crowes' Chris Robinson. Not the Only One sports a cross between Zeppelin and Blondie's Barracuda with the added punch of fun vocal choruses. Talk Talk Talk is a natural for party anthem/soundtrack. A groovy bass riff anchors the awesomely energetic The Great Divide, a fierce song that goes back another decade yet to the 60's with its great guitar lines, cool hi-hat and speedy drumming and group vocals. Perhaps my favorite Links song, The Great Divide demonstrates the potential and prowess of the group as a big orchestrated collaboration with the wild feeling of hazy chaotic frenzy. Tasty.

Links calls their music dirty. They do make a sweaty sound. Truth is, though, these boys are pretty darn clean cut and responsible. Lead singer Robbie Arnett dresses snappily, with fancy shoes and a nice watch, as I recall, and he speaks softly. At first glance, you'd likely envision him, cocktail in hand, at the club rather than spewing affected southern rock. Eric, the searing guitar guy, also swings neat appeal and proves equally adept at social networking and band promotion. These young men have a sensibility about them. Impressively prepared for their live Luxury Waferes session, they knew how to give a killer performance in one shot, straight through (truly the most elegant full-band session we've experienced to-date). Links' serious commitment to the band produces well organized, tight tunes to jam out hard to. These guys know what they're up to and they intend the specific impact of a hard-hitting party. -


Echo Dogs - Released January 2010

Tip Your Jester - Released March 2009



Two boys from San Francisco travel down to Los Angeles. One has been singing all his life, but never for pay. The other has led several bands, playing guitar and looking for a sound. They meet up at the university, and connect over a common background and a common pursuit. They play acoustic guitars, they write songs, they perform. When they come across two Orange County boys with the vision and grit required of a rhythm section, LINKS becomes official. Things start to move quickly. Sweaty hours in the rehearsal studio produce a brand new sound, bigger than the four of them. They find new places to push
their instruments, listen to vinyl records all day, and call in sick for work. They record a demo, and begin playing every chance they get. They tour California. When the time comes and the songs are ready, they record their first EP, "Tip Your Jester," with no outside help. They borrow old tape machines to get the sounds they demand, and produce a recording that they are proud of. A sold out CD release show at The Viper Room in Hollywood precedes another West Coast tour, followed by well attended shows at their favorite spots in LA. This catches the attention of Audrina Partridge, of MTV fame, who decides
to put LINKS on her show "The Hills." The cameras roll at another sold out Viper Room show. The four men move in together to a house in Silverlake, and fill it to the brim with guitars, drums, keyboards, and everything they need. They sign on with a young manager with the same dedication that they share. With the pace picking up steadily, and stakes getting higher, they barely know what they're getting in for. They just know they have to do it.