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Linnea Salte

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Christian Pop


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"Normay Wiebe"

“Linnea shares with honesty and originality through her music. Her voice shines with sincerity and creativity, but more importantly her life shines with love.”

- Bethel, Sherwood Park, AB

"Brett Esslinger"

“Linnea is a singer, songwriter and piano player all wrapped up into a real and authentic package. Her soft heart and sensitivity combine with her amazing talents and abilities to create an experience that you won't soon forget!!!” - GMA Canada Covenant Award Winner

"Paul Buono"

Linnea's music is edgy and bold and her artistry focused. She will capture your heart with her emotional ballads and get your heart pumping with tunes that just rock.... She is sure to be a force in the music scene and inspiration to many. - Producer

"Changing Lives One at a Time"

Did you know that 9 out of 10 girls ages 14-15 claim to have suffered with depression? Did you know that 80% of teenage girls are dissatisfied with their appearance? Did you know that in Canada suicide is the second highest cause of death for youth ages 10-20? Also, for every suicide completion there are nearly 400 suicide attempts.

Young girls across Canada are yearning to find a love that in unconditional. Their pain is simply a cry to be loved for who they really are.

Starting this August, Linnea Salte will be traveling with a unique ministry called Beautifully Unique Girl (BUgirl). They travel from town to town sharing music, friendship, fun and grace with thousands of young girls. Many of you know that Bethel hosted one of the events a couple of years ago.

Linnea has been chosen as the headline artist to sing songs and speak to young girls on their Beautifully Unique Girl tour for ten months.

While she will miss the family and friends that she has grown to love, she also has a passion to be a part of what is happening to her generation. Linnea struggled with many of the same issues that these girls have gone through. Now that she has come through the other side she wants to share this hope with them.

One of the youth leaders at these Beautiful Unique Girl events wrote "I was standing at the back for the final few minutes and next to two single moms, one of which is one of our youth leaders. Bev turned to me with tears in her eyes and said with a chuckle, 'This is for the kids, right?'"

Many of you know that Linnea Salte has been recently recording her first CD which will be available to the girls at all the BUgirl events. She has written or co-written all the songs on the CD. She was blessed to record with some of the top musicians in the world. These people have recorded with artists such as Amy Grant, The Temptations, Mercy Me, Lincoln Brewster, and others. The engineer alone has five Grammy Awards and over 100 #1 hit singles. A portion of the proceeds sold will go to support Beautiful Unique Girl.
- The Spirit

"Park Singer to Release Debut Album"

Sherwood Park resident Linnea Salte is preparing to debut new songs from her upcoming pop-rock album, Pocket Full of Posies at a concert for charity.

Although this is her first solo album — previously she provided background vocals on albums by other artists, including Sherwood Park band Junkyard Poets — Salte is no stranger to the music scene. Involved in music for over 30 years, father Arlen Salte is the founder of the Christian music conference Break Forth and he has sold over a 1/4 million albums.

While growing up, she would follow her father on tours, singing with him and working as a road manager.

Salte said her interest in music began at the age of three, when she started playing the piano and singing.

“It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do on my own for as long as I can remember,” she said of a music career, adding that her father “has always been a great encouragement to me and helped me in a lot of ways.”

She trained in music at the Royal Conservatory of Canada and the Suzuki School of Music.

For her album, Pocket Full of Posies, Salte teamed up with recording engineer and five-time Grammy winner Steve Bishir and producer Paul Buono. The connection was made at the recommendation of a friend of Arlen’s.

Musicians who work with Faith Hill, Amy Grant and The Temptations provided their talents to compliment Salte’s vocals on the album.

“We were just really blessed to get some really great contacts in Nashville,” where the album was recorded in Tennessee.

Although the album was recorded in the United States, Salte said she wrote or co-wrote her own music and lyrics for Pocket Full of Posies, starting with some early sessions in Sherwood Park and Edmonton.

“All the musicians on the album, they were able to get it so quickly. I could play the song and they would get it in two takes,” she recalled of her experience in Tennessee.

She also credits Bishir for the tone of the album. “When we gave it to him, he just took the sound a million levels up because he just has a really great ear for what sounds good on radio,” she said.

Salte described her music as a mix between the Beatles, Feist, Evanescence and Kelly Clarkson.

Pocket Full of Posies pulls its name from the album’s first single.

“The song really talks about how through history we’ve gone through and had a lot of difficult times. It brings in that there’s a lot of hope in the midst of the difficult things we go through,” she explained.

When writing, most of Salte’s inspiration comes from “just experiences that I’ve gone through over the years and people that I’ve met,” she said. “I also love to read poetry and watch how other people use words and descriptive phrases to explain what they go through.”

“I want my songs to mean something. To have some depth to them.” She noted a lot of songs on the radio often discuss relationships, but said there’s more to life.

“I want people when they listen to my music to think and to feel something. Not that every song has to be a challenge song, but I like people who question who they are and where they’re going.”

Although only 24, Salte also hopes her music can help her speak to a younger generation of girls.

Starting in the fall she will tour with Beautiful Unique Girls, an organization designed to help girls discover their inner beauty and value. - Sherwood Park News - Michael Di Massa


Pockets Full of Posies CD (October 2009)



Linnea Salte is a John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist and her songs "Pockets Full of Posies" and "Paint the Skies" have been playing on radio stations across Canada. Being surrounded by a strong musical legacy was always an inspiration for Linnea Salte. Her father (Arlen Salte) sold over a quarter million albums, owned an independent record label, and was the visionary of a creative arts conference called Break Forth. Through the guidance of her father; her fascination for music continued to grow. An avid songwriter, Linnea started writing and playing piano at the age of three. She went on to be trained through Suzuki and the Royal Conservatory of Canada in both piano and voice. As her passion for music grew she began to teach both piano and voice at the Sherwood Park School of Music. Linnea also started traveling extensively through North America as a musician and road manager. Her obsessions to grow as a musician lead her to Vanguard College where she took her BA in Theology with Music Major.

But over time her heart began to transform to a desire for her music to reach even more people. So after lending her voice to over ten albums Linnea began making plans to release her solo, debut album. Over the next few years she took a deeper interest in developing her craft and had the honor of writing with songwriters like Carolyn Arends and Gayle Salmond. But even through all the training she remained focused on her goal to impact the world around her. The songs on her debut album show a depth of maturity as it deals with issues like humanity in Pocket Full of Posies, the brevity of life in Alone and not being controlled by societal pressures in "Shadow".

Her album is already getting rave reviews with record producer Paul Buono saying "Linnea's music is edgy and bold and artistry focused. She will capture your heart with her emotional ballads and get your heart pumping with tunes that just rock.... She is sure to be a force in the music scene and inspiration to many." The eclectic mix of Feist, Sara Bareilles, KT Tunstall and Vanessa Carlton, with the European sounds of Coldplay, the Beatles, and U2 mixed with just a touch of Maroon 5 Pop will hold you on the edge of your seat. GMA Canada Winner, Brett Esslinger, describes her music as "a singer, songwriter, and piano player all wrapped up into a real and authentic package. Her soft heart and sensitivity combine with her amazing talents and abilities to create an experience that you won't soon forget!!!

Linnea Salte's album was released in October 2009 and she is currently touring across Canada speaking to families about receiving freedom in Christ from depression.

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